Keep calm and drink Tea with Kandis – or Blog Candy !

Keep calm and drink Tea with Kandis – or Blog Candy !

Hi there.

Thanks for popping in. A huge THANK YOU to Paul for steering this ‘ere blog whilst I was in Germany.

The internet in the hotel we stayed in on the North Sea was pretty bleak. So I used it as a reason to step away from the plate for a few days and regroup.

We visited Jever on our travels, a lovely little town where my parents met way back when. And there we chanced upon a delightful little Tea Shop. So Dave and I sat in the shade, watched the world go by, and drank tea – proper north German stylee, black with kandis rock sugar.


Had to chuckle at the Tea sign outside the shop. See if you can see the one I saw….

I spy with my little eye…..


Which Number is it from the top? Do leave the number of the one you think gave me a chuckle below. If you get it right, you will go into a random draw for a £20 Claritystamp Gift Voucher. Let’s see how good your German is!

On the subject of blog candy, Paul asked you to write a Caption for this picture, didn’t he? Here we see Mel, Debbie and Lisa at the Crowborough Open Days, tucking into those delicious Wedding cup-cakes. Well, the ladies picked a winner. Thank you to everybody who joined in, but there can only be one winner….

No Soggy Bottoms HERE!

A £20 Gift Voucher goes to Jacqueline Attfield. Well done!

But now I must press on. Having been away for a whole week, there is a lot to catch up with at work. And we’re on UK TV on Sunday, so plenty of prep called for.  I am on HOCHANDA from 2-4pm showcasing some stamps which a lotta folks have been waiting for for quite some time…I’ll tell you all about them tomorrow!

And then at 6pm, I’m launching some superb new Fresh Cut dies, together with a rather lovely ii-Book. The best so far, methinks. Paul is taking over from me after the first hour; I am just there to show you how easy and lovely they are! Then Churchie will work his paper engineering magic for the other 4 hours!


Bye for now.

Love and Hugs,



87 thoughts on “Keep calm and drink Tea with Kandis – or Blog Candy !

  1. Welcome back Barbara! Glad you had a little time to yourselves whilst in Germany!
    So back on it now and prep for weekend! Really looking forward to the shows and seeing what you have to show us!
    I’m surrounded by bits of the invitations I’m making for Amy’s wedding next year! The assembly stage has been reached!
    Anyway have a good evening!
    Love and hugs! Xxxx

  2. How exciting looking forward to the shows.
    I think no. 4 made you chuckle, “Broken” lol, made me giggle anyway.
    Glad you managed to have some time out, very important in thsee times xx

  3. Number 7 the schietwettertee 💩💦🍵 lol been a white since i had to try deciphering what the german words were lol nearly 25 yrs since i lived inGermany x

  4. Welcome back! Glad everything went well in Germany. Saw a post about the ODS on Sunday all I can say is WOW! Now about the tea poster, I think Number 7 could be interesting as it sounds like you could be getting a cup of ‘sh** water tea’ 😂

  5. Afternoon bloggy friends, happy 1st of August to you all. Helping my mum later with a quilting pattern, sorting out the fabric and trying to fathom the cutting instructions! Honestly between us yesterday all we manged to deduce was that we needed 26 fat quarters! Still we had a good laugh. Xx

  6. I reckon it was Number 9 after having a quick squiz down the list. Well done to Jacqueline for your win. Enjoy spending that voucher. Glad you were able to have a break from the continual electronic attack. It would do us all good to step away for a while. Thanks to Paul for keeping us on the naughty step and welcome back, Barbara. xxx Maggie (Silvercrafter)

    1. I really need new specs as I totally misread No 9. Never mind, I will stick to my first choice. I wonder if anyone else can tell me what I thought it said. xxx Maggie (Silvercrafter)

  7. I can see why No 7 is making people chuckle but I think No 13 is cuter so I am going for that.
    Glad Germany was a BIG success. xx

  8. Glad you had a great break well deserved after a very busy few months, looking forward to the shows onsunday and new dies xxx

  9. If you are anything like me would have to be number 7 sweater tea cos I am permanently not and bothered these days

  10. So glad you managed some time to yourselves. I think it’s NUMBER 7. I was saying them into myself and trying to find out what I thought was the funniest

  11. Welcome Back, just when my credit card thought it was safe to come out of hiding you go and say, new stamps, then you said new fresh cut dies, oh dear, its just gone and run out the door, (again) I am turning into a skier. (Spending kids inheritance) Why Not? so long as they dont find our before they choose my care home, lol.

  12. Hi Barb and Dave, wonderful to have you back, although I must tell you that Paul almost gave everything away with all the special offers… I telling tales out of school, yes but what bargains…….no really he did a sterling job.

    I don’t speak any foreign languages except cockney (born and bred in london) so I am going to have a guess at No. 10.

    Good luck everyone.

    Stay safe, healthy and happy, hugs, June Smith xxx

  13. Welcome home both. Glad it all went so well and you had some proper time away from all things bloggy.
    I’d go with number 7 – how you can shoot wetter tea is beyond me!! Lol
    Looking forward to all the things coming up and the new dies look fab. Xx

  14. I’m going to go for number 7. Oh Barbara what are you doing to my credit card? I have only just got off the naughty step after Paul put temptation in my way! x

  15. Hi Barb, glad you were ble to switch off for a while in Germany. As for the tea, well I think that number 7 sounds like you’ll be drinking wet poo whereas number 6 sounds like bone soup tea. Hope you enjoyed which ever one you tried. Loving the dies so far so looking forward to seeing what you have to show us next. Love and hugs, Jeanette xxx

  16. I think number 10. Congratulations to Jacqueline – so funny! I am glad you had a good time and I am looking forward to hearing what the new stamps will be! Paul did a fabulous job! xxx

  17. Hi Barbara, glad to have you back.
    No guesses on the tea – I was forced to take Latin and French at school when I really wanted to learn German, Spanish, Italian and Russian.
    Renewed my house insurance today and saved £110 for vastly better cover. It really does pay to shop around and this means I can now afford to splash out on the new stamps and dies. Looking forward to the shows on Sun/Mon, all programmed to record as we usually get interruptions at a vital point and I hate to miss anything.

  18. Welcome back! My German is non-existent but my husband laughed at number 13 with his long ago schoolboy German. X

  19. So pleased you had a break. Paul has done as stirling job whilst you were away. Still on a high from the retreat. Really learned so much and also enjoyed a break from work. Cannot read the sign as I have just been to eye casualty – will try in a while x

  20. Glad you had a little down time, even if you have to come back and get straight back on the bike! I’m guessing No 10 – it made me laugh (but I may well have misunderstood the meaning) x

  21. So glad you managed a lovely break. Love Germany lived there for 5 years. I think No. 7. Made me smile anyway.

  22. So good to know you had some quality “Auszeit” whilst in Germany, Barbara, but great to have you back, although Paul did a wonderful blogging job on your behalf. No.13 of the tea signs made me smile – can’t imagine making tea with Gummibärchen!
    Looking forward to the weekend shows – Thank You All who put in such a lot of prep work. Jutta

  23. Hello Barbara, Hope you had a great Time in Germany. Always worth a Trip!
    I guess the tea that Made you chuckle is nr. 6. It Made me chuckle Too.

  24. So pleased that everything went so well in Germany and good for you to have a bit of break from blogging too. I am going for No. 10 . Congratulations to Jacqueline for her very clever and fun caption. x

  25. I am going with no 7 ( wettertea ) but have to say no 5 made me smile, read quickly sounds like knackertea. Sounds like you are hitting the ground running.I will be able to catch a bit of your afternoon show but then off to our new grandchild’s baby shower. Only four weeks and I am just a bit excited. Congratulations to Jacqueline. xx

  26. Hi Barb and welcome back. I never studied German, although I can order a toasted ham & cheese and two beers, so that is all I have ever needed! 😂
    Along with several others, I immediate thought 7 and then saw the Gummi Bears at 13. However, I was lucky enough to win one of Paul’s ‘naughty step’ prizes last week, so please do not include me in this one, as I would rather someone else had a chance.
    My new plates arrived today, so I have spent a lovely afternoon with them. Cheers! Annette X

  27. Hi Barb,
    Good to have you back. Think the new dies look fab and am looking forward to seeing the ‘Twas the Night stamps as well. Just Hopi g my bank manager will forgive me! I don’t speak German but just looking at the names, I’d have to go with Number 7 – sounds disgusting!! Love and hugsAlison xx

    1. Hi bloggy friends,
      Hope everyone is ok. Donna have to say fat quarters always makes me chuckle, such an odd name. Dave took me up to Newcastle today for a spot of retail therapy – needless to say I. Somewhat poorer now! Sending love and hugs to all, Alison xxx

  28. Lovely to have you back Barbbara. Paul did a wonderful job while you were away. You did brilliantly.
    I have to go for No 13. Gummy bear tea. Is it chewy?
    I love a good cuppa.
    Hugs from Chris. X

  29. Welcome back Barbara
    Congratulations Jacqueline, that was a great caption, enjoy spending your voucher.
    Paul really did look after us whilst you were away, so thank you Paul.
    I too originally thought it was number 7, but like some others after reading further I’ve settled on number 13 the gummi bear tea.
    Love & Hugs

  30. Good to have you back, but Paul has been a total star while you’ve been away!

    It’s gotta be No 7, but I love No 13…Gummibeartea!

    Looking forward to the shows will be watching but, as always, recorder will be set to!

  31. Well certainly an entertaining menu! I reckon on no.7? What is it about our English sense of potty-humour?😁 Jane

  32. It has to be no.7. My German is non existent so I have no idea on the pronunciation but the way I read it is sheet wetter tea so I hope that’s not the one you ordered xx

  33. I’m afraid my eyes strayed to the man in the back of the picture, my dirty mind or what? But if you want a number it must be 10
    Margaret x

  34. Well Schietwettertee made me laugh so I’m going with that one lol. Glad you managed to have some time to relax with Dave before getting back in the saddle. Looking forward to Sunday! I had an umbrella once with Mistwetter printed on it. Not sure where it went but it used to make me laugh.

  35. No 7 I think. Hit the fan tea!
    Please could we have a Groovi plate featuring a band aid and Get well soon, Heard you were under the weather, Ouch!, Sorry you have to eat hospital food etc sentiments? Would love one like that.
    Regards, Lesley

  36. Think it’s no. 7 the sh***y weather tea. I found no. 13 very bizarre. Gummi bears/jelly babies – it’s not right for a tea flavour.

  37. Glad you had a great time in Germany. I am thinking no 5. But could be wrong. Looking forward to Sunday, although I have just bought three lots in the sale. Love xxxx

  38. Having had another look at the list I think it’s number 13, can’t think why you would want to drink this one but the name made me chuckle

  39. I reckon it must be no 7 but I did think Ebbe n Floe (or however it’s written – too far to scroll up – sounds rather good !

  40. Hi Barbara
    I think it’s no 7 but then I’ve laughed at a few of these names. Hope your tea was rather tasty.
    Love Diane xxxx

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