YouTube Tuesday – Damask Rose Relief

YouTube Tuesday – Damask Rose Relief

Hi there.

Thanks for popping in.

I bet you thought you had seen the last of me!

Well I thought I would carry on with the blog today, so that Barbara has a chance to catch up with a few things.

So, today the lovely Maria brings you another YouTube video tutorial on how to make quick and easy card.

I must say that I really, really, really like what Maria has done – I think I need to get my Gel Plate out and some of my stencils and have a play!


So let me show what’s included in this week’s YouTube offers.

Get 20% off all the products below, until next week’s video, in fact.

Damask Rose Stencil

Viva Decor Vinyl Paint

6 x 6″ Gel Press Plate

7 x 7″ Mega Mount

A4 Matte Black Card

Perga Liners

To make things a bit easier, you can find all the above offers in one place, right here.

Happy Crafting!

Paul xxx

14 thoughts on “YouTube Tuesday – Damask Rose Relief

  1. Oh dear, Paul! Is there any room left on that naughty step. I blame you, Maria and that naughty Barbara for the fact that I am virtually out of black card again, so I need to restock asap. Maria is so good at finding ways to make quick cards that look as though they have taken hours to make. Mind you, without her inspiration, they would take the rest of us hours to come up with the ideas. Tell Barb to get out for a nice long walk to distress after Germany. It is lovely out there right now. Thank you, Paul, for all your efforts (and naughtiness) while the boss was away. See you soon. xxx Maggie (Silvercrafter)

  2. Another great idea from Maria using one of my favourite stencils. Really enjoying Youtube Tuesday. Thank you Paul for looking after the blog while Barbara has been away. XX

  3. Afternoon bloggy friends, had a storm this morning but the sun is back now. Might pop into the garden while its not baking and do a bit of reading. Crafting later, oh I do love holidays! XX

    1. Hi Donna,
      You sound as though you are enjoying the holidays! I don’t blame you – you deserve it! Love and hugs to you and Phoebe, Alison xxx

  4. I’ve really enjoyed the last few cooler days relaxing with feet up and lap top on a tray watching a load of Barbara’s youtube demos – anyone lacking inspiration should try it. Came across the cockerel limericks too and had a hearty laugh, they were so clever.
    The sun is trying to break through the clouds and it is definitely getting warmer again. Seems funny making Christmas cards in this heat but need to get them all done soon so we can avoid the last minute panic we had last year. Jaynes Christmas stamps have come out again (I love them) so it’s lucky I made a note last year of what I sent to whom.
    The Damask Rose looks great, may try it later before i dig out some Christmas Groovi plates.
    Thanks Paul for looking after things while Barb and Dave have been away. You’re a treasure.

    1. I am delaying the Christmas cards until we get the new Christmas dies very soon. then I will go into production. I will also be doing a lot of Christmas parchlets, very quick and effective. xxx Maggie (Silvercrafter)

  5. Hi Paul,
    Another brilliant video from Maria – she makes it look so easy. Love the Art Nouveau stencils ( & stamps & plates& dies!) . Thank you for being naughty and also for looking after the blog while Barb and Dave have been away. Love Alison xx

    1. Hi bloggy friends,
      Hope everyone is ok. The weather here has been lovely here today – sunny but not mega hot. Swimming day today which I really enjoyed – got up to 40 lengths today and my legs actually did decide to kick today for some of the time ( so there’s hope! ) . Decided I’m going to do 52 lengths next week and then back to 64 the week after ( well that’s the plan, it might not work!) . Sending love and hugs to you all. Alison xxx

    2. Anyone who can possibly get to any of Maria’s classes, go for it. She has the ability to teach us how to do things that look so effective but are often quick and easy. A great teacher.
      xxx Maggie (Silvercrafter)

  6. Hi Paul
    Woo Hoo Hoo
    I managed to get my order in for items from the sale with just 2 minutes to spare.
    Talk about leaving things to the last minute.
    Unfortunately, Jaynes Poinsettia stamp had disappeared from my basket, and when I tried to put it back in, the price had gone up.
    Not to worry, I have bought lots of things to have a play with.
    Thank you Clarity
    love & hugs

  7. Hi Paul, thanks for keeping the blog posts coming. Love Youtube Tuesday, and this one is no exception. Maria’s ideas are so inspiring and with lovely results. Take care all. Bx

  8. Hi Paul
    It’s so nice you can take over from Barbara and let her concentrate on tv in Germany, it’s been lovely having you. I hope you will bandage to squeeze in a holiday at some time too. I was so excited to get my order in last night I forgot to go on the blog, I’d looked at the stencil and black card too! Oh dear never mind, there’s always another order.
    Love Diane xxx

  9. I keep forgetting how many ways you can use a gelliplate. Must get mine out again soon! Thanks Maria x

  10. I watched the YouTube earlier this week and liked these so much I thought I’d give it a try. As I’d already done my bit on the ‘naughty step’ I was thrilled I’d all the things I needed so didn’t need to buy any more baked beans. An afternoon off work on Wednesday saw me do my stencil prints (and gosh how easy was that, surprised myself!), I also sat colouring them. Today I have cut and mounted them onto cards and I’m thrilled with them So thank you Clarity as I wouldn’t have attempted them without the YouTube to watch first.

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