Groovi Go Go Go!!!

Groovi Go Go Go!!!

Hi there!
Good of you to join me. What a morning!! We’ve been recording YouTubes, and if I said “Hi My name’s Barbara Gray from Claritystamp in the UK, welcome to Youtube Tuesday” once – I said it a hundred times.
Could I get the flow going this morning? Could I heck!!! What a game! I was trying to nail a Groovi Sampler and a REALLY EASY Art Nouveau Stamps one, and it just WOULD NOT GEL!! Got there in the end, but boy oh boy. An emergency C-Section was easier !!
Anyway, that brings me to Youtube Tuesday. Paul is in the driver’s seat today, and he does a cracking job.
(I was heartened to see Paul drew a blank at the end too! After this morning I was ready to hand over the keys – I really was!)
It’s not easy doing Youtube. Very different to TV – especially when you’ve got a washing machine head on. 

As always there’s a great offer on the Groovi Go Starter Kit . AND you get a free Storage bag.
Makes a perfect little Christmas present too…..
20 % off Groovi Go! Starter Kit (plus your 10% / 15% New Design Club discount too)
Groovi Go! Starter Kit + Free Cover
So that’s worth investigating, eh.
Got some big news I want to share with you too. But it’s way WAY too important to not have it’s own bloggy post.
So tomorrow’s the day. What I can tell you is I am over the moon…
Love & Hugs,

18 thoughts on “Groovi Go Go Go!!!

  1. Ooh, my mind is working overtime in anticipation!
    If the news is so exciting, it is no wonder that you have had a ‘washing machine head’ on today.
    My daughter and granddaughter arrived back this afternoon from Disney, Florida, so full of joy and with so much to tell. I will catch up with Paul tomorrow, when things have quietened down, although it is my daughter’s birthday tomorrow, so more fun to be had.
    Looking forward to your news. Have a relaxing evening. Hugs Annette X

  2. Just done a mass reading of all your recent blogs. Been manic here in the Bishop family and not had time to read them and we still do not have our new addition yet. He is keeping us waiting. Love all your wedding memories, certainly looked a day to remember. So different. xx

  3. You are a tease do we really have to wait till tomorrow I wonder !!! Sound exciting though. Have purchased the groovi go set since coming home from retreat very nice to love it . Well will love you all and leave you all till tomorrow love Joy x

  4. oh no, how can you make us wait 24hours for such exciting news !! Oh well if we must, I will have to think of other things instead. Will catch up with Paul in a bit, I need to go & pack for a little train trip up through the Welsh Valleys from Swansea to Shrewsbury but we need to get to Swansea first !!

  5. Hello Barbara – you know just how to push my buttons. Getting all excited about your news and now probably won’t get a wink of sleep thinking about it. Can’t wait till tomorrow. Have a lovely evening, lots of love Donna X

  6. Oh you tease!!! Already know I’m buying Sundays offering of dies so knowing there are other goodies to come my bank account is having a hissy fit! So is hubby – the new storage unit he bought me for all things Clarity is already overflowing.
    Already have the Groovi Go but the bag would be useful.
    Have a couple of you tubes to catch up on after dinner so have a good evening all.

  7. I want Sundays dies too, I wonder what is in store for us now, rll on Wednesday, I will be checking the blog every half hour or so to find out, impatient? Moi? You bet.

  8. Hello Barbara

    Don’t tell me you are pregnant! Lol.

    Seriously, like everyone I am waiting with baited breath for tomorrow’s news.


  9. A great offer on the Groovi Go Barbara, and I am tempted though getting addicted is something I can’t afford to Looking forward to hearing your exciting news tomorrow! x

  10. Well you always make You Tube Tuesday look so professional and well rehearsed so I don’t think anyone will notice your washing machine head!! Lol.
    Looking forward to your exciting news – whatever it may be. 😊😊😊😊

  11. Hello Barb, I can just imagine that with you and Paul filming YouTube videos, there is some hilarity too. The video is great, very helpful. And it sounds like big news, all sorts of things going through my mind right now, will just have to wait however. Take care all. Bx

    1. Barbara you look so beautiful as indeed did the lovely bridesmaids and Dave, so gorgeous!
      Wow what a special and wonderful day it was, such treats in such a stunning and fascinating setting. I was honoured to have made your hats 💜💗💜

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