Christmas comes early!

Christmas comes early!

Hey there.

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Paul here, standing in for Barbara whilst she drops Dave and Jim off at the airport for a secret mission (more to be revealed – wink, wink, nudge, nudge!)

Well you have all been asking for some Christmas dies, so who are we to disappoint?

The lovely Maria launched the super brand new Christmas Rounds Aperture dies earlier today on HOCHANDA.

(If you missed the show, then you can watch it on Rewind via the HOCHANDA website HERE )

But worry ye not, if you are unable to watch on Rewind, the the lovely Maria will be back on HOCHANDA at 4pm today with some more hints, tips, inspiration and amazing demonstrations. So make sure you tune in!

We have the complete collection at a super duper pre-Christmas price of £29.96 instead of £39.96 (plus Club discount!) available HERE

(I can hear the naughty step calling – Ho! Ho! Ho!)

Or you can get them individually

Stockings – Available HERE

Santa – Available HERE

Doves – Available HERE

Deer – Available HERE

Nested Circles – Available HERE

Here is some inspiration from the Fresh Cut Design Team.

Dee ParamourShelagh Metselaar

Dee Paramour

Wendy Thorburn Shelagh MetselaarWendy ThorburnDee Paramour Dee Paramour

Right, I am off to put the kettle on, get the mince pies out and watch Maria.

Happy Crafting!



20 thoughts on “Christmas comes early!

  1. Hi Paul
    Ooooo secret missions??? Mmmmm I wonder what is being planned.
    I have recorded Maria’s earlier show and like you I think that I will go and watch her 4pm show. Mind you, mine will be coffee and without the mince pies!! Far too early for those!!!
    I love the design teams handy work, very Christmassy.
    I do hope Clare is doing OK now with her arm and is not in too much pain anymore.
    Love & Hugs

  2. You are a very wicked man Mr Church tempting me with such good offers. Just gone on the naughty step. AGAIN!

  3. Fantastic dies and didn’t Maria do some great demos in her first show! Can’t wait to see her next one at 4pm.
    Dave and Jim on a secret mission eh! I hope this means more goodies to play with!!!
    Enjoy your mince pies Paul!
    Love and hugs! Xxxx

  4. Hi Paul
    I hope you are sitting comfortably on the naughty step with your mince pies and coffee, I think it’s going to get quite crowded on there! I had a feeling these stamps might become dies. Love the design team samples, so many brilliant ideas. Right I’m off to play catch up.
    Love Diane x

  5. Hi Paul,
    Oh, intrigue! Can’t wait to find out what is afoot! Meanwhile, I’m taking my place on the naughty step! The dies just fell into my Clarity basket, don’t know how. Maria has done a brilliant job, watched both shows and really enjoyed them. Design Team samples amazing as usual and Maria did a good job with her demos.
    Love and hugs,Alison xxxx

    1. Hi bloggy friends,
      Hope everyone is ok and that you are joining me on that naughty step! Gilly I’m expecting company there!! Sending love and hugs to you all, Alison xxx

      1. Haha Alison! I knew that I could depend on you to get these! They do look very good. Alas no, I am not keeping you company. We are trying really hard to get all sorted here, before we go off on holiday in a couple of weeks time. No time or space to craft at the moment. Enjoy playing and let us know how it goes. Love and hugs, Gilly xxx

  6. Hello Paul- I’m afraid I’m on the naughty step along with everyone else. Love these new Christmas dies and as I asked for them it seems only right I should buy them, so trying not to feel too guilty. The Christmas Wreath Stencils 7×7 set of 4 would make lovely dies, also the Stained Glass Window Stencils, 7×7 set of 5. Getting quite carried away with these dies, love them all. Have a good evening Paul, lots of love Donna X

  7. Hi Paul,
    I was adamant I would not buy anything else this month. However, having seen all the samples from the design team, and watched the demos by Maria, I have succumbed and bought the dies. The naughty step is getting very crowded!!!
    No mince pies for me yet, it is too early, but I have been looking at the last rich fruit and Brandy Christmas pudding made in 2016. Can I resist temptation? Probably not – where is the cream…………..

  8. Great demos from Maria…..socalm….so cool…even when the sticky paper didn’t want to ‘unstick’ !!! Thanks A xx

  9. Hi Paul. Beautiful samples from the team and great demos by Maria today. The dies are lovely.
    Looking forward to hearing what Dave is up to now!
    Enjoy your mince pies. Annette X

  10. Hi Paul – really looking forward to finding out what the secret mission is all about! I was able to watch some of Maria’s shows and both she and the design team have excelled themselves. I have put the dies onto my wish list for now. Love and hugs, Gilly xxx

    1. Hi bloggy friends – sounds like lots of people will be using these dies for their Christmas cards this year. I have put them onto my wish list for now – having spent out on clothes for my holiday. Also, things are very full on here at the moment and I’m not able to craft just now. Love and hugs, Gilly xxx

      1. Hi Gilly,
        I’ll let you off just this once mind you! It must be quite hectic at your cottage and I bet you are both looking forward to going back to Spain. Sending love and hugs to you and Neill and I hope you’re both well, Alison xxx

  11. Thank you for taking over today Paul and I’m sure we are all dying to know what the secret mission is. I did manage to catch Maria ‘s first hour and enjoyed it so much and the stamps have translated into the clever cut rounds so well. x

  12. Hello Paul, Maria’s shows were fabulous, and I just love the dies. The samples from the DT are gorgeous, so varied, it just shows how versatile the product is, just let your imagination run wild. Bx

  13. There are some great samples in there – very tempting, but I’ve promised myself no more Christmas craft supplies until I’ve used all the Christmas stash I have already! A secret mission in the USA sounds really interesting … how exciting x

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