An attitude of gratitude

An attitude of gratitude

Hi there.

Thanks for popping in.

Back to work today, and plenty of work there was too! That’s what happens when you go away for a week straight after a TV show! It’s all sitting there when you get back! But that’s ok. A fresh pair of eyes is always a good thing.

Not such a good day for Clare at work, Jim’s mammy. She who makes our stencils. She tripped up the stairs on the way in and broke her arm. And that was before she even got her coat off, poor thing. Jim whisked her off to the hospital, and 8 hours later, she’s back home with a bad break and in a lot of pain. Damn! She’d stopped to have a chat to Jayne on the way, and irony of ironies, said as she moved on up, “You never know what’s round the corner.” Five seconds later she was in a little pile on the floor. Dearie me. It all happened before I even got there.

So why have I felt the need to make a card with Gratitude on the front?!?

Well, because I AM grateful. Not grateful it happened – goodness ! – but grateful Jayne was there and knew what to do, grateful  Jim turned up minutes later to help her. Grateful he knew exactly where to take her, grateful he was able to stay with her and make sure she was safe. Just grateful she has a good son. Because let’s face it, when the chips are down, you really want your family there, right? And what’s the point of dwelling on the negative? She fell and she broke her arm. BIG Ouch. But it WILL heal and she WILL be okay. She’s a tough cookie.

So here’s a little card I made when I got through the door, using the 3-way overlay stamps, the first ones we made,

the seed head.

On Claritycard. Outline first, using Black Archival.

Infill next, using another Archival inkpad, Sienna.

Then Garden Patina for the outside infill. Lovely colour! We stock the Teal, which is a little darker, but equally lovely.

Grunge it up a little by going back in with the infill stamps dabbed with black ink.

Allow to dry and cut a Post-It to cover up the tile.

Load a Speedball Brayer with the Patine ink colour, and roll in a nice beed from the top.

Lightly dust a little black through the Punchinella in one corner.

Add the Word Chain GRATITUDE, using a little Patina and black blend. Brush black around the edge and mount on black card blank. Done.

So Clare, if you are reading this, we are all giving you a HUGE virtual hug. We hope you are comfortable and we hope you rest easy and are on the mend very soon.

By the way, Clare, did you notice the great big TIT in the middle of Gratitude?!! Honestly! Only YOU!!!!!

Love ya xxx



22 thoughts on “An attitude of gratitude

  1. Oh poor Clare. I do wish her a speedy recovery and I am sure that she will be well looked after by everyone at Clarity.
    I see there is more temptation coming up on Hochanda this week! Looking forward to the shows and seeing the magic that Maria can produce.
    Have a good evening. Annette x

  2. Poor Clare… I wish her well… Big hug from me!
    I love that card you made Barbara! Those colours are very much me at the moment…. you’ll understand what I mean soon!
    Don’t worry I haven’t dyed my hair blue!
    Have a lovely evening and put your feet up for a bit after your first day back! It’s always the most tiring!
    Love and hugs xxx

  3. Poor Clare. That sounds extremely painful. Hope it heals well and quickly. One thing to be grateful for is that it happened where there were caring people to come to her rescue, and she was not on her own. Big gentle hug, Clare. xxx Maggie (Silvercrafter)

  4. Oh dear, poor Clare, thank goodness she was surrounded by lots of people who knew exactly what to do. Hope you feel better soon Clare. Fantastic card Barb, love the colours you chose. Hope you are now sat at home with your feet up! Xxx

  5. Hi Barbara and everyone, sorry yo hear about Clare’s fall ,good she was at Clarity where there was lots of help for her
    Wishing Clare a speedy recovery.
    I would have been looking forward to seeing Maria on Tv on Wednesday, but I have had no broadband since June !!!!that will teach me to try to save money to no avail .Still things are getting sorted I hope.
    Have a good show Maria it will be a sell out I am sure
    Lynn xx

  6. Sorry to hear about Clare’s accident, a simple trip causing a nasty break. At least with an arm break you are still mobile, my OH slipped down a step & broken his ankle a few months ago which was horrendous as he couldn’t use crutches. Get well soon Clare. Love the card you have done for her Barbara, the overlay stamps make lovely toppers for cards for all occasions.

  7. Poor Clare, hope the fracture wasn’t too serious although even a simple one is bad enough. Sending good wishes for her speedy recovery.
    Glad you used the seed heads for this project, I only have a few of them, including this one, but haven’t used them yet. It’s a lovely card.

  8. Please pass on my get well wishes to Clare. Having caring friends around was fortunate. I’m sure it reassured her. I just love the little card. I have never tried using archival ink with a brayer so I will have a go tomorrow. I have been neglecting my stamping for Groovi and creating with the fresh cut dies.
    X Chris

  9. Poor Clare was good it happened were help was at hand to help her. Send our love pray for speedy recovery for her . I can only imagine the pile of emails work awaiting you today but least you came back refreshed so feet up
    This evening as tomorrow is another day. I see there is Christmas dies in the highrisen night night xxx

  10. Oooo ouch! Sending well wishes to Clare and I hope its a very speady recovery. Love the card, I need to get some new punchinella as I have lost my original strip, can’t find it to buy in my local big shop. Will have to look online. Xx

  11. Evening bloggy friends, been sitting in the craft room today trying to get a birthday card for my sister done. My crafty mojo has gone walkabout… Xx

  12. Hi Barb,
    Oh, so sorry to hear about Clare, I hope she has a very speedy recovery and that she is not in too much pain. It was a good thing that she was at Clarity Towers where there were a lot of friendly and helpful people around. Good that Jim was there as well. Love today’s card and the colours you’ve chosen. Another one I can have a go at replicating as I’ve got the ingredients. Love and hugs, Alison xxx

  13. Oh no Clare! What are you like?! Hope you feel better soon and heal nice & quick!

    Hmmm, what do I have to be grateful for? Oh so very much. Grateful to Barb, Dave, Paul, the rest of the Clarity gang and all you lovely crafters, who have supported me & Samuel. I have lots to tell you all about New York and what the future holds but I will hopefully see Barb soon and chat with her about it first. Just a snippet to say that the trip was a huge, worthwhile, successful 5 days xxx

  14. Hi Barbara
    Oh my goodness Claire how painful, I hope it heals quickly and you can get on top of the pain. Thank goodness there were people around to help and Jim could drive you to hospital and stay with you. As you were saying, you never know what’s round the corner. Batbara this is beautiful, I haven’t been tempted by the overlay stamps yet but I have to say this is changing fast. Hope you had a relaxing evening. Please send our love to Claire.
    Love Diane xxx

  15. Oh dear Clare, hoping you are not in too much pain, wishing you a speedy recovery. What a Godsend that your son was there and Clarity peple to help you.
    Beautiful card Barb, love those stamps but have resisted until I see them demonstrated as I’m not good at lining things up. xxx

  16. So sorry for poor Clare and hope she is soon on the mend. I love your poppy seed head and ove the colours which look great on the black card Barbara. We all have lots to be thankful for, and family should always come first. x

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