The Old Pear Tree and the Raku Birds

The Old Pear Tree and the Raku Birds

Hi there.

Friday’s blog a private peek. So then, come into the garden with me, and rest a while.

Are you sitting comfortably? Then I will begin…

Once upon a time, there was an old farmhouse. And in the grounds of that old farmhouse was an old pear tree. A gnarled old pear tree, which – although advanced in years – still bore fruit every single year.

It was home to all manner of feathered friends, too. Nuthatches, woodpeckers, magpies, finches, robins. Sometimes, the long-tailed lollipop tits would pop in on their way to warmer climes. They all lived in and on and around the old pear tree, it was a busy tree!

And the people in the farmhouse would spend hours watching the twitter-show. This aviary, this ancient sanctuary, this bird haven. The farmer would feed the birds, make sure they were cared for, shoo away the crows if they tried to frighten the tiny ones. It really was a precious and wondrous place.

But all things must come to an end – and the old pear tree had had a good life, after all.

One night, during a brutal storm which blew in from the south coast, the old tree was finally beaten, brought down.

Oh no! Was the lament when the couple found the tree lying on the ground in the garden the morning after the storm.

So the farmer, being a farmer, set to work, cutting the pear tree down into firewood, into logs for burning in the winter ahead.

In its place, the farmer planted a beautiful young sapling, a rowan tree. Because he knew the birds would love the red berries. Within a few months, the little birds were already investigating its young, slender branches, and by the time the woodpecker arrived, the rowan tree was open for business.

 Then the farmer’s wife (well, nearly!) had an idea.  She found some beautiful raku birds in a little potter’s studio up the lane. Delightful pottery, quirky upturned tails.

So she rummaged in the log pile….until she found the perfect old pear tree branch for what she had in mind.

She made a little artpiece, with the raku birds and the old pear tree branch,

and she placed it inside the kitchen on the window ledge,

where it just sat perfectly, as if it had always been there.

But of course…it had.

The raku birds had a warm home, with a lovely view – and the old pear tree was able to finally come indoors to rest.

And so, they all lived happily ever after.


Love & Hugs,



44 thoughts on “The Old Pear Tree and the Raku Birds

  1. How gorgeous – what a lovely story – glad it has a happy ending (you get nuthatches? – seriously?)
    Maggie (Yorkite)

  2. I do like your blog……and I love your new log….and I would love to sit in your garden with my binoculars birding! x

  3. Hello Barbara – oh how lovely, I love your story. Did the same thing with a tree stump. Hollowed it out a bit and made it into a bird feeder, the birds love it . Very heartwarming to lead into the weekend. Lots of love Donna x

  4. You are as good at story telling as you are at everything else Barbara. That was fabulous. We get nuthatches here too – not often in the garden but they are around and about. Love your Raku birds – they are stunning. Not long to go now eh? Getting excited?? Hope so. Xxxxxxx

    1. Sorry should read; What a lovely idea. Your piece of art is beautiful. Thank you for sharing it’s story. x

  5. How lovely. I really enjoy watching the birds that visit our garden, you’ve just reminded me that i must get some more bird seedxx

  6. Oh my what a lovely story I love your Raku birds and what you’ve done with them it looks great xx

  7. Hi Barbara. You really should consider writing that book! Your blog is always something I look forward to reading and has some fantastic ideas in it! How wonderful that the old pear tree still has a place in your home!
    Have a lovely evening!
    Love and hugs xxx

  8. What a lovely story. As Jane said, you really should write a book one day, as you have such a wonderful way with words. Thank you for sharing.
    I am off to Italy tomorrow, for a week, but will try to read your blog every day. I hope that everyone enjoys the retreat. Hugs. Annette X

    1. Just realised I said retreat – I meant open days. Brain not working after packing for the holiday!

  9. What a lovely heartwarming story. I love watching the birds and we used to get lots of little birds in our garden but then the colony of jackdaws that live over the hedge and down the lane discovered our bird feeder and scared away all the little ones. The seagulls on the roof come and rummage around underneath for anything the jackdaws drop and pull up the plants so I have given up now. I got quite excited when I spotted some bluetits in the crabapple tree and hid a fatball feeder in the branches but the darned jackdaws found it. xx

  10. What a lovely story- I agree with those who say you should write a book one day – it would be a cracking good read……. I am so looking forward to the Open Days – see you soon x

  11. Just realised I said retreat – I meant open days. Brain not working after packing for the holiday!

  12. What a beautiful story – I do love a happy ending! Love your ‘log art’! Perfect!
    We have got a rowan tree in our garden – it was here when we moved in 18 years ago and was already well established – so it is quite a size now. A friend told me that it is meant to be lucky to have one in your garden. It is possible to forecast what sort of winter by this tree and I have learnt to do it and it is usually spot on.
    Love and hugs, Gilly xxx

  13. just beautiful, brought tears to my eyes. Truly magic
    Only such as you can create beautiful artwork and tell a magical story

  14. Love the pear branch and your birds. As much as I’m ‘scared’ of birds I still love them from a distance and we’re always talking to our sparrows who tweet above our back door, nesting under the roof, they’re there every year. Sally cat talks to them too, but I think they shout at her! Thanks for sharing x

  15. Hi Barb,
    What a lovely story, beautifully told I might add. The birds are really lovely and such a wonderful way to use some of that beautiful old pear tree. You will always look at it and remember when it was in the garden – such memories. We have a Rowan Tree in our garden although slightly mis- shapen as our mischievous kitten of long ago decided to climb it when it was a sapling. She got a bit scared when the branch she was clinging to started to bend with her weight and eventually snapped off! It was the main branch of the tree ( or would’ve been) so now 31 years later, the tree is a bit stunted but I do love it. Sending love and hugs Alison xx

    1. Hi bloggy friends,
      My parchlet plates arrived today and I’ve stroked them but not mustered the energy to play with them yet! I’ve done quite a lot of walking about today, mainly supervising where I wanted Dave to plant the remaining bedding plants. I also did a bit of hoovering ( I think I must be delirious!), so was quite proud of myself.
      Hope everyone is ok and has a good weekend, love and hugs to you all, Alison xxxx

  16. Hello Barbara. Awww what a lovely story,
    Wish I had a garden like yours to see those beautiful birds. But I do have starlings and sparrows and the odd blackbird ha ha lucky me.
    From Christine in Hull xx

  17. What a lovely story Barbara, and the old pear tree will still live in your memory with the knarled branch on the windowsill and still home to birds albeit some pottery ones. There is nothing nicer than lots of birds in the garden and the rowan tree will definitely be a draw for them with the wonderful berries. x

  18. Hello Barb, absolutely love this blog post, a beautiful story, really brought a smile to my face. Take care all. Bx

  19. Love your bird/branch art. I’d never seen or heard of raku birds before,what a gorgeous find and a perfect complement to the lovely branch. Such a beautiful garden as well, hope you get the time and the sun to enjoy it after your big day xxx

  20. What a lovely story and an amazing piece of art to grace your home. Finally setting up the ironing board to watch your shows from last weekend! x

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