Happy, Joyous and FREE!

Happy, Joyous and FREE!

Hi there.

Thanks for popping in.

Won’t stay long today; Linda Williams and Rob are here until tomorrow, and I want to make the most of our time together.

It is quite a performance having to clear the Open Day Hall by 6pm. But thanks to all the Clarity lads, not a problem. All done and dusted by bang on 5.45pm.

As I always say, Teamwork makes the dream work.

The last couple of days have been a resounding success at many different levels. I cannot even begin to express my gratitute to everybody involved. It is the culmination of weeks of hard graft for many – and it paid off. I’m not talking about money either. Don’t even know what went through the till. Money’s not my driver. Never was. Never will be.

But what a celebration it was! The buzz in the room, the chatter, the laughter, the generosity. You had to be there to feel the love, as they say…

When you stand up on that chair on the hour every hour, and you look across at the sea of interested, creative, lovely, kind, sharing, caring people, all caught up in art and craft, it quite takes your breath away. I cannot think of any place like it.

Thank you so very much if you came and joined in. It really was special, wasn’t it?



If you’re happy, I’m happy. That’s a fact.


I am joyous that so many folks got such a kick out of our efforts.


Off the hook now. Job’s done. All good. Now Dave and I are free to go and get married, spend time with our family and friends and celebrate again!

And we get to do it all again in Leyburn, North Yorkshire on Saturday 8th September, with the Linda/Barbie/Paul Parchment Workshop on the Sunday.

Plenty of time to recover! Tickets for that gig go on sale on Tuesday.

Love & Hugs,



49 thoughts on “Happy, Joyous and FREE!

  1. So pleased it all went well – surprised?? Nah! I knew it would be a success. You have that golden touch Barbara. What’s more – wherever you and Clarity are – there is a buzz – a happy, chatty fum filled buzz that never goes away. I sincerely hope your wedding day and its celebrations are spectacular – you both deserve it!! Much love xxx

  2. Love the colour combination. Made me happy just to look at it. You must have had a happy time while making it as well. Just lovely!

  3. Fab, so happy it was a great success!!! Happy times ahead…you both have so much to look forward to.
    Am I hoping to get to Leyburn!!

  4. Really looking forward to Leyburn as I live there – I could walk but won’t as my shopping bag will be far too full to carry home up the hill!

  5. Thanks to everyone at Clarity for a brilliant day. I watched all the talented team and learnt loads, not least that there is another crafter who gets as messy as me (you know who you are Sam!). Feel so inspired to get crafting tonight. I won some great gifts on the tombola and I’m sure everyone who won a raffle prize appreciated your generosity Barbabra. Well Done Team Clarity !!!

  6. Hi Barb,
    Really pleased that everything has gone so well and that all of the hard work has been worth it. I’m sure everyone will have had a super time. Hope you can relax during the upcoming week ready for the BIG DAY! Can’t wait for Leyburn. Love and hugs Alison xxx

    1. Hi bloggy friends,
      Hope today has been as good as possible for you all and that if you went to the Ooen Day you had a brilliant time. Just had a heck of a rainshower, everything in the garden’s got battered again after the wind of the other day. Only lasted about 10 mins but what a lot of water came down! Enjoy the rest of your weekend. Love and hugs to everyone, Alison xxx

      1. Hi Alison – very disappointed not to be able to make Leyburn this year. Even more so now that I hear that there will be a Groovi workshop on the Sunday!! I am relying on you to attend and enjoy it, for me!
        I hope that your knee is coming along nicely and that your pain is bearable. Love and hugs, Gilly xxx

  7. Thank you Barb, Dave, all at Clarity and every single person through the doors over the last 2 days. Alex is overjoyed that everyone enjoyed the cakes and I truly cannot that I you all for the love, support and generosity that you have lol shown me (& Samuel!) I will let you all know when I have counted the contents of the butterfly box and I will keep you up to date when I go to New York. I love you all, always and forever xRx

    1. Ruth,those cakes were stunning to look at and delicious to eat. Thank you so much and I hope you soon get all you need to make that journey to find out all you need to help Samuel. xxx Maggie

  8. My friends and I had a lovely day with the Clarity Team, they work very hard to put this event on and it paid off, they are such a lovely team of people.
    Very best wishes to you and Dave for next weekend, thank-you for the beautiful cup cakes which were ALMOST to good to eat but delicious.

    Can’t wait for next years Clarity Day off to play with all the goodies I bought. Thanks Clarity Team

  9. Great art love the vivid colours. Glad it all went well and you can concentrate on your wedding celebrations now. It really should now be all about you and Dave for a change xx

  10. So glad today was another resounding success! Knew it would be, all those Clarity people together nothing could go wrong. Enjoy your free time. Xx

  11. So glad all went well. Wish I could have been there. Enjoy the run up to your wedding and try not to get too stressed! I know, easier said than done! Can’t wait to see the photos. x

  12. Evening bloggy friends, hope everyone has had a good Saturday. I have been busy doing cleaning but my treat for tomorrow is my sisters and I are going to see Ed Sheeran at Wembley! Can’t wait. Xx

  13. Ohh what a lovely time you all have had enjoy your relaxing time now and concentrate on your special day hugs x

  14. So glad all went well. Going off line for a few days rest and relaxation so I take this opportunity to send you and Dave every good wish for your wedding day. Look forward to seeing the photos.

  15. Sounds like a fantastic time was had by all! Hope you can relax and enjoy the run up to your wedding. See you at Leyburn!!! Xx

  16. It has been fantastic Barbara,I have chatted to lots of people,learnt loads, laughed with friends and spent far too much. All in all just brilliant. Now enjoy the countdown to your amazing day and spending precious time with your family and friends. Thank-you. xx

  17. Thank you to you, Barbara and Dave and the whole wonderful Clarity team. You gave us a wonderful event in which to enjoy learning so much, and the chance to meet up with old friends and make so many new ones. You make us all feel that we are truly part of a great happy family. Now it is time to relax a little and enjoy the company of each other and celebrate with your family. As you have said “One day at a time”, and make each day worth a lifetime. xxx Maggie

  18. Well I am glad I managed to get there, albeit a tad late. Had a lovely afternoon. My three little crafters enjoyed meeting you too when they came to pick me up
    Relax now and enjoy your wedding celebrations and time with the family.

  19. Hi Barbara.I came to day one with my daughter and had a lovely chat with you about customer service and quality goods amongst other things. I enjoyed my time there and bought the light panel. Thanks for cakes..Ruth they were amazing!! Lovely to meet Paul who answered all my questions as well. I wish you and Dave a lovely celebration…enjoy every minute. From what you were saying its going to be great. Thank you for spending time chatting to us.

  20. Hi Barb – so pleased to hear that you have all had another fantastic day! It certainly is a wonderful experience for everyone and I LOVE the way you jump up onto the chair on the hour -ish! You are a very special lady, with a very special team!
    Now – it’s you and Dave time! Enjoy every moment of the lead up to and of course, the day itself! You both deserve to have THE most wonderful day! Wishing you both a fantastic day – which will be the start of your life together as husband and wife! May you be happy and healthy for the rest of your days – love and hugs, Gilly xx

    1. Hi bloggy friends – well, if you were lucky enough to be able to be there today, I am very pleased for you. Even though you will obviously be much poorer – you will be feeling very happy people!
      It’s been a rather miserable and chilly day here – I hope that you have fared better with your weather, wherever you are. Love and hugs, Gilly xxx

      1. Hi Gilly,
        I promise I’ll do you proud and will be thinking of you when I’m spending!! Didn’t know about the Groovi workshop! How have I missed that one? Not sure I’ll get to that unfortunately though, depends if I’m driving I suppose. Hope today is better weatherwise for you. Love and hugs to you both, Alison xxxx

  21. Thank you all for all the effort you have put in to the Open Days. I had a great time and as always have learned so much and met so many lovely people. The cupcakes were awesome. And I am still overwhelmed by my luck at having my number drawn out first thing this morning.
    I hope you have a great wedding and can enjoy some time with those people you love and forget about the rest of us for awhile, you deserve it. We’ll all still be here!
    Thank you, thank you, thank you.

  22. Evening Barbara, had a WONDERFUL time at the Open Day again! What a party! !!😊Thanks so much to you, Dave and all your team for all your hard work, dedication and enthusiasm! Really enjoyed all the demos I managed to watch, the chats, the laughter. Oh, and those yummy cup cakes! Ruth, your sister did a fantastic job! Mustn’t forget the café team downstairs and the boy sorting out the bottomless cups of coffe/tea for us!
    Thank you so much Barbara for your generosity.
    Have a nice and relaxing Sunday. Wishing you and Dave a lovely wedding and only the best for the future.
    Alles Liebe und Gute zur Hochzeit!
    Love and Hugs
    Heidi x

  23. Tina and I (Ann) enjoyed the day immensely. We hadn’t been to Crowborough for a few years and had always enjoyed it in the past. Barbara you are such a generous person (literally) but add in your time and patience to share your creative ideas to inspire us and off we trot with our bags of goodies and loads of new things to try. Great friendly team, nothing is too much bother. Nice touch with name badges too. We hope you and Dave have a fabulous wedding day….. and relax. Love and hugs from Ann and Tina (Birmingham)xxxx

  24. thank you Barbara and Dave plus all the great Clarity team and demonstrators, you all worked so hard to make this a wonderful day, full of fun and laughter, I met some lovely ladies with whom I could talk all things crafty, living in a community that do no crafting, it was lovely to be able to talk all things crafty. the whole team were fantastic.

  25. I hope you find some time to relax and unwind before the big day. Enjoy your weekend with friends and family x

  26. Have been thinking of you all for the two days, just wishing I had been there it sounds fantastic.. now relax and get ready for your special day. Wishing you and Dave every happines for your life together. Enjoy the days ahead, it will be lovely having your family around. Love, Josie xxxxxxxx

  27. Hi Barbara
    It’s good to hear the open days were such a huge success for you and all the Clarity team. Now, sit and enjoy the time spent with friends and look forward to the exciting week ahead with the kids arriving and the wedding prep springing into action.
    Love Diane xxx

  28. Sounds like another wonderful day lots of blessed people. Know to concentrate on your special day be waiting a long time for this seeing you and Dave get married well photos at least and following this wonderful day on here so happy for to wonderful people who are made for each other be blessed enjoy every moment of this new part of your journey together love you both hugs xxx

  29. Double congratulations, for a successful and I imagine, a totally inspiring weekend. Sorry that we couldn’t come, kidletts, health and location did not permit this time. (Need to have you come to the Midlands/Derbyshire.) And secondly, for your upcoming nuptials. Wishing you and Dave a lifetime of happiness, laughter, love and inspiration. Long may you reign as the queen of crafting along side your new king.

  30. I could only attend one Open Day on Friday but what a lovely day it was. Thank you all at Clarity. I even met someone who lives very near to me on the south coast.
    Looking forward to seeing photos of the big day. Wishing you and Dave a very happy and memorable celebration with family and friends.

  31. Had a fabulous day, wonderful atmosphere and absolutely top notch demonstrators. Thank you all.
    All the best to you Barbara and Dave on your wedding day.a

  32. Had a fabulous day, wonderful atmosphere and absolutely top notch demonstrators. Thank you all.
    All the best to you Barbara and Dave on your wedding day.

  33. Thanks for a fabulous day yesterday Barbara. We had a great day. Your generosity is astounding!
    We’re already looking forward to the next one.
    Have a great wedding!
    Christine & Nicki. xx

  34. Hello Barb, it sounds like it was a resounding success and that everyone enjoyed themselves. Now time to concentrate on the upcoming nuptials, and relax and enjoy that important event. Take care all. Bx

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