Youtube Tuesday 22nd May

Youtube Tuesday 22nd May

Hi there!
Thanks for joining me.
This Tuesday Maria is on again, and I LOVE the technique she is teaching us here, using our poppy stencil!
Very effective indeed.

So we had a look at our other Claritystencils, ones which would work really well with this offset embossed technique. 
And we have decided to add them to our weekly YouTube 20% discount sale.
Have a little look at these lovelies!
Several of them are the same as the new Fresh Cut Dies!
So maybe you will find them useful as backgrounds to use with your dies, too.
Poppies 7″ x 7″ Stencil
Casablanca Lilies 7″ x 7″ Stencil
Chinese Lanterns Stencil
Filigraphy Flower Stencil
Ginkgo Pattern Stencil
Lantern Pod Stencil
Gingko Leaf Stencil
Poppy Seed Head Stencil
Queen Anne’s Lace
Tulips Stencil
Wild Privet Stencil
We also thought we’d extend the ink pad sale to our entire stock of Distress pads. 
So do go investigate our range; at 20% off plus your club discounts, this may be an ideal opportunity to restock on Distress pads!
Distress Inkpads
Paul and I are in the Youtube recording studio on Friday. We have decided to have a lock in, and record loads of new videos. I reckon we’ll have some fun too, don’t you ?!?
Paul’s never done Youtubes. It’s a very different game to working with a presenter, I can tell you! Took me a while to get into the swing! 
But now it’s time to put the finishing touches to the launch of the Groovi One Day Special tomorrow.
I shall kick it off tomorrow evening, and then Paul will take over the next day, when I run out of steam!!
You know those wonderful new Henna Dreamcatcher and Droplet stamps I was showing off yesterday? Well, here come the Groovi Plates!
Henna Droplets
Henna Dreamcatcher
Love & Hugs,

12 thoughts on “Youtube Tuesday 22nd May

  1. That is such a great technique! Love both of the cards Maria has shown and using the white ink is such an easy and mess free way of laying down that base. have fun with Paul recording your new videos. Xx

  2. Afternoon bloggy friends, hope everyone is well. I was just listening to the thunder, bit confused as there is no rain and bright sun! Obviously the weather is having a funny moment! Xx

    1. Oh Donna,
      It would be lovely to have bright sun! It’s gone back to Autumn here! The wind has been really cold and would you believe, we had to put the heating on this afternoon. Love and hugs Alison xxx

  3. Hi Barb,
    Really enjoyed Maria’s video and the cards. She used one of my favourite stencils too. The cards she produced were lovely and relatively easy to do I think. I do like the blending nibs , so easy to use. Picket Fence is a useful ink pad to have as well. Looking forward to the shows over the next couple of days and also to all of the YouTube videos you and Paul are going to do. I bet you do have such a laugh as well. Love and hugs, Alison xxx

  4. Hi bloggy friends,
    As I said earlier, it has been so cold here today! I’ve had a constant stream of visitors today all bringing cards and pressies which has been lovely. I’ve been really spoilt this year and it’s not even a big one! Off out now with Dave for an Indian which will be lovely. Sending love and hugs,Alison xxxx

  5. What a lovely technique. Will have to give it a try. Hope you have fun filming the you tube videos with Paul. Maybe we could see the out-takes?! 🙂

  6. Hello Barba and Maria, a great technique, will have to give it a try. Cracking video. Take care all. Bx

  7. Well ima day late some how missed this yesterday looking forward to seeing you and Paul on YouTube Tuesday I’m sure he will be great hugs all round xxx

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