Scrappaper DreamCatcher Monday

Scrappaper DreamCatcher Monday

Hi there.

Thanks for popping in.

Was unpacking the show stuff this morning, and that lovely dreamcatcher stamp from yesterday’s TV show caught my eye again.

Mmmmm. I thought…. I wonder whether it would look good on a scrappy piece this time…. Eeny meeny miny mo…..

Stamped with Black Out Radiance Ink, and coloured in with Perga Liners. As they were coming out of the boxes!!

Trim the scrap and attach a sheet of double-sided adhesive to the back.

At the show there was a piece of artwork on the boards which used one of the Million Thank you little phrases.

So many people asked after the stamps that I thought I would use them here and bring them to the top of the pile.

There are so many useful little phrases !

A Million Thank You’s

Mounted on a black 7″ x 7″ Card Blank. These are very, very handy to have in the stash too…

And how did I make the scrap?

I know EXACTLY how. It was when spreading the alcohol ink on the Gel press plate with a brayer, and then rolling the brayer off on white copy paper.

Scroll back up to the top and you will see straightaway that it’s a brayer revolution!!!

Got to to. Got a business meeting.

Love & Hugs,



16 thoughts on “Scrappaper DreamCatcher Monday

  1. This dreamcatcher stamp is a real beauty Barbara, and looks fabulous on your brayer rolling scrap, and the alcohol inks make a lovely mix of colours. The colouring with the Pergaliners is just perfect too, and the black background card makes it pop. Gorgeous! Hope the meeting went went well. x

  2. Beautiful, I can see these stamps bypassing my wish list and being ordered very soon! Hope your meeting was successful. Enjoy your evening. xx

  3. Ordered these stamps and with half term next week I might be able to have a play with alcohol ink on my gelli. Love the dangles on these stamps and with the masking technique you showed on Hochanda at the weekend they are very versatile.

    Please could I ask you to blog how you did the gem. That way it will be easy to find. Thank you. XX

  4. Afternoon bloggy friends. Sunny but a bit chilly here today. Did everyone enjoy the wedding on Saturday? I watched it and did shed a tear or two. XX

  5. Love the art work, but am waiting for the Groovi plates, which look fantastic.
    What a happy weekend it has been, with that wonderful wedding and I wish that we could bottle that goodwill and happiness. Annette X

  6. I’ve always been a dedicated stamper but since the arrival of Groovi I’m afraid stamping has taken a back seat! So, while I like the new stamps, I LOVE the Groovi plate version! Looking forward to Wednesday’s show and good luck with your meeting. xx

  7. How come your scraps look so good and mine a complete mess. Maybe its because I’m tight with my copy paper and don’t change it regularly enough. Love your card and actually do have the Million Thank You

  8. Wish I had your vision when it comes to scrappy papers,maybe I just don’t have the right stamps (yet). xx

  9. Wow doesn’t it look great I a scrap of mop up paper such detailed stamps wonderful . Hope your meeting went well hugs xx

  10. Hello Barb, another beautiful finished article from scrap. I think you should open a scrap gallery or shop, I bet the scrap pieces would sell. Take care all. Bx

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