Hi there.

Thanks for popping in. Very busy here, gearing up for the Detling Exhibition in Maidstone this weekend. Not sure how many visitors we can expect on Saturday !

What, with the FA Cup final AND the Royal Wedding, I’d say the footfall may be a lot better on Sunday !!!

Paul is demming Groovi and parchment, and I shall be demming stamps and stencils at the show. Becca is running a FREE Groovi Make & Take, and there will be a Fresh Cut Podium too, manned by both Paul and myself.

The new 3-way overlay stamps have been very, very popular. I KNEW you’d love them! So I will jump between them and the new Henna Droplets and Dreamcatcher stamps which Tina has designed for us, and which I am launching on HOCHANDA live on Sunday at 12. noon.

So yeah. It’s all go. And inbetween I’m sorting out Theuva wedding !!!!

How about a step by step using the 3-way overlay stamp in a different way, and in conjunction with the stencil?

Investigate the bundle – also available individually

This is pretty cool, and fun to do too.


Peel the paper carrier paper off a sheet of double-sided adhesive,

and stamp the outline stamp of one of the seedheads to the left using Black Archival.

Add CREATE from the Word Chains below.

Carefully lay a sheet of acetate down over the sticky wet top.

Trim to the size you want your finished panel to be.

Peel away the wax paper on the back, and lay the matching stencil down on the image from behind. It will stick.

Add gold gilding flakes to the area. They will stick to the exposed adhesive.

Burnish the gold, rubbing the flakes into the image.

Remove the pod stencil,

and then add the framer stencil, and

add  contrasting colour gilding flakes.

Burnish the second colour

Remove the stencil so that the adhesive panel is exposed,

and then coat with the plain gold again.

Burnish once more, the the job is pretty much done. But here’s the rub – if you’ll pardon the pun.

When I turned the artwork over, I wasn’t as in love with the front

as I was with the back!

And since there are no rules, I decided to go with my preference, and use the back at the front!

Mounted it on white using another piece of adhesive sheet,

Stamped TRUST from the wordchains on a card blank. Second generation Plum works well. Ink, blot, plot!

Yep. I definitely like the back on the front. It looks much classier than the acetate, don’t you think?


All done for now. I hope you got something out of this little step by step.

All the ingredients are available on our website, so go investigate!

Love & Hugs,



PS And as anticipated, sales of the new blending pens, nibs and improved no-cracky Pergamano tool caps have gone through the roof!

I love it when you say you want something and you really, really mean it !!!

17 thoughts on “Trust

  1. Hello Barbara

    Wow! I agree with you, the back makes a better front, lol. Ordered the nibs etc, can’t wait for them to arrive. Have a lovely, profitable time at the Hochanda show, I will be watching on Sunday.

    In the meantime I am counting down the days to the Open Days.

    Roz xxx

  2. Wished we could get down to the show. Got a birthday bash this weekend. I’ve ordered my blending pen and have been counting up my tools for the caps!

    Hope all goes smoothly with the wedding prep and I reckon it will be a fab show despite the other festivities over the weekend x

  3. I like both sides but agree the back is certainly more classy. Love these stamps only got two at the moment but give me time. I think you will get busier Saturday afternoon the ladies will be escaping the football. xx

  4. I like the back better too, although front is lovely. Haven’t got any of these stamps yet, but I’m sure it won’t be long!!! 🙂 x

  5. I love my new stamps, had a play with them layering them up. Have to get making properly. Like this technique with guilding flakes, always have to try and remember where I have ‘safely’ stored my sticky sheets…XX

  6. Evening bloggy friends, hope everyone has had a good day. Finally the dies are mine!! Soon be able to play. Xx

    1. Happy Birthday Donna! I know what you’ll be doing this weekend! Have a lovely time, love and hugs Alison xxx

  7. Hi Barb,
    I’m with you, the back is definitely the front! Love the stamps with the gilding flakes. Think I’ll be having a go now I’ve got some more sticky sheets. I’ll have to make sure the cat is out of the way though in case she ends up gilded too! I’m sure you’ll still have plenty of people wanting to see Team Clarity this weekend. Hope the wedding planning is going well, love and hugs Alison xxx

    1. Hi bloggy friends,
      Gosh it’s been cold here today, dry sunny but a biting cold wind. It finally got a bit warmer about 5 pm. Hope you’ve all had as good a day as possible. Sending love and hugs Alison xxx

  8. Mine arrived yesterday been out all day today so hope to play tomorrow may have ago at this 😍👍 have a great weekend hugsxxx

  9. My stamps have arrived today so hopefully I will be able to play tomorrow as at this moment in time we have no doctors or hospital visits scheduled !! OH now has a motorised scooter so can escape the house on his own without needing any assistance from me. I am designating Friday as Craft day. Hope you have a great weekend at the show, will be watching at 12 & will also record on my new gadget that means I can record from freeview on the main TV.

  10. Hello Barb,

    Love that you could choose which side you liked better. Your creation is lovely, especially with the different colours of gilding flakes. Hope the show goes well this weekend, and yeah Theuva Wedding is coming up fast. Take care all. Bx

  11. Aw, no – going to miss seeing you at Maidstone, we’re in Cardiff all weekend for a family do which was arranged before the Detling dates came out! Never mind, there is always next year…

  12. Yes I agree the back has to be the front, super step by step. Haven’t succumbed to those stamps and stencils as yet but do love them. Hope your shows go well at the weekend, wish it wasn’t so far away.xx

  13. Yep back to front works for me. I really need to use my gilding flakes more!! Hope all goes well at Detling which I am sure it will. Personally I would rather visit Clarity at a show than watch a wedding or football!! Ttfn. Xx

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