Meet the Artist – Susan White

Meet the Artist – Susan White

Hi everyone.

I hope you have had a good Saturday.

 I have been at one of my favourite craft shops in Rushden getting Groovi with a lovely group of ladies.
Today’s Meet the Artist is:
Susan White

Okay, so this one really threw me! I had to go and get the stamp and the mask and try and work it out.

This is what I think Susan has done – Susan, if you are reading this blog, please correct me or tell me how you did it!

Take a page out of an old book (check that it does not contain any rude words!) and trim back to a 12cm x 12cm square.

Take some low tack tape and cover up the part of the stamp as shown in red below:

Ink up the Sketchy Shoe stamp with a Black Archival ink pad.

Remove the low tack tape and stamp onto the book page.

2 options, you can either cut the mask that comes with the stamp, or create your own using a post-it note.

Personally, I would create a mask using a post-it note.

You then cut away the part of the mask as shown in red below:

With the mask in place, you can now stamp Alice using a Black Archival ink pad.

Leave the shoe mask in place and create a mask for Alice using a post-it note and cover her up.

Make sure that your Shoe stamp is clean and then ink up the part as shown in red below:

Then stamp into place!

The art of transparent stamping and being able to see through the stamp should make this easy to do!!!!

If it is slightly off – as Barbara would say,  “don’t try and go over it, get over it!”

A black Micron pen can fix it an imperfections.

Cover the shoe with the complete mask and stamp the Allium using the same ink pad.

Remove all of the masks.

Take the outer part of the shoe mask and place around the shoe. Cover up any exposed parts with post-it notes.

Ink, blot, plot the Allium into the shoe to add a pattern.

Remove all the masks and add colour using Perga Liners.

Use a black permanent pen to add a border around all sides and mount onto a piece of backing paper.

Susan has created her own using the Gel Press plate.

Sorry, I am NOT going to attempt to work out how that has been created!!!!!

So today’s addition to the 20% Blog Offers are:

Sketchy Paris Fashion + Mask


 All of the 20% Blog Offers will end on Monday!

At this point, I will be joining you all on the naughty step!

Join me tomorrow, where I will guide you through a beautiful step-by-step

created by Linda Williams using her new 123 plates from Linda Williams.

Happy Crafting!

Paul xxx

21 thoughts on “Meet the Artist – Susan White

  1. Susan’s card is lovely had a great day with you and the other lady’s at Coleman’s thanks again Paul see you next Sat there again Helen And Maureen

  2. It sounds good to me Paul, but I have no idea how it was created, just that it looks great!
    Looking forward to your last blog post before Barb gets back. Have a good evening. Annette X

  3. Love the clever use of Alice – another one to try. Looking forward to tomorrows offering. I hope you have prepared the naughty step Paul.

  4. Evening bloggy friends, happy Saturday to you all. Went shopping in Canterbury today and had a meal out with my sisters. Will maybe get a bit of craft done tomorrow. Xx

    1. Hi Donna,
      Pleased you’ve had a good day with your sister. Hope she is feeling better after her loss, love and hugsAlison xxx

  5. Hi Paul,
    You’ll be very welcome on our naughty step!!
    Another lovely card . Well done Susan. Now I would not have had the patience to do all that masking off! That’s why I love Groovi so much – it’s just much easier to mask! I do admire all of the time and effort that must have gone into Susan’s card and I love the use of the old book page.
    Thanks again Paul, love Alison xxx

    1. Hi bloggy friends,
      Hope today has been good for you all. Had quite a lazy day – bit of baking and listening to an Audible book that I got engrossed in – that passed a few hours!! Sending love and hugs to you all, Alison xxx

  6. Hi Paul
    What a great card Susan, that’s dedication for you, all that masking but it’s worth it. Love the way the girl sits so nicely in the shoe. I’ve really enjoyed seeing all these cards Paul and the great offers, don’t worry, I’ve popped a cushion on the naughty step for you and we will sneak you a cupper and some choccie biscuits.
    Love Diane xxx

  7. I love this piece of artwork! Very clever idea, really thinking outside the box. (Or should I say “outside the shoe”!) loving the blog Paul, what a star you are xxx

  8. Hi Paul, a very creative offering from Susan, love Alice sitting in the shoe. I am sure you will only be on the naughty step for a little while and all will be forgiven. Take care all. Bx

  9. Wow I feel so privileged to showcase on Barbara’s blog! Well done Paul you’re pretty much spot on. I cut all the masks from post its as I had the stamp long before the Clarity masks came into being. Almost all of my favourite stamps in one card, but even I can’t remember how I did the gelliprint x.

  10. Love the card. Barbara will be so refreshed Paul, that your naughtiness will go whoosh over the top of her head.

  11. Well done Susan, clever card, you nearly stumped Paul there. Clever you Paul worked it out. Glad you had a good day must try to get to Coleman’s one day. Think it is within a sensible travelling distance for us. xx

  12. Love the card Susan. I like the use of the page underneath.
    Not sure I’m too keen on new blog layout -will take some getting used to!! I think the date should be at the top again! The pictures are nice and clear.

  13. Great card Susan, really atmospheric; thank you Paul for bending your brain around how it was created!

    Loving the new blog look, thanks to all the team who put work into the transfer. My only disappointment (and it may be one of the tweaks you mentioned Paul) is that no RSS function isn’t available – I often catch up on posts in bulk, and found this was the easiest way to do it. It also meant that the blog ‘went dark’ for a couple of days as no few posts arrived, until I went to the main blog and noticed your sneaky move 😉

    I hope this is useful feedback from a Clarity fan, who’s an avid Barbara blog reader 🙂

    Claire S

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