A Groovi Floral Step-by-Step

A Groovi Floral Step-by-Step

Hi everyone

I hope you have had a good Sunday.

 Mine has been a nice day of doing nothing!

I need to get myself ready for being put on the naughty step tomorrow!

Here is a beautiful piece of artwork that Barbara’s good friend Linda Williams prepped for her/us for this Sunday, so that Barb could have one more day to clear the decks, polish her teeth as she says, and get back on the horse!

   Linda used her 123 plates to do this one, and even did a wonderful photo step by step for us. It actually looks quite achievable when you break it down into stages.

The new plates from Linda Williams are still on offer:

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A4 Square Set

A5 Square Set

Take a piece of A4 clear parchment and trace out the circle containing the Mallow flower from Linda’s 123 – E Butterfly, Lavender & Mallow A4 Square plate using the No.1 (0.8mm) Groovi tool or the 1mm Pergamano ball tool – nice and crisp.

Use the No.2 (1.3mm) Groovi tool or the 1.5mm Pergamano ball tool to very lightly (so that it hardly touches the parchment) emboss the Mallow flower, leaving out the veins in the middle of the petals and the stalks of the stamens.

We are going to emboss the Mallow flower the traditional way so that the outline is lost in the embossing to give a more natural look.

Place your image onto an embossing mat. I prefer to use the Pergamano Excellent Mat when doing this type of white work.

Emboss very lightly using the 6mm Pergamano ball tool. Emboss from the outside edge of the petals towards the centre, curving the embossing to accentuate the shape of the petals.

Ideally, you would want to leave at least 30 minutes in between layers, preferably overnight if you have time.

You will notice where I have left some gaps within the petals for the veins, you can make them narrower later if you feel they are too wide. I have also left some gaps for the shadows within the centre of the flower.

 To add a little more whiteness, you can move down to the 4.5mm Pergamano ball tool for a few more light layers.

Whilst you are waiting for your white work to rest in between layers, emboss a frame using the Nested Square Extension plate. Emboss the 1st, 2nd, 3rd, 4th & 5th innermost squares, leaving out the diagonal corners.

Use the various elements on the plate to infill the frame. Add some dotted lines for the butterfly trail.

On a separate piece of parchment, emboss the outline of the butterfly. Build up the white work in the same way at the Mallow flower.

Finish off the final stages of the white work on your flower.

Know when to stop!

It is better to stop early rather than overcook it.

Do as much as you feel comfortable with, time and experience will tell you when your paper has had enough.

For the final emboss, I used the 3mm Pergamano ball tool, very lightly and only on the whitest parts where I think the light would fall.

Using the Dorso Lively colours and Dorso oil, colour on the back, within the frame. Spread the colour with a piece of kitchen towel rolled into a tip.

Spread around the edges of each colour to keep the colours separate. I used pink, purple and green.

Dorso around the flower in the circle, adding a tiny amount of purple to the centre of the flower.

Don’t worry about going over the edges of the frame or the petals or the butterflies, you can remove the colour using the Faber-Castell eraser.

Using the Perga Liner A pencils add colour to the flowers within the frame and the butterflies. Blend with a Wink of Stella pen.

I used the following: A8 – Mallow, A7 – Lavender, A16 – Leaves and A6 & A9 – Butterflies.

Using the Perga Liner B pencils dry, colour between the narrow double lines of the frame.

I used the following: B5, B6 & B14

With a 2 Needle Bold Pergamano tool, perforate around the outside edge of the frame and then picot cut.

Exclusive Scissors, Ringlock Scissors, Pergacutters – the choice is yours.

You might find the A4 Basic Straight Grid helpful.

If you are still struggling with your picot cutting, then trim with a craft knife and Pergamano ruler with Groovi Grip.

Perforate around the Butterfly with the 2 Needle Bold Pergamano tool and picot cut.

Mat and layer using New England Fall Designer paper and white card. Attaching your parchment using white Perga Brads.

Attach the Butterfly with a tiny amount of Perga Glue.


A big, big thank you to Linda Williams for this stunning step-by-step – pure elegance.

Don’t forget to make the most of all the special offers from the past 2 weeks whilst Barb has been on holiday.

I will need some company on the naughty step on Monday – so get shopping!

Thank you for taking the time to read and comment on the blog – normal service will resume on Monday!

Happy Crafting!

Paul xxx

36 thoughts on “A Groovi Floral Step-by-Step

  1. That’s a beautiful card from Linda! Perfect way to finish your run of naughtiness Paul!!! I’m sure Barbara will be very happy with what you’ve been up to whilst she was away! So your trip to the naughty step may only be very short!
    Have a great evening.
    Love and hugs! Xxx

  2. That is really beautiful Linda. Maybe when I retire I’ll have the time and patience for Groovi work, so I’ll keep reading all the tutorials in the meantime. Welcome back Barbara, enjoy your final day off, and well done Paul for holding the fort. Isn’t it a minute for every year of your age on the naughty step? I might just be naughty for almost a hours rest! x

  3. I’m sure you won’t be on the naughty step for long Paul. And if you are, just remember, we all love you and your naughtiness!!

  4. Paul we cannot let you go to the naughty step you have been brilliant kept home fires burning yesgave a few bargained but I’m sure lotssales cause of it, and all the beautiful art work you have shown us Linda wow beautiful loving it all . Hugs for doing a grand job be also great to have are Barbara back tomorrow I’m sure she has had a few peaks looking forward to herring about there adventures xxx

  5. Hello Paul

    I don’t think you will be on the naughty step for long. Barbara trusts you implicity. But, I have to admit, it has been fun and informative whilst they have been away. I haven’t placed an order as I already have everything in the sales, lol.


  6. Stunning card, wonder if Linda would mind if I ” borrowed ” the idea ? I’m sure Barbara won’t put you on the naughty step you have been brilliant xxx

  7. Really beautiful card. I don’t think you will be put on the naughty step Paul but given a gold star for all your hard work. x

  8. This is a stunning card, as is usual from Linda. One I shall definitely add to my last of those to try, although I do need some more plates.
    I am sure that Barb will be proud of what you have done Paul, as she holds you in such esteem anyway and you have done a great job with the blog. If you do go on the naughty step, I am sure that it will be with a glass of something and a huge slice of cake!
    Thanks for everything. Annette X

  9. Reckon you will be fine Paul, Barbara will be feeling very kind after two weeks away. You have done a wonderful job. You too Linda with this beautiful card. I shall certainly give it a try. Thank-you. xx

  10. Hi Paul and ladies and gentlemen, what a lovely way to end your last two weeks of naughty ness!!!!
    This is a beautiful card and thank you for a lovely step by step.
    Glad to hear you have had a quiet day off!! i bet and as you say the boss is back tomorrow to put you on the naughty step!!!!.
    Thanks for the last two weeks .
    Lynn xx

  11. Beautiful card. Thank you for the step by step.
    I don’t think you’ll be on the naughty step. You’ve done a really good job.

  12. Beautiful, I think I will be very behind when I next catch the Groovi train! Oh well the stuff I’v e got hasn’t got a use by date so it will still be there when I need it. Well done Paul on keeping the blog going so Barbara and Dave could have a complete rest from work. I’m sure the naughty step will be comfy tomorrow. XX

  13. Evening bloggy friends, wet and cold here today. Did manage a bit of paper cutting this afternoon and finished a butterfly off. Got a few crafty purchases put away too. Hope everyone has had a good day. XX

    1. Hi Donna,
      Cold here this morning and early afternoon, then the sun came out. Managed to get a Groovi card done today – no whitework or cutting so it didn’t take as long. Hope you’ve had a good weekend. Love and hugs Alison xx

      1. Blooming cold and wet here too Donna. I’ve been directing cleaning today and been told off for doing too much, thus one armed lark is a real pain. Take care xxx

  14. Thank you Linda for a stunning card and the step by step instructions. Thank you Paul for your sterling work in holding the fort. I don’t think the naughty step will beckon for long. You will be able to relax tomorrow. xx

  15. Stunning thank you for the tutorial thank you paul for keeping the blog going I’ve put an order in for 2 of the dangle plates birthday and friends so on the naughty step too .welcome home barbara and Dave .
    Hugs to all on the blog xxx

  16. What a beautiful card truly stunning and one I hope is ok to have a go at
    Paul I am very familiar with naughty steps so you will defo have company.
    You have been a Brilliant embasidor for Barbaras blog I have loved checking in to check it out Thanks x

  17. Hi Paul
    Thanks for keeping me going, particularly this last week with your brilliant step by steps. I have been able to imagine crafting while being very immobile with your magnificent descriptions.
    After I came to after my op on Wednesday I still managed to read the blog as it was nice to be able to do “normal” and escape for a few minutes.
    I think you should be put on a pedistal rather than the naughty step!!

  18. Hi Paul,
    You have done an excellent job whilst Barb and Dave have been away. I’m sure Barb will be impressed and not put you on the naughty step – I bet the orders have been pouring in while the offers have been on! Even though I have most of the things on offer, I’ve still managed to spend a fair bit restocking etc!!! This step by step from Li da is brilliant. The card is stunning and I think I’ll be having a go at trying to replicate this – no way will it be as good, but practise makes perfect!!
    Thanks again Paul, love and hugs,Alison xxx

    1. Hi bloggy friends,
      Hope you’ve all had a good weekend. Been cold today up here but I keep telling myself it’s still only Spring! Sending love and hugs to you all, Alison xxx

  19. Fabulous card , lovely to have such detailed instructions and close ups of the white work. I am sure you won’t spend long on the naughty step Paul as you have done a great job keeping the blog going.

  20. Pretty card by Linda, great step by step instructions. Thank you Paul for looking after Barbra’s blog. xx

  21. Hi Paul
    Don’t worry we will move up and let you have a space on the naughty step. I’ve really enjoyed your blog take over the last couple of weeks, thank you I’ve learnt a lot. I’m sure you won’t be in the bad books for long with all the stock you’ve sold. Love today’s card, the step by step is brilliant. Oh bother I bought the small plates and you’ve used the large ones, I might have to start a birthday list. Hope to see you on the blog again soon.
    Love Diane xxx

  22. Hello Paul, Linda’s artwork is incredible, and this card shows off how to use the elements together to achieve such beautiful results. Thanks for the step by step. Take care all. Bx

  23. You are very funny Paul, you’ve done a sterling job and I hope you didn’t have to spend too long on the naughty step.
    Absolutely stunning parchment art from Linda as always x

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