Youtube Tuesday – Perga Liners and Deboss Colouring.

Youtube Tuesday – Perga Liners and Deboss Colouring.

Thanks for popping in.
Just got in from the Parchment Retreat.
I have to say, I think it was a resounding success. 
I had such a good time, too.
Just really happy.
Happy it went well! Not happy it’s over!
But it is pretty tiring, and I shall sleep well tonight I bet.
It’s You Tube Tuesday, and here is a delightful pair of videos from Rosie, to add to our library.

As with every YouTube Tuesday, you will receive 20% off the products which were used, in addition to your club discount.
This offer will run for a week, until next Tuesday in fact, when the next special offer will take over. 
head on over to the OFFERS section of our website.

20% OFF

Time to go chillax.

Love & Hugs,

34 thoughts on “Youtube Tuesday – Perga Liners and Deboss Colouring.

  1. Hi Barb,
    Really pleased that the retreat has gone so well, I'm sure all of the participants enjoyed it and will be looking forward to the next one! Rosie's videos were really good this week – I really must get to grips with blending though. Have a good evening with Dave and a good night's rest. Love and hugs Alison xxx
    Ps offers are brilliant yet again! X

  2. Dear Barbara. Thank you and your team for all your hard work, support, patients and great sense of humour over the last 2 day we had a wonderful time. Thank you all again and I look forward to the next Groovi retreat.

  3. Hi Barbara – so pleased to hear how well it all went, although it comes as no surprise. How could it fail? Must go and watch the Youtube videos now. Have a restful evening with Dave. Love and hugs, Gilly xxx

    1. Hi bloggy friends – We have had sunshine this morning and then driving rain and sleet this afternoon! The post is finally getting through to us now and my Member's sale order arrived today. So there will be a few more things to go into my Pergamano Bag – still not taken the Perga Liners out of the box though! Love and hugs, Gilly xxx

    2. Hi Gilly,
      The ODS did fall into my basket I must admit! I'm debating whether to get another set of Pergaliners seeing as how the offer is so good with my club discount added on. I could really do with just a set of the blendable ones as I've only used the Aqua ones once!!! I'm trying to get to grips with them though. Sorry your weather deteriorated this afternoon. I was just saying to Dave today that everywhere just looks dirty now that most of the snow has gone ( not that I want anymore snow I don't you). Your Pergamano bag must be getting filled up nicely now ( don't tell anyone but mine is getting hard to shut there's that much in it!!!) . Sending love and hugs to you and Neill. Alison xxxx

    3. Oh you two are so funny, naughty but funny. My sale order arrived Monday, the postman was sat outside as I left for work, he must have seen me, but I came home to the slip through the door. I will pick the parcel up tomorrow. Xx

  4. Retreat was definitely a success. What a fabulous time we have all had. I have made some fabulous new friends and met up with old ones.Also learnt a lot, can't wait now to try it all out when I get home. Thank-you to all of you that were involved, so much work but so well received. xx

  5. Hopefully, you and Team Clarity can have a bit of a lie in to recover tomorrow. You all deserve it after all the tremendous hard work to make this retreat so successful and so memorable. Really, really special. Thank you to all of you. xxx Maggie

  6. Good Evening Barbara
    I got back in around 8.30
    Have to say I had a fantastic time at the retreat I learned so much from all the team Thank you to them and thank you to you for organising it.
    Relax and chill with Dave now Barbara open a bottle and toast yourselves A job well done Thanks x

  7. Thank you Barbara for a productive two days. Learnt so much but still a long way to go. Thank you to all the team for their hard work, you have a great bunch. I am sure this was the first of many retreats for Groovi and Pergamano. I hope you have your water supply restored. Have a peaceful night. xx

  8. I’ve watched the two YouTube videos very tempted to the Perga liners combo box plus the two poetry plates I’ve got some but not these ones in my basket ready to order .thank you for the

  9. Hi Barbara
    Sounds like everyone has had a brilliant time at the retreat, well done team Clarity. Oh I'm glad you've got water again. I'm going to enjoy the videos tomorrow and perhaps have a little peep at the pergaliners. Hope you can have a bit of a rest tomorrow, you haven't stopped this week.
    Love Diane xxx

    1. Hi Diane,
      Hope the poor postman wasn't sitting there too long!! Love my Pergaliners ( well as I said above the blendable ones ! But I will use the aqua ones eventually. I did have a go using them with a water brush and that seemed to work) . Sending love and hugs Alison xxx

  10. Really pleased the retreat went so well Barbara and everyone will be looking forward to the next one I'm sure. Hope you have had a good evening and get a bit of R and R tomorrow. x

  11. Sounds like the Retreat has been a roaring, if tiring, success. Never doubted it for a moment, as I know just how much effort you and 'The Team' put into making it so! Have a good night's rest and enjoy a lovely cuppa before you do. Haven't watched Rosie's videos yet as am still trying to clear my old PC before it dies (old laptop is cleared!) So I'm off to bed myself now as need to do a mammoth food shop tomorrow as the driveway is clear and I can get the car out…. whoopee! Hugs to all xxx

  12. Hello Barb, so pleased to hear the retreat went well. I am sure that everyone who attended learned something, shared some tips or ideas and came away inspired. Bx

  13. Thank you and and all your team for a fantastic two days. Barbara, you are such a good teacher and with the skill and patience of Paul, Dee and Rosella in the Orangery how could anyone not have learned heaps.
    My children had given me Clarity vouchers as presents so bought Linda William's Multi-Neeedle Hand Book set. What a brilliant buy. With what was learned during the retreat and the Handbook, I am sure, after a long time searching, I have now found a hobby I really want to do and will stick at.
    The teamwork really does make the dream work.

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