A Floral Feast of 123-Plates

A Floral Feast of 123-Plates

Hi there.
Thanks for popping in.
Bit late. Just got in from Day 1 of the retreat.
While Maria did a brilliant job on HOCHANDA with a superb One Day Special, and smashed it, sold out, had a blast, 
the rest of the TV team has been down here in Tunbridge Wells at the Spa Hotel, entertaining nigh on 90 ladies and gents for 2 days!
What a super first day! What a lovely, lovely bunch of happy people too. I will tell you more on Wednesday, but today, having been spinning like a top since the crack of sparrows, I thought I’d call in the cavalry on the blog – the Design Team.
They have used the beautiful floral 1-2-3 plates, which Maria sold out and which we are using at the retreat, to create some inspirational artwork yet again….
Maggie Byford

Gail Sydenham

Jane Telford

Amanda Williams

Jane Telford

The 1-2-3 Plates come in A4 sq. and A5 sq.
Little and large. Brilliant to mix and match. 
Great for learning on.

But now I must crack on.
Have taken lots of pics at the retreat, to share with you !
Still no water here at the house. 
Funny how you get used to flushing the loo!
Bit tedious, but not terminal.
We’re just camping with the Williams’s!
If I can survive Glastonbury, I can certainly survive a few days without water at home!!!
Love and Hugs,

24 thoughts on “A Floral Feast of 123-Plates

  1. Glad Maria had fun and that your Groovi retreat went well, knew everyone would enjoy it. I have the shows recorded so will watch the demos and pick up lots of hints and tips. Loved your shows yesterday afternoon too, went for the A4 stencils and finally thanks to flexi pay was able to get the big gell press excited to use both when they arrive. Xx

  2. Evening Barbara!
    Didn't Maria do a brilliant job! Loved all the shows! And it was so nice to see your message from the retreat! Looked like you were all having a great time!
    I can't believe you are still without water. Hope it gets fixed soon! Baby wipes are useful in times like this!!!
    Anyway enjoy your day tomorrow!
    Love and hugs! Xxxx

  3. The 123 plates are fabulous and so are the design team creations. Thank-you for organizing a fabulous Groovi retreat. I have really enjoyed my first day and look forward to tomorrow. What a wonderful bunch of friendly people there are here, I have made some wonderful new friends. xx

  4. Evening bloggy friends, hope everyone is keeping well. Luckily the snow has all gone here, so many water problems now though, and the roads are awful! Hope you are all coping with the after effects of the storm. Stay in and craft, much more sensible. Xx

  5. Hello Barbara

    I second everything. We are having an absolute blast here at The Spa hotel! Lots of work but learning loads and having a laugh with friends old and new.


  6. Sounds like a busy day or two plus tomorrow! Hope your water gets fixed soon. I’m sure everyone will have had a fantastic time today. Enjoy tomorrow too everyone xx

  7. Hi Barb,
    Maria did a fabulous job on tv and the plates are absolutely stunning. Great to get the video of you all from The retreat and everyone looked happy. Looking forward to seeing more photos. As usual the Design Team did you proud and I have to say that there wasn't one that I didn't like! The example you've shown here from Gail was my favourite I think – just truly beautiful. The painting was gorgeous. Can't wait to play with mine when they arrive. I think they might be going to hospital with me along with Linda's book. Hopefully when I come out ( if ever I get in!!!) my parching skills will have improved! Sorry to hear that you are still without water though , bit of an inconvenience. Have a good night's rest ready for Day 2! Love and hugs Alison xxx

    1. Hi bloggy friends,
      Well, I finally saw some grass today in the garden! Makes a change from white! Mind you there are still some impressive drifts around but generally the thaw has well and truly set in. I do find it easier walking in snow than a slushy mesh though. Finished my two wedding card orders today and am really pleased with them – love the dangle plates. Just hope my friend will be as happy with them or I might be back to the drawing board. Sending love and hugs to you all. Alison xxxx

  8. What a great surprise while watching Maria we got to see you all at the retreat having great fun Maria shows brilliant enjoy day two looking forward to July and coming to your retreat katie is getting very excited about it to hope that water gets sorted mega quick xxx

  9. Loved the shows, have recorded them to refer back to. Glad your 1st day at the retreat has gone well, hope tomorrow is as good. Look forward to the pictures. We have low pressure tonight as there are several bursts nearby & the number of people complaining on FB is unbelievable. As you said you just have to pretend you are camping !!

  10. Lovely samples, glad you are all enjoying the retreats, hope you get your water on soon Barbara. Recorded the shows today not had time to watch them. Did watch you yesterday and Maria all great. Sadly got my friends funeral tomorrow, will be glad to watch the shows when we get home.xxx

  11. Gremlins…posted a good while ago, just checked back to see what others have to say and my post is gone! Hey ho, basically said the 123 plates are ordered and at least with the thaw the postie will be able to get thro'. Great shows from Maria and fab samples from the Design Team who never let us down, and it was lovely to see so many happy faces at the Spa hotel (very nice place… dined there with you all when Anne and I attended the summer retreat two years ago!). Have a good night's sleep and hope tomorrow is another resounding success, I'm certain it will be and hopefully your water is back on very soon. xxx

  12. Hi Barbara
    It's good to hear the retreat is going well, sounds like you are having a good time. At least the hotel will have flushing toilets and hot water (I hope!).its not to bad for a few days if you pretend you are camping but will get tedious if it goes on too long so I hope it gets fixed soon. Thank you for showing the design team work, it's lovely to see such amazing works of art up close. The new plates are beautiful, didn't Maria do well with her shows. Enjoy day 2.
    Love Diane xxx

  13. The first day of the retreat was super. Can't wait for day 2.
    Thank you Barbara and the team. Up the Orangery Team! You have to be here to understand that.

  14. Day 1 of the Retreat was brilliant. Three cheers for the deep end! As Lynn says, you have to be here to understand! Thank you Barbara, Linda, Rosie, Paul and all the Clarity crew. Good to see Tina too. Xx

  15. Glad all is going well at the retreat, not at all envious!!
    Thank you for my Groovi day plate which arrived yesterday, I have some ideas and am going to have a little play now. The lovely 123 plate samples have given me some inspiration. I must order those plates.
    Have another great day and I hope your water is sorted now xx

  16. Hi. Tried calling yesterday about the plate I won, but it was busy, everyone ordering the 123 plates I expect. Got a lovely surprise just now when I got home to find my gift. It’s great, and such a nice note from Jeannine. Even without calling them. Thank you so much. Xxxx

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