Sunday’s Groovi Step by Step and a GIVEAWAY

Sunday’s Groovi Step by Step and a GIVEAWAY

Hi there.
Thanks for popping in!
Another beautiful Sunday day darn sarf.
And what better day to launch the weekly Groovi Project I was talking about on Friday. You can always go back and read what the plan is if you missed that post…
And to celebrate the start of this weekly learny-journey which we are embarking on, I would like to offer a Give Away Gift.
A lovely baby Plate.
But not just one…
How about 20 of them?!
Leave an uplifting comment downstairs. 
Tell us what you like about Clarity and the Groovi System.
We will pick 20 random winners from today’s messages, 
and we’ll tell you who got lucky on Wednesday
And in the meantime, here’s a little step by step.
I decided to practice a little before we begin our daily Groovi Meditation. If you’re just embarking on your parching journey, believe me – if you’re following what I do it will be very achievable!! Hahahaha.
Starter Kit required.
When starting, start with smaller, bite-size pieces. 
No. 6 and No. 7 squares to make a little frame
You need the Inset collar, to hold the Baby plate in the Starter Kit Plate Mate. See?
Working from behind, fill the box with the words and a few flowers. 
For a crisp outline, use the No. 1 Stylus Groovi Tool. 
The one with no ball at all.
Next, use the nested square plate from the Starter Kit to make funky boxes in the frame.
Let’s introduce the Basic Grid, the Diagonal one.
Use the No. 2 tool, the one with the tiny ball at the end, to make little flowers in every other box.
Work from the back.
Colour next. Pick your colours from the B-Pencils (oily ones) in your Perga Liner Combo Box.
Colour from the back.
Add a tiny amount of Dorso Oil to a Spot-On Sponge and then dab your Blending tool in the oil. This will blend the colours beautifully and eliminate the grainy texture. 
Blending Tool?!?!? What is this Blending Tool you speak of?!?!?
I can hear Maggie Craner from here! Hahahaha…
This is our answer to the cut n dry nibs being discontinued.
And they are so much better, because you have a proper pen to hold, and the nibs can be slotted in and out.
3 nibs come with the holder, and you can get packs of extra nibs. 
Dave, Paul and I have been working on this for months!
And now, finally, we are less than a month away from completion and launch. I kid you not – THESE ARE BLIMMING SUPERB.
They aren’t just for parchers either. I have been using them for EVERYTHING! Can you tell I’m excited?
I reckon these will fly.
Anyway, back to the project.
Colouring done. Blending done.
Next stage: perforating.
Can you see the straight basic grid in the background here?
This will help me locate the holes perfectly in the little boxes.
Work from the front using a 2-Needle Bold tool
I work on a spongey sandwich:
White Super foam (or basic white foam which comes with the Lightwave underneath), 
then Plate Mate and grid, 
then parchment on top.
Once we have done all the inners, let’s do the outside.
Again, the straight basic grid helps immensely.
The 2-Needle bold tool  fits into the bold grid exactly.
Now for the cutting.
Cutting over the waste, picot snip out the inner areas. 
See how I hold the scissors?

How long does this takes?
Takes as long as it takes.
Once I accept that, I actually find the cutting very therapeutic.
Cut round the outside next.
Mmm. Now I lay this on the Designer paper I had in mind, 
I think it’s too light. Needs something darker…
That’s better, and mounted on black glossy Claritycard
it really pops.

It is only attached behind the flowers, just to hold it in place,
because I have an idea, which may make it pop more…
So happy we have the Groovi Grip to hold the ruler in place!
Especially when you’re cutting little slivers like this.
Run the Crafters Glue runner  along the length of the slivers on the back, and use a pair of tweezers to locate underneath your cutwork frame.
Now we’re cooking with gas!!
Much better!

Lot of work for a little card.
But a great learning curve too.
Layer and mount on a white 6” x 6” fold-card to finish.

There we are.
That’s the first project.
Basic lineart and composition.
Colouring with pencils and blending with Dorso oil.
Basic gridwork.
Picot cutting out little boxes and along a straight edge.
Building a background frame with tweezers.
Maybe you will join me…
You can use any image in the middle, can’t you?
Tomorrow, I shall start again, with another project
 – a day at a time – for next Sunday.
Mind you, it is the start of Mad March…
Love & Hugs,
Don’t forget the Giveaway for 20 plates – you’ve got to be in it to win it…

143 thoughts on “Sunday’s Groovi Step by Step and a GIVEAWAY

  1. I had abandoned parching as too time consuming and too easy to make a mistake and ruin a project and then along came groovi! It has reignited the spark for parchiment craft and also cost me lots of money! It's been great to find a new crafting interest and the support from Clarity is amazing – so much help so readily available.

  2. That looks very beautiful Barb! I love Clarity because of the wonderful products that bring to us. However, they don't just stop there. They provide inspiration and instruction to us, which enables us to produce our own works of art which are greatly admired by our friends and family.
    I love Groovi because it enables me to craft – little and often. Because I suffer from CFS/ME I cannot cope with having to get lots of craft things out, by the time I have done that I have run out of energy. Doing Groovy is so relaxing and is another health benefit for me.
    Thank you Barbara and the rest of Team Clarity – my life (if not my bank account) really improved after finding you!
    Love and hugs, Gilly xxx

    1. Hi Gilly,
      Hope you've had a good day – have you started your crafty tidy up yet? I started this morning but found my pan pastels and decided to see what they looked like on parchment blended with Dorso oil ( wasn't sure if it would work) . Well it did ! Next thing I knew 1 hour had passed!! Gave up the tidying then!! Sending love and hugs, Alison xxx

  3. Hello Barbara

    I am over the moon, jumping for joy, thrilled to bits, and every other saying, that you, Dave and Clarity have taken my initial request for the nibs and come up with such a fantastic solution. Thank you, thank you, thank you. Can't wait to purchase it.

    I love Groovi. Came on board at the very beginning of the parchment journey and am travelling at my own pace. Step by step (lol), bit by bit, I am improving.

    Thank you for the step by step. I will start on it straight away.


  4. Woe what a great prize Barbara you are one generous lady I live in Australia 🇦🇺 and they have not heard about groovi so I’ve been showing as many as I can so for you to get in Australia would be fantastic xxxx

  5. Loving the first Groovi weekly project – so good to help us extend our knowledge and encourage us to try new things. Really enjoy Groovi but also stamping and stencilling and all Clarity products are second to none. Excellent customer care as well. xx

  6. Oh my goodness! Looking forward to the blending tools and my ladies will be too! Fab! A lovely list of "trad" techniques for a lovely little piece of art. That will please the parchment police errrm— or get up their noses!

  7. I love this first project, I have only just started "Grooving" over the last few weeks after many months admiring this wonderful craft. I am definitely going to be having ago at this project with the starter kit I brought! The project idea is great for all levels but especially for novices like myself.

  8. That is fabulous, and the little black strips just make the whole design come alive. The blending pen/nib thingy looks like just what I need to help my blending when I'm colouring in – it will go with my other perga tools that I have (even though I'm not a parcher!) x

  9. I love the Groovi system as I have been able to make projects much quicker than the old pergamano grids and tools (of which mine are the old style). I have several of the metal grids which took much longer than the Groovi plates, I love them and take them with me to my craft group on a Wednesday afternoon, they all see what I am doing, but they mainly do crochet and knitting. I hope to see you at the NEC next month.

  10. Loving groovi could never get to grips with parchment although tried many times until the groovi system came along ,now a very happy bunny . Clarity exceptional company not only through their many ranges of products but also the retreats , shows and brilliant customer service …. As a sideline here in Edenbridge we have Louise's workshops ..

  11. Living this first project, very beautiful design and it looks perfect on the designer paper. I really must get back to Groovi, lost confidence in what I was producing so put my tools down. Keep looking at my parchment papers and yearning to do something with them so a daily project might be just the incentive I need. Xx

  12. Loving everything about The Groovi system years ago I tried my hand at traditional parchment craft but as others have said it was too time consuming, thank you Barbara and your team for all your hard work and inspiration 🤗 looking forward to seeing all your new items x

  13. Lovely little project to get the best creative juices flowing.
    In all honesty I would never have started on my parchment journey without the Groovi system, it makes the almost impossible, possible and I love it, so relaxing and therapeutic and now I want to go in and learn the traditional techniques too, wouldn't have happened without the Groovi system so I am extremely thankful xx

  14. What I love about Groovi is that it caters for everyone from beginner to master parcher. You can make your work clean and simple or delicate and lacy. You can add white work or just go with lots of colour blending (will definitely be after a pen and plenty of extra nibs!). It is also easy to build up scenes from lots of different plates to create something which is creative and unique! Grooooovi!

  15. Fabulous tutorial Barbara, I am definitely going to make something similar with the plates I have. Thank you for the chance to win this lovely baby plate, I never win anything but you never know ��. I am a traditional parcher who hasn’t done parchment for a few years because I found it was getting rather old fashioned with the designs available. Then groovi came along and it re lighted my love ��. I love groovi because like stamping you are now able to design your own unique piece of artwork by mixing the plates. Thank you for taking parchment craft and modernising it xx

  16. I had to give up teaching pergamano when I had a massive heart attack I only kept my bag of tools gave all patterns away. I was so miserable as couldn't walk far or do any crafting as hands were shakey. when I saw the groovi plates I thought I would try and it opened up my world again. I am a right groovi mrs now and although I haven't met Barbara I love her to bits and one of them days I gonna meet her. Clarity are a great lot to buy from they are so helpful. nothing is any bother to them. I have made a lot of groovi friends now and I can use most of my pergamano tools as well as the groovi ones. Thank you once again all at clarity towers for making this groovi parcher a happy bunny. love to all x

  17. did parchment years ago, and was not impressed at all. Too fiddley for me and never happy with the results. I was already a fan of Clarity when you've decided to go Groovi. Watch one of the shows of TV and yes to myself "why not? ". I bought the starter kit and said to myself, "if I don't like it, I haven't lost too much". Next I know? I am a groovi club member and wonder how I have been able to live without Groovi. It is easy, efficient and with the help of a stunning team for Clarity, easy to learn. In one word, PERFECT. Xx

  18. I love the look of the new pens, I love to colour not just parchment but stamping and my colouring books,why I love groovi, because I just get lost ,it takes all my concentration and my worries just slide away, I love all my crafts but I think groovi has my heart. 🙂 xx

  19. I haven't started on the Groovi journey yet, but maybe if I am lucky enough to be drawn out of the hat that will give me the incentive to give it a try. I love looking at what you all produce and this oh so pretty piece looks great on one of your papers, just so full of interest and super techniques Barbara. x

  20. My husband bought me a starter set for Christmas which I have just started to play with. My 8 yr old loves it so much that we joined to club so each month she gets something of her own to use. It's lovely to have something to do together

  21. I say to myself " why do I like Groovi " the only answer for me is " Groovi can help lift a bad day into a good day "
    Thank you Clarity team for this journey which many of us are taking.x

  22. Barbara what a lovely Spring feeling card so colourful. I really need to practice on my square or box lines I keep mucking up the space between the lines. Is it cold in your studio love you seem to be wrapped up against the chill. I attended one of the Groovi starter classes at Chesterfield with Josie and learned a lot. Josie is very inspirational I am rather scissorly challenged so am not very confident about the snipping but will give it a go at some point. Love the blog.

  23. That’s going to be an excellent tool ! I’ve just started trying to blend after being taught in a class and it makes the world of difference. The nib will be invaluable I reckon. I’ve been going to groovi all week as I have loads to make but couldn’t get the motivation for some reason, think my tooth is affecting my whole body and, although not painful now, will be glad to see the back of it. I will have to get going this week as I’ve got birthdays, Mother’s Day and Easter to sort! Love the colours you have used in your design, simple and small is sweet . I’ve tried holding scissors your way but can’t get on with it and always go back to the pergasnips. I will no doubt try again though….. Thanks for the inspiration. Had better carry on with Sunday dinner as eldest son and his family arriving at 3 and expecting roast – just as welll I’ve done some beef and pork is now in oven. hope the crackling works today, always find it hit and miss ! Xxx

  24. I gave up parchment crafting about 10 years ago. My friend bought the Groovi starter kit when it first came out and asked if I would like to try it. I didn't want to but to be polite I said I would try it. That was it, I was hooked. I dusted off all my old blue Pergamano tools, which I am gradually changing over to the pink ones (for the sake of my hands). Must go, I have some owls to make this afternoon. Thanks to everyone for all their inspiration. SueL x

  25. You have inspired me to have a go at your project my picot cutting not the best but practice makes perfect. These days I am torn between stamping and groovi as I love doing both!!

  26. New to parching, so your blog is inspirational. As a "lone" crafter, it is so useful to have a step by step to follow. Now just need to practice!

  27. Fab card that covers a lot of techniques. So glad Groovi came into my life – the one thing that is guaranteed to put a smile on my face and help me to relax. Nice to do something that doesn't involve a tv, phone or laptop screen so it gives my eyes a rest too. I find myself dreaming up card designs or elements wherever I am.

  28. Get your Groovi out
    Relax, chill and enjoy the ride
    One and all can try it
    Only Clarity designs and supplies it
    Very easy to do, from child to gran
    Innovative and new…go on try it…you'll be hooked when you do!

    Never be a poet, but love my GroovI. ..was a trad parched for many years then gave up but like so many Groovi has rekindled my love of a beautiful craft. I'm busy slowly working my way thro' Linda's book relearning some of the trad techniques and thoroughly enjoying it. Looking forward to the pens/nibs another great idea and the chance to win that lovely little plate…fingers crossed!

  29. Absolutely fabulous post today. Just love the step by step idea and look forward to the coming weeks. Clarity is one of the best companies that I have ever dealt with. You customer service is second to none. I started on the Groovi train as soon as it was launched. I became a collector in the beginning as was too intimidated to start but kept getting more and more plates. Finally after a year of collecting plates, I gave it a try. I just love Groovi and get so involved in it that time just passes by. It is so relaxing. Love the way everyone on the blog is so helpful to others. Looking forward to all the new things you have to offer as just can’t resist increasing my collection. Hugs from Canada

  30. YIPPEE! Is that loud enough, Barbara? Only just got in from parchment class and gave poor Flash a heart attack, when I saw this new tool. I will test it out for you before the launch date, no problem. Do I get the feeling there is another new plate coming too? That blending tool looks awesome. Can't wait to get my hands on it. xxx Maggie

  31. Afternoon Barbara! Great project….nice and bright like the day. It's still very very cold though so an afternoon of Groovi is perfect!
    I think that blending tool will be dropping into my basket as soon as it possibly can!
    Have a lovely relaxing afternoon and evening.
    Love and hugs! Xxx

  32. Hello Barb. Another superb blog (as always!). I would so love to be a lucky recipient of one of these plates as that picture hanging on my studio wall would be a constant inspiration to get Groovin every day!!! X

  33. Hi there, what a great wee plate just right, love the design. I would love a chance to win – I think the best thing about the Groovi system is that it works for anyone with dexterity problems just follow the groove and hay presto its done. The small plates work so well with doing those wee projects but can be incorporated with the larger ones.
    Hugs and love to you all

  34. Love my Groovi, I don't do much but LOVE what I do. I look the look of the blending pen, so have added it to my shopping list and the new baby plate looks lovely, would love to give one a caring new home!

  35. Hi, its so lovely to have a blog post to follow with a few different tips and tricks in, we all get very inspired by the wonderful design team but when your at the beginning of your journey small steps are so helpful. With this sort of help and the YouTube Tuesday videos, we will all be able to get better results. I would love to be one of the lucky 20 to be with a chance to win this new baby plate and I am grateful for the chance to consider. Good luck to all xx

  36. Love the groovi system because you can take a couple of plates and make something simple but effective or spend yonks with the same plates to create a magnificent tour de force. Also love the challenge of storing! Wouldn't be without the light panel and a huge WOW for the new coloured parchments. Ggooorrrrgeeeooouuuussss! Ta too for your blog and your continual innovations xx

  37. You've done it again with the black strips – thought of something I wouldn't have in a million years!!!
    The word Groovy originated in the 1920's jazz culture – the groove (rhythm and feel) of a piece of music – and the response felt by the listeners.
    Wikipedia defines it as cool, excellent, fashionable or amazing depending on context.
    Add the original meaning and the definition together (substitute crafters for listeners) and you have the perfect description of Groovi. Let@s all keep Grooviin together! xx

    1. Hello blog pals. Finally caught up with everything after nearly 2 weeks away. Gardened yesterday while the weather was nice and had a walk today. Ready to snuggle inside away from the expected cold and finish some Groovi I started a couple of weeks ago. Take care everyone xx

    2. Hi Chris,
      Good to have you back. I'm getting ready to snuggle inside too! Good job I've some these two wedding cards to make – they'll take me ages! Love and hugs Alison xxx

  38. So many reasons why I love Clarity and the Groovi system. The main one being that we are learning together and I feel such a part of the Clarity family that I was sorry to have missed the opportunity to offer you our homemade chutney to go with your pork pie when you visited Melton Mowbray. I love the thought that goes into each design and that accessories are truly useful and not an unnecessary money milking exercise.

  39. Not a saying as such but if I were fortunate enough to get one of these, I would donate the money I would have paid for it, to charity. Good luck all and thank you Clarity. Tina

  40. After I decided that parching was to slow for my needs, I decided to change to stamping – which I love – but then came Groovi and re-enlightened my enthusiasm for getting my tools outagain (and more). Now I use both and cannot get enough of them and the old parchment memories come flooding back and I learning so much more. XX

  41. If it were not for Clarity I would never have tried parchment, have several friends over the years who have tried to get me interested in parchment but I always thought it was too hard, too fiddly but now I am up and away, what a great system and always more ideas on the way.
    Lovely to have step by step tutorials, thank you so much Barbara

  42. Great blog post as always, I don't go a day without reading it.
    I love Groovi and was impressed when it was very first launched. I have depression and anxiety issues along with other health issues like so many others.
    I find Groovi a wonderful way to switch off from the craziness in my head and allow my body to truly breathe. I don't have that my plates but I'm club member and look forward to my happy post each month and have never been disappointed.

    Keep up the amazing work
    Nellie Melon xx

  43. Just love this first of hopefully many Sunday Groovi projects. It will mean that everyone will be able to achieve something by following the step by step pictures. Good luck to everyone who has posted a message for Barbara as 20 of them will win the lovely baby Groovi plate. Roll on Wednesday when all will be revealed !! Thank you Barbara for another great blog post.

  44. Afternoon Barbara, it's sunny but cold up North, so staying right here ! Groovi keeps me sane, what's not to love about it ? I am certainly going to need the new blending tool !
    A Groovi a day keeps the doctor away, well for me, maybe not my hubby when he sees what I am going to be spending lol xxx

  45. Hi Barb,
    Fabulous little project today, love it! The new baby plate is gorgeous and as for that blending tool – well one will definitely be falling into my basket as soon as they are released ( along with spare nibs) ! Absolutely fabulous idea.
    What do I like about Groovi? Well it is such a clean craft and with the Groovi system I can get such a beautiful crisp outline. I did try traditional parching many years ago when I saw Christine Coleman on C&C – even bought a couple of her cds. However, I gave up almost before I'd started. – kept piercing the parchment and got so frustrated. I've always admired the craft and the skill of parching and had completely given up on being able to do it. Then along came Groovi and hey presto ! I could achieve something that was acceptable even with my first attempt. I am now a self confessed Groovi addict and do have most of the 500 plates! I have learned by watching the wonderful Clarity team how to snip, do whitework and design. I'm attempting to work through Linda's book to get to grips with multi needle tools and lacework and attend Linda Page's Groovi workshop each month. I just love it! When I finally get the date for my knee op ( shortly I hope) the first thing to be put in my case will be some Groovi tools, parchment Linda's book and some plates and I'll be one very calm and very contented patient! It is the most relaxing thing I've tried and before you know it half a day has gone by in the blink of an eye!if you haven't tried it yet, my advice would be go for it, you won't regret it ( your bank manager might mind you!!) Sending love and hugs, Alison xxxx

    1. Hi bloggy friends,
      Today has been interesting! As I said up on Gilly's post, I decided to do a bit of tidying which didn't go at all to plan. Had a mountain of ironing to do so decided to tackle that next! Plugged my IPod into a speaker and loaded up an Audible book. Brilliant I thought! Two hours later I was quite impressed at how much I'd done but realised I had as much to do again. Filled up the iron and then began again. No electric! But the oven was still one. Obviously something had tripped the fuse box. Went to check but couldn't get into the garage because the door is electric and we haven't got any! We had to hand crank the door open to get to the box – that took quite a while but eventually managed and sure enough one thing had tripped so reset it, but didn't dare use the iron again in case the same thing happened again! Things here never seem to go to plan! Looks like m ironing again tomorrow and possibly buying another iron! Love and hugs to all Alison xxxx

  46. Happy Sunday fellow parchers xx what a treat Barbara, hope I'm lucky and win a plate xx After having to move into Mums to look after her because of her Dementia and Dad being hospitalised then moved into a care home I have found that Grooving has helped me keep my sanity! I've been here since just after New Year and have left all my craft stash at home with my lovely husband and westie. Because Groovi is so portable, compact and easy to store I have been able to have all things Groovi with me. Once I've got everything sorted for the day I can sit down and Groove for a couple of hours helping me to forget the troubles that are facing us as a family and this has been a saviour. I only started with the Groovi system just before Xmas and it was sent to me at just the right time, I don't know what I would do without it, it has really helped me cope with all that's happening. Thank you Barbara and Team Clarity for the amazing products and customer service and thank you to every fellow member of the Groovi Worldwide FB group who's ideas, tips, techniques and shares of such wonderful projects are and continue to be a mahooooosive inspiration xx

  47. Great little project, with clear to follow instructions – I look forward to playing along with this and future weekly projects.
    Clarity is the team and product range that teaches you to say "I can". I remember, a few years ago, admiring a sample of traditional parchment craft that was on display in a local craft shop, only to be warned off even attempting such work by the assistant because it was far too difficult! Then along came Groovi and, although I was initially reluctant to dip my toe in the water, remembering that previous discouragement, you have gently and patiently coaxed me in, with your constant reassurances that anyone can get good results with this system. The New Design Club was the clincher for me, with its baby plates that carried the promise of reducing the artwork to a less daunting, more manageable size. So now, instead of seeing a beautiful example of parchment craft and believing that it's screaming out at me "impossible", I have come to realise that it's actually saying "I'm possible"! Thank you Groovi, thank you Clarity team, thank you Barbara!

  48. So pleased you have done this Barbara, I love Groovi although still very much a learner. Since I lost my husband nearly two years ago now, crafting and groovi have kept me sane, fills in such a lot of lonely hours. Look forward to the next one xx

  49. What do I like about Groovi? What’s not to like! Really I always thought parchment was so beautiful but could never do it. Then along came Groovi and whilst I’m not fantastic at piercing and snipping the enjoyment groovi brings me is immense. Love everything about it . Xxx

  50. I love Clarity! A company that’s always so inclusive of its friends and customers.
    The Groovi system has made the impossible possible for me. I totally feared Parchment crafting. The Groovi system teaches composition from simple to complex and that’s what I love about it 💝⭐️💝 Thank you 🤩🤩🤩

  51. WOW such a cute little piece of art ! I hadn't even heard of parchment work until about a year or so ago being in the USA. But when I saw it I fell in love with the laciness of it and I searched and searched and low and behold I found YOU on YouTube. I also found Groovi. I didn't think I could order straight from you for a while. But got a few things from a gal here and some off Amazon. But now that I know I belong to all 3 clubs and order as often as I can. I am hooked. Thank you so much for Groovi is so fun and relaxing I can get lost for hours in the process !!!

  52. Hi Barbara, love this step by step, have picked up a few things which will help me going forward .
    Wow just love the new blending tools which are soon to be released i do think they will be a must.
    Love Clarity even if you are only a started in any of the crafts ( Stamp ,Stencil or Groovi ) there is always some thing to learn and that is what Clarity is all about . Talented team and great customer service + an amazing Boss not for getting Dave and the rest of the team.
    Lynn xx

  53. Love making Parchlet Treasures as well as bigger Groovi projects. The process is so relaxing and rewarding……time well spent! We all need to take some time out, forget all the stress and just be in the moment, and playing in Crafty Corner with the wonderful Groovi system and using parchment techniques is a wonderful way to lose the stress and create something beautiful. Then in a moment of Clarity the stamps can join in to create a union of techniques that blend so well together. In it! Hoping to win it!

  54. It's been a beautiful sunny day here too, the light was streaming in to my craft room earlier while I was making cards for upcoming birthdays. Groovi is my go to method of crafting these days, can't see me ever getting tired of it.
    Did I mention I am so excited to get a peacock plate next month ? So looking forward to that xx

  55. I have been with you from the start, I have so many plates I couldn't even count them. Every time you bring something out I have to have it. Just keep bringing plates, projects and inspiring programs out and I will just keep buying and following you. Thank you Jacqueline.

  56. We went out to Stow today, to meet some old friends for lunch. 45 years since we met as next door neighbours in Lancashire, emigrated to South Africa and then returned home. It was lovely to catch up and a beautiful day, even though freezing cold. We had a great pub lunch too!
    I am looking forward to getting my hands on the blending tool, as it is such a great idea and will make my colouring look so much better. I can’t believe the work I am producing since I started on the Groovi journey. It is far, far from perfect, but considering I did not have a clue about parchment craft just over a year ago, I am chuffed to bits with what I have achieved.
    Thank you Barbara and all at Clarity. Annette x

  57. Clarity, what better name for such superb stamps and a fantastic company. The groovy system "its groovy man" it has given so many people of all abilities and ages the opportunity of doing parchment and the opportunities and designs just keep coming.


  58. I embrace the day I found Clarity Stamps and Barbara, I do love stamping that's where I started but I absolutely love Groovi and am addicted to it like many others, I have most of the plates and now they're all sorted in Clarity folders, so easy to find. It's the best thing ever for me as it takes my mind away from any worries I may have. You get such good results even without the piercing and pricking and feel like you have achieved something with relative simplicity. Wow and what a great prize for some lucky winner too. Good luck everyone.

  59. Dawn and I share all three of the NDC's and we got Dawn the Grpovi Go for Christmas, so the new baby plate will fit perfectly. I am still struggling with groovi, so keep most of my pieces small and I do enjoy making the Twinchies

  60. Hi lovely bloggy friends, a beautiful sunny day here today even though it's cold. Hope you have all had a good weekend. We had lunch out today which was very good, Pete has his op tomorrow on his shoulder so no driving for a month, just had an order arrive yesterday and my lovely club envelope and put in another order, well have to do something don't I, going to be stuck in the house quite a

  61. "Don't let anyone dull your sparkle"
    Groovi is great because you can keep it simple or make it challenging by combining old and new techniques and different mediums. It has made Parchment craft available to all, regardless of age, gender, ability or skill level. I love Clarity and Groovi because they're so mix n match(able). Like Pick n Mix in a sweet shop you can choose and combine the products to suit your own personal taste. It's all about choices – your choices. There are no rules, just fun to be had.
    Thank you for the step by step Barbara, it's great – very clear 🙂
    Sandra D x

  62. Lovely project Barbara. Sunday is my day for Groovi. It helps clear out the brain mess from last week and gives a calmer start to the new week. I have been parching for a long time and am a member of the guild, but all the white ink drawing slowed me down. Groovi has reinvigorated my enthusiasm and the projects keep flowing.
    Thanks to all the team for he super inspiration.

  63. Clarity is a great company that provides excellent customer service along with outstanding products and they go the extra mile to resolve any problems. The groovi system provides an introduction into parchment work and can be as simple or complicated as desired. Well done Clarity Team

  64. Not sure there is enough space here for me to say what I like about Clarity and Groovi. Absolutely wonderful. I love how you listen to what we say and ask for, the blending nibs just one example. Customer service is second to none and so friendly. As for Groovi it makes the whole parchment process so much easier and enjoyable. Thank-you Barbara and your great team. xx

  65. I find that groovi brings me back to me and quietens my mind when everything is feeling overwhelming, as it has been for the last few months. I am thankful that you and the design team give so much inspiration and greatful to Emma Burns for the time she has taken to develop my skills. I know that many others also think this.

  66. Lovely little card. I only started Grooving at Christmas having had the starter kit as a present. Now I'm totally hooked. I'll definitely be following your projects and giving them a go.

  67. To create with our hands brings tranquility and calmness to our lives. Groovi also keeps your hands out of the biscuit tin!!!! It's win, win whatever way you look at it 😉

  68. Groovi is just like a soothing friend it takes you into a peaceful place where you can forget the world around you. Every one that finds the groovi space knows just what I'm talking about and for all the inspiration a Big Thank You

  69. Ooopppppsssss! My comment has come up as unknown but I now have a name – Tavousie! Again I say – Clarity and Groovi have mde the unachievable achievable………

  70. You got me started on stamping those many years ago, then you got me stencilling and now you’ve taken me further out of my comfort zone grooving. Where else are you gonna take me on my journey into card crafting? I have really enjoyed our journey and look forward to many more years with you and the Clarity Team.

  71. I became a first time ‘Groover’ on Friday at The Art of Craft demo weekend. I was immediately impressed the system is so easy to use. I have been avoiding parchment craft for years as it looked so hard and took so long to do anything. Now I see the error of my ways and realise what I’ve been missing. I came home with so many plates I’ve had to ‘hide’ some at my mums lol. I can’t wait to add to my creations as my mama owl needs something pretty to look at. It won’t be long. I’m creating right now… thanks to Barbara and the team

  72. Marriage of Groovi & traditional parchment together. Groovi brought the basics of parchment craft & then paired it with many of traditional parchment craft techniques, so like a happy marriage it takes time, patience & love to get to enjoy this beautiful craft.

  73. Every day is a Groovi day now that I have found the Groovi system. I used to parch long hours before the Groovi system came along and it was laborious, no wonder I lost interest. I love parching now and the results are stunning and give confidence to try more and more different techniques with stamps, stencils, inks etc.etc.

  74. Why do I love Groovi??? Gosh, so many reasons! I started to learn traditional parching with the help of the lovely Christine Coleman about 15 years ago. (Her DVD's are brilliant) But it was hard on the eyes,and time, and I suddenly had to earn a living again. so I gave it up. Fast forward to Groovi (and retirement)…..I can, at last, get back to a craft I so enjoy. If I want a quick card, it's possible. If I want to take my time and turn out a fabulous, one-of-a-kind keepsake kind of a card, I can do that, too. I am learning the craft all over again, and loving it just as much! Thanks, Barb! 🙂

  75. Loved seeing this little project take shape and turn into something wonderful. I love the Groovi system, and I love showing others and getting them into such a wonderful craft, with endless possibilities. So thank you Clarity and all the fabulous designers and staff. Xx

  76. Well Barbara what a brilliant Groovi project I may have to give it a try that is after I finish playing with my owl plates.. The weather forecast is I bit bleak for this coming week the beast from the east as they call it brrrr hope it does not affect my trains for Sunday to Tunbridge Wells.
    So it’s perfect weather for locking myself away with my ever growing Groovi collection and just taking time out from the daily grind and loosing myself in the moment that is Groovi.
    I have to admit I did not think I would be able to produce a parchment piece I had tried it years ago without any success but now Groovi has given me and thousands of others the skills and confidence needed to achieve a wonderful piece of artwork.
    I like a lot of others here on the blog will be in the que for the new blending tool I have to say I have used loads of paper stumps in an attempt to blend my colours this looks like a bril bit of kit.
    As always Clarity have listened to their customers / friends and found a solution. Thanks
    Have a lovely evening
    Theresa x

  77. Hi Barbara what a lovely gift you are giving away you have given me my hands back as due to suffering with tremor's this last three years thought i never would be able to do it again and the up pops parbara with groovi it is so fantastic and i can now do the craft i love thanks groovi and all at clarity

  78. WOW . fantastic I've just signed my daughter up for the Groovi club to go with the stamps and stencils club. She's Just waiting for her starter kit to arrive. Good luck everyone x

  79. What a lovely project, very achievable and very effective. I love Groovi because I can pick it up for a little while and then come back to it when I have time. I must try to do some smaller pieces like this as I sometimes feel overwhelmed when I get too ambitious. At the moment I am working on a wedding dangles card. Like many others have said, I tried traditional parchment years ago but was never happy with my tracing and a lot of the patterns seemed old fashioned. Groovi has brought parchment craft into the 21st century.
    Also love the thin black strips, glad I bought a Groovi ruler and grippy stuff in the members sale xx

  80. Hi Barbara
    What a beautiful small piece of artwork you've made for us to craft along with Barb. I love Groovi, you can loose yourself in it and time flies by without you knowing. I've tried traditional parching but made so many holes in it that shouldn't be there. It's a craft the can be taken to many levels, I'm still fairly basic with outline, a little bit of whitework and basic colouring but I aspire to beautiful picot cutting rather than mouse nibbled work! I'm going to try this little piece though, it won't hurt to give it a go and who knows I might stay on the groovi train and try the cutting out in the squares, Thank you Barbara and the Clarity team for bringing us this wonderful system and for your really helpful blog and YouTube videos.
    Keep warm
    Love Diane xxx

  81. Lovely new plate. Not too frilly & fussy! So works for many occasions. Easy to follow in stages on the Blog. Makes me think..I could do that! So, many thanks to Barbara & Clarity. x

  82. Hi Barbara. I have loved groovi since the day you made me a sample, which I still have, at the show at port sunlight a few years ago. At first they wouldn’t let my friend and I in as we didn’t have tickets. So glad they did in the end, as I have so enjoyed groovi, and your lovely stamps ever since. You are a wonderful teacher, this lesson is wonderful and a great card at the end. Also enjoy the. You Tube lessons as well. All so helpful.
    Thank you so much. Xxxxx

  83. Beautiful project. Groovi is brilliant as its caters for the young, the elderly and those in between. Gender neutral and all abilities. I've got shaky hands and arthritis so can't do the drawing needed for traditional parchment – the Groovi system has taken care of that for me. Groovi is versatile too as you can do traditional lace designs as well as more modern ones. Xx

  84. I love the groovi system. I’m fairly new to it but am building up my stock of plates and am enjoying trying lots of new things. I tried picot cutting yesterday and am hooked. I’ve spent this afternoon using my new mandala plates and they’re ready for colouring tomorrow. All I need now is the blending tool you teased us with today. 😉
    Keep up your inspirational blogging and videos. You and your team are stars.
    Angela x

  85. I have to confess I have not tried the Groovi boom yet so thought maybe if I was lucky enough to win a little plate, maybe I could have a little play to see how I get on! Your artwork looks wonderful! Thank you for the chance! xxx

  86. Quite simply Groovi has given so much pleasure to me. My parchment cards are very professional looking with a system that grows with you. Your teaching and equipment is fantastic, great quality and so interchangeable. No two cards are ever alike as you can mix and match all the plates. Clarity are so generous and always very helpful. Nothing is too much trouble. And who doesn’t like a competition x 😀

  87. Like all the best teachers Barb, you make things look easy so you inspire us to try even tricky things – like picot cutting – and sometimes our projects look really quite like what you’ve done and we feel so proud of ourselves! Thanks so much for getting us grooving, stamping, stencilling and smiling! Xx

  88. I love that I can pick Groovi up and do some when I have time, and put it down if I get interrupted, and it's all still there waiting for me when I get back. No jumping off the lines, or wasted parchment. I love that all the plates complement each other and can be used for so many different designs. I like the ideas and the inspiration I get just from looking at the plates, stamps or stencils, never mind the art work from the Clarity Team. I love that Clarity is on OUR side, and isn't just about making as much profit as they can out of us. They really like their clients! I love that Clarity now combines stamps, Groovi and stencils – my three favourites things! And I like Barbara, the woman who pulls it all together and makes an awful lot of crafters very happy. I'm one of them. So thank you!

  89. I tried parchment crafting some ten years ago
    and found that, for me, it was then a no-no.
    My hands are unsteady, so tracing was hard,
    glaucoma meant all of my efforts were marred;
    instead of producing a beautiful card
    it looked like I'd worked with a hoe!

    I gave up my dreams and abandoned the art
    then, one day, a chance find restored me to heart.
    I lit on Hochanda, that great 'crafty' station –
    the programme I saw left me filled me with elation
    'cos 'Groovi' was on; what a huge revelation!
    A great way to make a new start.

    Now parching's the way I spend much of my leisure
    and 'Grooving' provides me with hours of pleasure.
    The lovely etched plates give a super result,
    it's great for all ages, both child and adult
    and quickly becoming a popular cult;
    Barbara Gray – you're a National Treasure!

  90. Stunning art work barbara
    I have followed Clarity for many years since you did your lessons on tv clarity ,I have found clarity to be so helpful and will go that extra mile to help its customers .when the groovi came out it opened another way to craft its a wonderful piece of crafting kit I love the members club as the groovi are so easy to manage been small because I have rhumotiod arthritis as many other complex medical health problems one is CFC/ME also depression and crafting helps me cope with them but the groovi is so good as you can do a little leave and go back to it there are some amazing plates that you can mix elements of each you don’t have to use just one plate I don’t do the picot cutting but the cards I can achieve just with the basic groovi are always loved by the people I send them too .so if anyone is wondering if it’s for them join the club and you won’t regret getting it plus it’s so lovely to get a little club gift each month and the inspiration that comes with it .
    Barbara will this be on sale if I don’t happen to win one xxx

  91. Barbara your blog is still my daily fix in a mad world. Clarity is still my comfy slippers when times are hard or inspiration lacking. If there's trouble, I forgot to renew my Clarity Club, quel horror, there's always Clarity staff to sort the problem and make sure I don't miss a thing. And then for peace and calm, an oasis in the storm, there's Groovi. My world is complete, just sit back and relax, what more do you need! Karen xxx

  92. I love parchment craft it is a big part of my craftyness, and the new groove system is amazing, but my hands aren't what they use to be so haven't done much of late, but with the new system i have been able to continue i am so so please but i could only afford the basic one as I can't work at the moment so can't afford to but any more clarity and groovi have opened up the world with the groovi system and because they are from clarity you can count on it being great quality, so thank you, oh and i have been patching for 20 yrs just love it !! 😀😀

  93. Barbara your an amazing long talented lady, I personally cannot thank you enough for bringing Groovi into my world, it's an amazing beautiful concept that is completely taking over my life and I'm LOVING it, love and big thanks to you and your team xx

  94. Hi Barbar! Well you just can't stop yourself once you get going, can you? I just love making new things with the Groovi. It's amazing how many people can all sit with the same plate yet we all will make something different from the same plate.
    "Matt has said that if I get anymore clarity/Groovi then we had best get a bigger house! But if we do that they we won't be able to rah

  95. Lovely project. Getting into the grove is perfect for me, I don't always get the result that I hope for, but its a great journey to be on. Becoming a member of your club, is the best thing I did. When I lost my mum and dad within a few months of each other, your blogs, inspiration, stamps, stencils and groovi led me into a wonderful Clarity world. Thank you xx

  96. What a lovely little project. Starting small is such a good idea. I am so pleased I discovered Groovi. It has enabled me to take up a craft that I didn't think I could do. I get lost in the groove and I find it so relaxing.
    X Chris

  97. I learned traditional parching but had difficulty tracing; Groovi has taken that issue out of the equation. All the tips and tricks from demo's, you tube Tuesday and your blog posts have enriched my parching journey. I love Groovi and am amazed by your enthusiasm in learning parching along with your customers.

  98. I just recently in the last year found parching and Groovi. I am raising my special needs grandson and this helps me in my spare time to get "lost in parching. It's very relaxing after a stressful day. Here in Ontario, Canada not too many have heard of Groovi, which makes my handmade cards even more special. I love the Groovi plates and have just started my journey.. I love your blog and inspirations..and look forward of expanding my collection..

  99. My first ever visit and I came on a really interesting day! This is so cool! I can’t wait to see more and maybe give it try myself….thanks so much. I am enjoying your blog so far!

  100. Morning Barbara, I love to read your blog (normally a day late as I read first thing in the morning). I love this little project and love everything about Groovi. I found it at Detling Fair last year when I met Paul (but did not know who he was then) I bought a couple of plates. As I already had my parching tools from twenty years ago I did not get a lot, but I was totally hooked with the amazing way you could get your design in place and perfect! I originally loved Pergamano but, like others, it was so time consuming it did not fit in with my lifestyle. Now I am so happy to trace out the main feature and then spend hours with the colouring and white work and grid work. Thank you for being so inspiring, xx

  101. WOW . thank you for bringing GROOVI to us ,i am new to this craft and have bought several plates i am really enjoying learning , only thing is i need to buy another plate mate cos everytime i put mine down my son takes over thank you groovi team xx

  102. Good morning Barbara and all the Clarity family, I am so in love with the Groovi system, especially the way it is so inclusive to all abilities. I have followed you, Barbara, since your days on Create and Craft when they let you craft and show us all the stamping techniques. I was in awe at your talent. And then came Groovi and I felt I could join in. Bought the starter kit, joined the Groovi club and just love it. Your step by step blogs are great to follow and I lose hours playing in my craft room. Thank you all. x

  103. Hi Barbara, if there is one thing i would say about the groovi system it is the effect it has had on my husband. He used to mumble and grumble when another craft package arrived . But now with groovi and the improvement it has allowed me in my card making he is only too happy to ask when my next delivery is coming or if I have new plates. The whole system has upgraded my card making from mediocre to some having the wow factor (not all…after all I am still learning!!) . So Im gonna say a big thank you for that!! Sue x

  104. Aw! She's right you know. I don't think a session at our art and craft club goes by without a mention of your inspirational ideas. This morning it was shrink plastic using clarity stamps. Great fun had by all! Always go back to Groovi when I need time out. I was so inspired by the new plate that I did the rose in the frame with the cut outs straight away. I was so chuffed with it!
    Gill (Mum) x

  105. I love Clarity because of the connection it gives me with my Mum. Mum and I have always shared our love of crafting, and with that, our love for Clarity. When I still lived at home, we used to watch the Sunday shows together, and would look forward to it each month. We'd also go together to shows and when we got to meet you, Barbara, it was just wonderful. Now I've moved away from home, we still frequently text each other to ask if one of us has read your blog for the day, or if we're watching your shows, or even if we have bought anything in the sale. It's just another lovely excuse to get in touch with each other.

    As for Groovi, well, I don't actually own the full Groovi system (I know, shock, horror!) but I do have the baby plate mate and 2 years worth of the Groovi club plates that I enjoy making use of. I haven't been able to renew my subscription for this year, so I'll be crossing my fingers for this giveaway as a new plate would be lovely to play around with, and I could share it with Mum next time I visit home.

    Thank you to all of you at Clarity for all that you do – you run a fantastic company that will always be mine and my Mum's first love in crafting.

    (This is a re-post of my original comment as I made an error and there's no edit function so I had to delete and post again).

  106. Groovi has opened up an entire area of creativity for me. I always admired the parchment work others did, but it was beyond my skill level and I didn't have the patience to put in the time required to change that. Then Groovi came along and I am thrilled at the addition, and addiction, it has added to my crafting. Although I am just starting out, I am pleased with the results. I watch every show and video I can. Barbara,thank you so much for all that you and your team continue to do to elevate our crafting.


  108. You are so inspiring. Groovi keeps me going at a very difficult time in my life. It takes me out of my world, let’s me create beautiful things and brings me peace and stronger to try and cope. A lifeline. Thank you x

  109. Really lovely project and tutorial Barbara, I'm feeling uplifted seeing what you are achieving! I got back from America yesterday, I thought of you lots while we did a very long road trip, mountains everywhere! Now I know why you like mountains so much ;)! Love C xx

  110. Concentrating on Groovi takes my mind off everything else going on in my life. It gives my mind a rest and makes my soul happy because I can produce lovely cards, etc. I always thought that parchment work wasn't for me but the Groovi system has given me access to this beautiful art. Thank you.

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