I’ve shrunk!

I’ve shrunk!

Thanks for popping in.
After a long day walking the NEC Trade Show in Birmingham, 
what better way to unwind than play with shrink plastic ?!?
So I took one of our lovely Art Nouveau stamps, 
and turned it into a brooch.
Complete with pin on the back.
I used the larger panelstamp.
The shrinking took less than a minute in the Aga…
How did I add the colour? Before the shrink.
Brilliance pads and Versamagic are perfect for this.
And you don’t need much. When it shrinks the colour gets much more vibrant.
Then stamp with Black Archival.
Cut out, punch a hole for a dangle,
…and pop in the Aga, or preheated oven, or use a heat gun.
Whichever comes first.
Wow! It doesn’t half shrink too!
Look at the difference between the stamped image and the brooches.
Now you see me – now you don’t!
Hands up who has still got a Krylon pen from the good old days!
Get it out and edge the brooch. And while you’re there, colour in the back with the gold pen too
Now spend an hour looking for your beads and wire. 

Dearie me. What a shambles…
Abandon beads, Use wire which you DID find.
Cor. How long ago did we do this stuff all the time?
Time to have a revival!

How delightfully simple.

We sell shrink plastic you know.
The good gear.
click here
In fact, I spoke to Rosie today, when we were at the NEC, and she was saying she is going to use it on Wednesday when she does the One Day Special with the beautiful Mandala Groovi Plates and Stamps. 
Great minds think alike, because I had already planned on using it on my next Sunday show with Stencils! 
That’s probably why I had Shrink Plastic on the brain when I got home then! What a pleasure and fun it is.

Love & Hugs,

33 thoughts on “I’ve shrunk!

    1. Hi Pam,
      Hope your back is better or at least not as painful. Been to Linda's Groovi workshop today and really enjoyed it. Got into a right muddle trying to follow a grid pattern but a Linda got it sorted for me. We did have a right giggle though! Love and hugs Alison xxx

  1. Cor Barbara!!! I'm going to make earrings! I've got some wires somewhere! And those plaques will do just fine… Love shrink plastic…
    Love and hugs! Xxx

  2. I love shrink plastic, oldie but goldie need to dig it out more. I remember you doing shrink plastic on the TV while on C&C with Dean, hands down the funniest thing I have seen I had tears rolling down my face watching you an him have fun. These new stamps are beautiful and I am using them all the time at the moment, the stencils are on my table to be used very soon. XX

  3. Hi Barb,
    Oh these are gorgeous. I'm well impressed that you are using shrink plastic after your escapades on C&C with Dean! I might have to give this a go as I have shrink plastic, the stamps and a Krylon pen ( got one in copper too) Love and hugs Alison xxxx

    1. Hi bloggy friends,
      Hope you've all had a good weekend. Had a really enjoyable day at Linda's Groovi workshop. It is a really friendly group and we had a good laugh today . Good to see Su and Heather there as well. Made a few mistakes( understatement of the year!) but Linda sorted it out for me thankfully. Great time – thanks Linda. Sending love and hugs to all Alison xxx

  4. Soon as you mentioned shrink plastic I think of you and Dean what fun laugh with out watching it. Shrink plasticnever fails to amaze me watching it shrink from big to small that moms it curls and panic sets in then it opens up phew great fun it’s like exposing powered amazing seeing it change. Must dig mine out and have ago sure our Rosy would enjoy having ago next time around . Rest up sleep well xxx

  5. This would make a good project for half term child minding duties at the end of the week, all I need to do is find the shrink plastic !! It would make a nice present for Mothering Sunday.

  6. How beautiful is your broach. I love it
    And the talk of mandalas brought to my mind a stamp I bought many years ago One by our lovely Jayne Nesterenco it was to go on the top of a box stamp she brought out I have that too they are wood mounted red rubber ones. You probably have them Barbara
    Like you I’m not to sure where they are but might just have to dig them out
    At least I know where my shrink plastic is lol.
    Play time tomorrow. Hugs 🤗 Theresa x

  7. Hi Barbara
    Oh you went for the safe option and used the aga, very wise. I love shrink plastic, it always amazes me how small it goes. These stamps look beautiful shrunk and the gold is the perfect finishing touch. It's good to know your craft drawers are as organised as out craft drawers! You've even got the skeleton leaves we've all got in our stash somewhere. Looking forward to the shows with Rosella to see what she shrinks.
    Love Diane xxx

  8. Hello Barb, love the beautiful brooch, maybe there should be matching earrings too? Shrink plastic is brilliant, I love playing with it. Your drawers are just a treasure trove, probably tidier than mine, but always fun to look through and discover forgotten treasures. Take care everyone. Bx

  9. It's another joy of crafting, I spent the weekend playing hunt the Northern Lights pad that I could not find last week and found lots of surprises, including duplicates of several Clarity stencils and shrink plastic too so I am all set!!!! Thankfully I found the Nothern Lights pad too, and it isn't always the case that I find what I was actually looking for, a bit like U2 really……

  10. How lovely and what a coincidence. I was planning a shrink plastic session with our art and craft group next week and trying to decide what to do with them. Thank you for a brilliant idea! X

  11. Ooh, shrink plastic and Krylon pens…definitely blast from the past and proud to say I have both in my stash…not got these fab stamps tho! Great day with Linda Page, Anne, Alison (Alimecca), lovely to see Heather and all the other ladies too, lots of laughs and sighs as things went askew but ultimately a group of happy bunines! Roll on Wednesday's show's…do I hear my bank card calling? Xxx

  12. Funnily enough, I was sorting out all my pens and embellishments the other day. I came across the Krylon pens, not used for at least 8 years, and they still work! Also, half a ton of pearls, beads and other embellishments which again, have languished in the bottom box of a pile of 'stuff'. I sorted ribbons this morning and wondered why I ever collected so many. I think I stopped using them when the postage system started including extra cost for deep letters. The grandies have a field day when they come to stay, and I am pleased to see all these treasures being used so joyfully.

  13. Ooooh, shrink plastic Barbara, I always remember the fun occasion on another channel where you couldn't stop laughing when using it. Anyway, this stamp works well and would make the prettiest brooch or even a necklace. Thanks for reminding us to use it. I have some hidden away which hasn't seen the light of day for absolutely ages. x

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