Hi there.
Thanks for popping in.
Writing very fast here.
Got a friend coming round, and we’re all going for a walk.
So with her in mind, I want to just spend half an hour contemplating the essence of friendship whilst I make a simple card, using an old favourite.
I LOVE this stamp.
Ironically, the bamboo with birds comes with another favourite of mine, called entwined humming birds. What a superb set they are.
Old is gold, eh?
Entwined Hummingbirds
So stamp onto a piece of our Designer paper from Indian Summer
using a black Archival dabbed with a little Groovy Grape or something maroon.
Trim and line with a black Sharpie pen.
Add a watermark of the bamboo using a Versamark Watermark pad. After all, that is what it was originally intended for.
Add the word Friendship top and bottom, to frame.
Another one of my old as dirt stamps…

Let’s add a moon. The Versamark will work using a mask and a blending tool.
Will darken as it dries. 
And you can always help it with a touch of black…..

Time to go find Dave and my walking boots.
The cleaning can wait.

Walk with friends much more nourishing and important.
Love & Hugs,

29 thoughts on “Friendship

  1. Sometimes the most simple cards are just the best. Enjoy your walk – blow some of the cobwebs and the shitty stuff away and the world will seem a better place. I really must try this – you have inspired me. xxx

  2. We are off for a walk too. Got Julie's dog for a fortnight so she is keeping us busy. My legs are aching but I am sure it is doing me good in the long run. Sun shining here now after a dreary morning so I hope you have the same. Enjoy your walk. xx

  3. Lovely artwork, enjoy your walk. I've just back from a very pleasant walk with my dogs to see my mum and dad, cleared a few cobwebs and I feel alot calmer as I was particularly upset when I set off xx

  4. Simply beautiful! Enjoy your walk… cleaning can always wait – lol!

    Looking forward to Linda's workshop at CC Headquarters tomorrow, especially as have been unwell during the week. xx

  5. Beautiful, simple and stunning. Now, Barbara I need to confess something …. I have this stamp and have used it a few times and I never saw those birds on the top of the bamboo before!! I even went and checked mine, time for an eye test I think! Xx

    1. Hi Donna,
      Olympics are great aren't they? Lizzy Yarnold was brilliant today and the other girl on skeleton. Felt so sorry for Elise again. Love and hugs Alison xxxx

  6. Referencing your post of yesterday and tying it in with today’s, have just passed a plaque on our walk celebrating Thomas Blake Glover, nicknamed The Scottish Samurai who helped found the Japanese Navy through a company that later became Mitsubishi. Beautiful day for a walk here – it truly is sunny Aberdeen. ;~}

  7. Hope you and Dave have had a lovely walk and chat with your friends along the way, and you are so right that is far more important than housework. This stamp and the shadowy watermark image look great on this paper which makes a fab background, and the edging with the pen gives it a crisp clean and elegant look. This stamp set is beautiful and we tend to forget about the older stuff which gets neglected when new things come along which is such a shame, so good on you to remind us. x

  8. Love the old stamps great going through them is great fun sometimes forget what there is must have to many hehe I know that one look at sale goodies lots news ones coming up loving new and old. Hope you enjoyed your walk had a great chat. We went to the new lakeside shopping centre Rushdenthey we’re building opposite side of road from the Colman’s warehouse that you came to last summer was a bit nippy there today will be lovely insummer for walks around lake and shopping was nice to get out though and get fresh air. Lots hugz xxxx

  9. Hi Barb,
    Love this and this is one of my favourite stamp sets. I love it stamped onto Black Clarity card and gold embossed – it looks so elegant. Looks brilliant on the Indian Summer here too. Hope you enjoyed your walk. Love and hugs Alison xxx

    1. Hi bloggy friends,
      Been trying to get holiday washing dry without much luck I must say. Looking forward to Linda's Groovi workshop tomorrow at Crafters Companion Aycliffe. Like Donna, enjoying Olympics but I did manage to trace out a Wedding card using the Wedding dangles plate. Hope you're all ok,love and hugs Alison xxxxx

  10. posted earlier but it appears to have disappeared !! anyway love the artwork. Hope you had a lovely walk, the sun has been beautiful here today although still a very chilly wind.

  11. Lovely blog and another "must have" stamp set!!!!! We've been for a woodland walk with our little dog this morning…. I now have a 50th birthday card to make for next door neighbour – wish I had that stamp set!!!!!

  12. Hi Barbara
    What beautiful artwork, sometimes the old stamps are the best, it's nice to revisit some of the first ones that we bought. Old friendships are great too, I hope you enjoyed your walk , the weather was lovely yesterday.
    Love Diane xxx

  13. What a lovely card -AND I have all of the ingredients!! Like you, I love my older stamps and will look forward to a few more being used in the future. It seems such a shame that lovingly crafted stamps are put aside when new things come along, so thanks for bringing back one of my favourite sets too.

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