There’s a kinda buzz all over the room tonight…..

There’s a kinda buzz all over the room tonight…..

Had a good Sunday?
Ours started with hilarity in the hotel breakfast room, because we threw the English etiquette book away, and made a picnic load of cheese, ham and sausage rolls to take for lunch, and smuggled them out in my handbag. Mum, if you’re reading this – you’d have been proud of us!!! The fact is, we just aren’t hungry at 7 in the morning, but at lunchtime we could eat a horse! So we took it for Ron – lateron!
Then we had a Busy day!!
Saw lots of familiar faces and friends from the industry.
And so many international visitors came to the stand!
From Slovakia and South Africa, to Columbia and the Seychelles!
Here’s Paul taking an order, and myself talking to guests.

Here’s Rosie, showing off Groovi to a crowd from Spain, 
Crete and Poland.

And tomorrow, tomorrow morning, all things being equal, we will have a business meeting which we having anticipated and hoped for for 3 years.
Finger crossed, please wish us luck!
Time for bed said Zebedee
Love and Hugs,

39 thoughts on “There’s a kinda buzz all over the room tonight…..

  1. Hi Barbara
    Beautiful artwork again. Oh you do make me laugh, stuffing your handbag with good for Ron haha. Looks like business is good, I've got everything crossed go your big meeting tomorrow, lots and lots of luck.
    Love Diane xxx

  2. Good to hear that you are having a busy time, and that the rest of the world is loving Clarity as much as we do.
    Breakfast in the handbag is always a good plan, as long as you don't take the porridge!!

  3. Fingers crossed for your meeting tomorrow. Just remember to open your bag carefully in case the rolls fall out mid meeting! Hope your aches and pains are improving after your fall. XX

  4. Ah ha…now we know why you have a big handbag! That said I don't blame you one bit for taking (literally) a picnic for Ron, I'd do exactly the same. Sounds like you've had a goo day and hoping all goes well for your meeting tomorrow. Sleep tight xxx

  5. Hi Barb,
    A girl after my own heart! Smuggled quite a bit of food out of hotels at breakfast for lunch too. Sounds as though you've had a good day – certainly looks very busy. Hope there were no mishaps today and that your bruises and aches and pains are much better today. Good luck for tomorrow – fingers, toes crossed . Love and hugs Alison xxxx

  6. Yep been there got the T-shirt. Not so easy to do with a full English!!
    ope all goes well tomorrow, it sounds intriguing we shall be waiting with baited breath xx

  7. Good thinking to take a picnic but be careful with the hard boiled eggs! We once had a very early start (4am) for an excursion to the Valley of the Kings and were provided with a very nice picnic breakfast to eat on the plane. When I cracked my egg it hadn’t been boiled!
    Good luck for tomorrow’s meeting xx

  8. Hello Barb, I just got this image in my head of you ending up with a bag full of crumbs. Hope the smuggled goods were enjoyed at lunch time. The very best of luck for your meeting today, I am sure that the exceptional quality of Clarity products and team members will shine through. Bx

  9. I hope that your patience will pay off. If it's true that the harder you work the luckier you get, you shouldn't need any of us to keep our fingers crossed for you! Looking forward to hearing more good news from Claritystamp soon x

  10. You can safely say it has all been worthwhile then.Well done all of you. Teamwork. As for smuggling out your picnic Julie caught onto that idea when they were at Euro Disney. She saw some others doing it the first morning, kids did not want anything much first thing but of course as soon as they got out they were hungry. xx

  11. Don't blame you for taking some food for later Barbara, I'm never very hungry first thing either. Glad you had another good day yesterday, and you have probably already had your meeting by now so hope it went well…sounds exciting! x

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