Saturday- Give us a twirl!

Saturday- Give us a twirl!

Hi there!
Greeting from Frankfurt.
One down, three to go!
And I am absolutely cream crackered already!
Don’t think I’m cut out for these hardcore long days in exhibition halls any more. Until you’ve done Frankfurt, you can’t know just how gruelling it is. 
And you wouldn’t believe what I did when we were unloading the van on Wednesday night, which hasn’t helped at all. 
There we were on the stand, having just unloaded all the gear up onto the second floor, and Dave went to move one of the large wall units in the aisle. It started to tip, and I, who was standing a ways away, dashed to catch it and stop it from smashing into the next one and then the next one, like a domino drop. Well, my heel caught in the plastic cover which was protecting the carpet, but I was already going very fast, so instead of stopping the unit cascade, I hurtled head first into the stand wall. And I mean hard. Hit the ground like a sack of spuds. Didn’t dare get up, because I was sure there would be blood. But no. Just the palm of my left hand came up black in an instant and the side of my leg. Must have been comical to watch mind, and I can only laugh at it; it’s a miracle I didn’t break my neck! Or at least an arm. But I didn’t. Just plenty of bruises and stiffness, which seem to have come out today. I feel like I’ve run full speed,  headlong and head first into a wall.
Today’s visitors to the stand were very lovely. We met loads of excited and motivated crafters and shop keepers. I was the stand translator, so that kept me hopping. Or should I say limping?!? My Fitbit tells me I did 15,500 steps, so no wonder my feet hurt!!!
But I also got to demo, whilst Paul took the orders.
Rosie was on Parchment, Groovi and Pergamano demos, 
Dave was on Suppliers and general crowd control,
Paul was on Stamps and stencils demos,
 and I was on product descriptions and company promotion.
Once somebody wanted to place a firm order, I handed over to Paul to do the paperwork, which gave me a bit of time on demos.
Here’s a simple stencil one I did…
Talk about back to basics!!
But it was greatly admired. Shopkeepers are looking for things they can demonstrate themselves when they’re back home, so this kind of thing was a big hit.

And tomorrow, we shall do it all again.
With a smile.
And if all the people who said they were coming back actually come back, we will be in a spin cycle!!!

Time for bed, said Zebedee….
Love & Hugs,

34 thoughts on “Saturday- Give us a twirl!

  1. OMG I'm glad you didn't do any lasting damage to yourself when you fell over! Knew the show would be good business wise, let's hope there are no more injuries. Try and get some arnica on those bruises. Xx

  2. That’s some trip you had! And it will hurt for a while, believe me, as someone who has made a life out of falling – off heels, downstairs, a spectacular stint in NYC and not forgetting getting the toe of my boot caught in a trouser leg resulting in a broken arm! Take care and enjoy the next few days. ;~}

  3. What a trooper you are! The enthusiasm of your team is so infectious that the visitors will be impressed and be back tomorrow. Sounds like a great success already. Sleep well and enjoy tomorrow. Annette x

  4. Oh Barbara! Hope you are OK after hurling yourself around… You need to take things easy if that's possible!
    Sometimes simple is good as it's so effective! And actually it may seem simple to you but unless you know what to do….
    Anyway have a good sleep and enjoy your day tomorrow!
    Love and hugs! Xxx

  5. Oh no Barbara I hope it doesn't get worse tomorrow if you know what I mean

    Glad the people at the show are coming and are interested and as Jane says it's simple to you but not to the Clarity uninitiated lol..sleep well and I hope tomorrow goes swimmingly xx

  6. Such lovely artwork as always, must remember this composition. Do take more water with your drink lol, glad it wasn't too serious, maybe a nice soak if you can xx

  7. Sorry to hear about your fall, glad to hear it wasn’t anything worse than a few bruises and aches and pains which might get worse before they get better. Although that’s all bad enough especially doing what you’re doing ! Love sample though and sometimes simple and straightforward is best isn’t it. Good luck for the next few days and hope you don’t feel too achey in the morning. Xxx

  8. Ooh you poor thing – that is usually the sort of tbing I do!! Hope it doesn't give you too much trouble. Thing is when you get to our age things don't mend as easily as they used to. Hope you have a less eventful day tomorrow. Xx

  9. Hi Barb, Ouchity, Ouch, Ouch! That wasn't a very good start to your trip and would leave you firing short of at least one cylinder. Hope you have some Arnica gel to rub on your sore bits. Did I ever tell you about my trip to Tenerife with my BFF in 1984 when I was 4 months pregnant and my total wellbeing was entrusted into my friends care by all my family and husband… Yep, I fell down a flight of concrete stairs on our first evening there. Luckily skidded down on my backside with one leg tucked under me, and walked around with huge grazes and bruises on my legs for the rest of the week. My poor friend was horrified. Hope you managed a hot bath tonight and won't be too sore tomorrow…love and very gentle hugs, Jeanette xx

  10. Glad the day was a success for you all. Sorry to hear of your mishap and hope your ill effects don't last long, especially as you are on your feet for the next few days as well. Take care

  11. Sounds like you need Arnica gel soothing healing on bruises I use it all time on my artistic joints does help no smell like deep heat but works was an elderly fiend who recommended it to me. They do a tube one that is thick like syrup but boy does it heal bruises I can have them for weeks but buying some of that on heals within a week. Hope tomorrow goes well and take down will be easier rest when you can hugs xxx

  12. Ouch Barbara, not good for the constitution, but you are still smiling as usual. Glad the show is going well and that at least there is no lasting damage. As mentioned Arnica does work well on bruising. x

  13. Sounds very painful what happened to you. Take Arnica tablets internally and Arnica cream on the outside and it should help with the bruising. In the meantime, put more water in it next time. Hic Hic

  14. Oh no! You poor thing! I'm so glad you didn't break anything! Im sure you will have a good day today without any mishaps! You must take care of yourself! Wxx

  15. Hi Barb,
    OMG! You're lucky that you really didn't damage yourself! That's a heck of a way to start a show, admittedly you were only setting up but still! Hope that you managed to get some arnica on your bruises and a good soak in the bath last night. Glad to hear that things went so well at the show for you and the team – it sounds as though you were all very organised. The little sample you've shown us might be simple for you but for others( me included) it might not be ( especially if you were brayering!) . I'm sure the customers were well impressed. Take care and try not to have anymore accidents, hope everything goes well today. Love and hugs Alison.xxxx

    Ps – you do look very slim in that dress!

  16. Oh dear Barb, I do hope you are ok. Try get some Arnica cream for the bruising, it really helps. Pleased to hear that the show is going well, sounds like you have the perfect well oiled machine there, with each of you knowing exactly who does what. Hope the next few days go well too. Bx

  17. Hi Barbara
    Oh my goodness that was some fall, I'm so glad you didn't do serious damage although the bruises sound awful. It's so easy to catch your foot like that isn't it, I know so well! Sounds like you and having a good time though, you sound very organised. My friend in Germany would be delighted to get some decent craft items in the shops there, she has to wait for trips home to the uk to stock up on goodies. I hope you've managed a rest overnight and your not so sore today.
    Love Diane xxx

  18. I'm so sorry about your accident. It sounds awful. Your "simple" card is beautiful. I love stenciling, but I have never masked off a space for a sentiment like you did. Thank you for the new-to-me idea.

  19. Ouch, sounds bad enough so happy it wasn't worse! Would say to take more water but I know you don't drink anything much stronger. Fingers crossed that no further accidents on the trip, take care… onwards and upwards! xxx

  20. Goodness me, you are lucky you didn't break anything. Maybe some of your exhaustion is delayed shock from the fall too, so hopefully you'll feel brighter, if a little sorer tomorrow. I love the idea of masking off a bit of the stencil too – never thought of doing that except on my gelliplate, so now I have another idea on my must try list! Take care, x

  21. Hi Barbara and crew, Sorry to hear you have had a fall was i bet most people have told you to take more water with it !!! Hope you are not to badly bruised , please take care and i hope you will be feeling a litter better tomorrow. Hope the rest of the show goes without any more hitches .

  22. Glad you are alright even if badly bruised. Could have been really nasty. Must say you are looking very trim, that special dress is going to look so good. Glad show is going well, worth all the travelling. xx

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