First Day of the NEW YEAR!!

First Day of the NEW YEAR!!


Thanks for popping in.
Just spend a good hour reading and responding to every single comment on yesterday’s blogpost.
And am now chuckling away to myself here, in my little artroom.

When I started, there were about 5 comments. Easy, I thought. There’s only ever about 30. I felt the need just for once, to respond to those good people who take the trouble every day to comment. 
That was last night, when I had one eye on the telly and one eye on the clock, waiting for midnight! 
So this morning, I come back, to say happy new year to the other 25, and blow me! You’ve ALL turned up to say boo!!!

But believe me when I tell you, I read every single comment, and responded personally. No copy and paste here! That would be insincere and meaningless. Nope, it did the sould good to properly engage. That’s it, isn’t it. The internet can be such a powerful and brilliant thing for bringing people like us together. 
If only there weren’t so many idiots out there, abusing it and misusing it.

New Year’s Resolutions?

Well, I shall try not to get so anxious and panicky about things. 
I have noticed it creeping up on me. 

“Oh dear, Barbara,” 
says the inner therapist, 
“when did you start noticing this ?”

Twice last night, and once this morning!

Considering the amount of sugar, chocolate and caffeine we have been consuming this Christmas, and throw in kilos of cheese and biscuits, it’s no small wonder we’ve have been having trouble getting to sleep, and I’m climbing the walls when I wake up!

So it’s off to Pilates next week.
Knocking the carbs and sugar on the head, and back to healthy eating! There’s a wedding dress to squeeze into by June!

Grace was talking about hot yoga.
What? Yoga in a fur coat?

Sod that.
Dave has even said he’s up for Pilates, so that will be fun.

New Year’s Resolutions? 
The same as every year I guess.
Just look at the list from last year, tick what I accomplished, add a few more –  and go at it again!
Which just goes to show that New Year’s Resolutions rarely work.
Or they work brilliantly. At least I still have the same goals!

I would like to get back into arty stamping and designing more this year. Maybe try a few new techniques.

And then there’s the mammoth new Art project, the one which has been on my mind for years. YEARS! Maybe it’s time to focus my energy on that one. The BIG one.  

Yep. Decision made. I’d best tell Dave! 

What about you? Got anything you want to do new or differently?
Whatever it is, have FUN. 

Love & Hugs,

85 thoughts on “First Day of the NEW YEAR!!

  1. Happy new year, saw a lovely quote this morning that said 'page 1 of 365, make sure to write a good one' I like the sound of that. My new year resolution is to get in my craft room more often, itching to get back in there now after the Christmas break. Xx

  2. Afternoon Barbara! I'm just taking a break from cooking our meal so good timing again!
    New year's resolutions?? Nah! I don't want to set myself up to fail!
    However I am determined not to get so hung up about my own art work! Easier said than done so if you see me doubting myself you must poke to remind me what I said here!
    Hope you have a lovely evening!
    Love and hugs Xxxx

  3. Happy new year to you and yours. (Lang may yer lum reek) no New Years resolutions just need to give myself a strict talking to and get back on my healthy eating ( for the diabetes you see ) or the dr will be putting me on tablets which I don’t want as I take enough! Next blood test will probably be high with all the festive eating. So it’s back to normal tomorrow apart from a panto outing on Friday with our church friends . Take the tree down first thing in the morning . Gosh I’ve waffled on , I do apologise . Have a good day x

  4. There is the reason we all love your blog, we know it’s a two way thing and that you actually read all the comments.It’s lovely to get a comment back. So much to look forward to for 2018 – lighter evenings for one thing. I think if I must make a resolution then it will have to be to finish what I have started, I want to do so many things . Oh and tidy my craft room and get rid of stuff I am never going to use. I’m pretty much Clarity all the way now ! xx

  5. New Year Resolutions? Hmm let me see – lose weight (again!!), not get stressed – which should be easier having taken early retirement from the NHS! – oh and make money from my craft – remember the conversation we had after one of the retreats about craft fairs and hoe to succeed at them?? Still haven't done it!! Maybe this year eh? Enjoy your Pilates – with Dave!! Xx

  6. Afternoon Barbra I'm taking a break from the hubby shouting at the football on tv
    got to do a birthday card for my daughter and granddaughter so best get cracking then Hope you and yours have a wonderful 2018
    Love and Best Wishes to all at Clarity Hall xxx

  7. Happy New Year to everyone. May 2018 be whatever you need. 176 comments yesterday and a comment for everyone – that is a labour of love. Thank you for mine. Now, a mammoth art project, that sounds intriguing and exciting. Any clues for us, please? Christmas and New Year was a mixture of fun and happiness with the family and periods of reflection on the less happy parts of 2017. It is time now to focus on all the good plans for this new year already made. It will be good to get back to the round of workshops and get togethers. I have one two main goals, to finish the sorting and pruning of my craft stash,and to actually finish off every piece of work within 24 hours of the class. I have a large pile of almost finished cards, and eight paintings that just need a little tweak before framing. Looking forward now to meeting up with so many friends very soon. xxx Maggie

    1. See you soon Maggie, looking forward to another year of great crafting. Finishing projects, reckon we are all guilty of not doing that. You had better get on with those paintings , you just need a lot of wall space now for display. Happy New Year. xxx

  8. Happy New Year to you. I missed yesterdays post, family stuff got in the way (again) and today I have been playing with the Clarity goodies Father Christmas left me! Nothing like a morning in the craft room to put things back in focus. I have to tell you Barbara that last year you inspired me to follow your example and give up alcohol. I did it! One year today with no alcoholic refreshment taken! I spend all the money I have saved on craft goodies! Have a wonderful 2018, so looking forward to the run up to your wedding and reading about all your plans.

  9. Hi Barb,
    Happy New Year to everyone. Thank you for your comment, that was nice. It must have taken you quite a while to do that. All I really want from this year is to be healthy! Would you believe it is a year on Wednesday since I had my fall & completely knackered my knee! The two good things that came from that we're losing weight ( I would still like to lose some more) and getting to the gym and pool. I am looking forward to being able to drive again and to getting rid of my knee brace. Crafty wise, I want to improve my whitework and get to grips with the lacework which I do struggle with and I'm determined to get to as many of Linda's Groovi workshops as I can. Looking forward to seeing what goodies you have got lined up for us this year too. Love and hugs, Alison xxxc

    1. Hi bloggy friends,
      Happy New Year to you all. Hope you are all as well as possible. Decided today to get started on the birthday cards that I need for the next two or three months! Managed to get one traced out! Also discovering the world of audiobooks – thought it might be a good idea for hospital. Only problem was I got so engrossed in the story ( The Goldfinch) that I went completely wrong with some gridwork I was doing! Never mind, as Tina would say " just put a butterfly over it" !!! Sending love and hugs to you all, Alison xxxx

  10. Happy New Year Barbara and Dave. No resolutions for me. I will just try to enjoy each day as it comes. I am looking forward to more inspiration from you and Team Clarity, renewing my Diamond membership and meeting up with crafty friends.
    A big New Year HUG from Chris. X

  11. Happy New Year Barb and everyone. Christmas and New Year were both sad times this year as I lost my youngest son, who was only 39, in October and then on the Saturday before Christmas we had to say farewell to our lovely golden retriever. I think my resolution will be just to cope and get through this year without them. Love and hugs xxx Oh I forgot to say I read your blog every day, I may not comment but I love what you have to say. Xxx

    1. Sorry to hear about your son and Goldern retriever it all takes time we lost are golden retriever in July 2013 then our daughter in the September of that year its been a long hard journey still get bad days but Barbara and blog and crafty clarity friends gottong me through but don’t think ever get over a loss of child it changes you part of us is missing but learn to live again that’s problem were I’m at making myself do things again crafting is a great out let hugs to you and family xxx

  12. I've decided to stop flitting about as since I have loads of club projects not even attempted i have decided reluctantly to stay only in the stamp club this coming year and try and catch up a bit. I have loads of goodies to play with already. Couldn't go cold turkey and miss the lovely newsletter so hope to at least attempt one project each month with the lovely club stamp and see how I get on. I suspect I will look longingly at everyone 's great creations on the Clarity Facebook pages but I have to start somewhere with using up my unused stash

    1. Glad I'm not the only one Karen that never seems to get around to doing the design club projects. A new year resolution I must make is to do one a week until I catch up, got 5 years to catch up on stamps.xx

  13. No New Year Resolutions for me ….. at my age I just go with the flow. At least I can't disappoint myself then. One thing has been decided for me and the wheels are in motion for me to have my cataracts done. Mags

  14. Have just spent a lovely while catching up on the last week's posts (usually only get time to read blogs at the weekend. Thank you Barbara for all the fun & inspiration you've brought us in the last year. Here's to 2018!

  15. It's lovely that you take the time to read our comments, thank you so much. I love catching up with you daily and the little insights into 'your world' bring you so much closer (hope you know what I mean?). Having been lucky enough to attend a retreat in 2016 I'd dearly love to come again but having made plans to try to sell our house and downsize this year it's just not possible but… never say never! That said I (and Anne) will be coming to Leyburn in September, great day out in fabulous settings with fun and learning all day… what could be better? Like Alison (Alimecca) I'm hoping to get along to Linda's Groovi Workshops as often as I can…that's about my only 'resolution' for this year of course there are others but I'm most likely to keep to this one – lol! Happy, healthy 2018 and wish everyone the very best of everything they wish for themselves. xxx

    1. We are also going to sell our cottage this year Su. I have been sorting and getting rid of things for a while – but the goal is to sell this year. It was great to meet you and Anne at Leyburn last year xx

    2. Not looking forward to sorting the 'wheat from the chaff' so to speak but it has to be done. Hope to see you at Leyburn again this year, it was lovely to put faces to names. We can compare notes on house selling/moving – lol! xxx

  16. That was a mammoth task replying to all the comments. How kind of you such a busy lady as well. I love to read your blog and try to leave a comment most days even if it is a bit of a ramble. You often stir up old memories with your thoughts. I too have eaten too much so back to the diet for me as well. xxx

  17. I will look forward to hearing the Pilates stories! You might want to see how many more have commented on yesterday’s blog and you should never doubt yourself but then you wouldn’t be you if you didn’t care! Maybe you just shouldn’t ever doubt the love that is out here for you, all the way, regardless of what you do or don’t do! Wxx

  18. Weight loss for me – a stone will do! Was going to start today until the couple across the road brought us over a lovely cake (she works in Pattiserie Valerie which doesn’t help at all!). I had cake for lunch and given some to next door!

    I aim to spend more time making cards than sit and think about it. Am looking forward to You Tube Tuesday and the rest. X x x

  19. I plan on using the Groovi plates and have been hoarding this year. I love Groovi. Many years ago I though I could do Pergamano and I found out I stink at tracing and staying the line. I have been in love with Groovi since I first saw it in a magazine. Thank you for a wonderful craft.

    1. Me too, I went to a class in parchment craft not even knowing what it was and became hooked but was always let down by my tracing. It just didn’t look good. Groovi solves that problem xx

  20. Thank you taking the time to reply to our comments of yesterday Barbara, greatly appreciated. I have only got one resolution this year and it is to finish sorting out 'stuff' and getting jobs done on our cottage. Then getting it sold and deciding where we are going to move to. Love and hugs, Gilly xxx

    1. Hi bloggy friends – wishing you all a very Happy New Year! Hoping that you are all as well as can be – Sheila it has been great seeing you on here recently. Love and hugs to you all, Gilly xxx

  21. Happy new year, Barbara and to all your family too. I'm looking forward to watching the new You Tube videos; sounds like you have quite a few in the pipeline. Unfortunately I've had flu for the last 15 days so have been too unwell for most festivities…does mean that I didn't put any weight on though…always a silver linning lol! Love and hugs Jeanette xx

  22. My main resolution is to try harder with my Groovi work……I managed a few as Christmas cards but when I tried to do some stamping with a Groovi background, I finished the geese, added the hills/moon etc and left it to rest. Then went back to create the frame…..all measured etc and Grooved the top line (you've guessed it!) straight through the moon!!!!!! Ugh! 😝😝😝 Into the bin and start again🤣

  23. That was some list to reply to well done. Must have taken some time to do. I need to get my craft mojo going again it comes it bits lots new stamps to play with this last year felt quiet lowwhat with the start thinkingwas losing my sight in right eye was quiet scary just knocked me right down and pain fro knees and shoulder been very bad but need to lift myself out of this low period craft lot more set myself challenges YouTube Tuesday will help as use to try what you had done on the video after watching. Enjoy your evening our you back to office tomorrow and all that it intails xxx

  24. I love your blog Barbara I don’t comment much but I love to read it you are so kind and I love your family mum and dad also20 18 will be a big year for us we have been married60 years and June 1st I will be 80 be have a great family love June Horrocks. Xxxxxx

  25. Thank you for taking the time to comment yesterday. Pilates has kept me going for the last 10 years but I am always surprised at how so much laying down and moving slowly can be so hard! I'm always achey straight after but an hour later feel so much better.
    My resolution is not to make any as that's the only one I will keep xx

  26. I also thank you for replying to my comment. I don't really make serious resolutions now, but I do want to use the things I already have before I buy any more new ones -and I need to put any projects and instructions WITH the product they refer to!! I've made pockets in all of my Clarity folders (all 7 of them -so far) for holding any projects and instructions from magazines or written down from TV programmes.

  27. You are one class act Barbara, just popped back to see today's post and imagine my joy and surprise to see you had responded to every single comment yesterday. What a feat, I know you always try to pop by and respond when you can but no one expects a reply as you get so many comments and it just shows why so many people love you and what you stand for, it is that personal touch you always give. So I salute one class act, you started this New Year on a high for me and I suspect many others. So thank you, may you have a fantastic 2018, I for one am already looking forward to the wedding of the year and I don't mean Harry and Megan. Much hugs Karen xxx

  28. Thank you Barbara for leaving a comment yesterday it’s always special to receive one from you .
    Wishing clarity all the very best for 2018 and looking forward to what you bring new .xxx

  29. Hello Barbara

    Thank you for your comment yesterday. What a marathon for you! We had a lovely surprise on Christmas day. My eldest son, Bruce (widowed nearly four yesrs ago), announced his engagement to Sara.


  30. Happy New Year one and all. My New Years resolution this year is to be far more organised and start Christmas cards etc much earlier! Can’t wait for you to get back to some more stampy artwork Barb and look forward to hearing about your new project. Exciting times ahead, especial some special event going on in June!!!! My quote for this year is “ Everything will be alright in the end and if it is alright, well then, it isn’t the end” Health, love and happy crafting to you all. XX

  31. My New Years resolutions are to catch up on my Design Club projects, I'm ashamed to say that although I do make all my cards I may use the stamps but not get around to trying out the projects. I also need to lose some weight which won't be easy as limited to what exercise I can do with my back. Still the thing is to keep on trying. Pilates might be the answer Barbara. My goodness you made some comments, that was definately a labour of love, thank you so much for

  32. Happy New Year to all my bloggy friends and everyone on Barbara's Blog. I hope Sheila, Dorothy and Brenda still read this blog even if they don't comment and Wish them a Happy and Healthy New Year too and to say I miss you and want you to know I am thinking of you often and so are other on here. Sending you all love and hugs Pam xxx

  33. Thank you for taking the time to reply to all our comments yesterday. Will think of you & Dave doing the Pilates class !! I need to do something but will start with some gentle walking first I think & gradually build up to more energetic exercise. Hopefully I have shaken off the virus I had before Christmas although I still feel tired easily. I intend to use some of my crafty stash this year & do the projects that I have thought about doing over the last 12 months but have yet to start !!
    Love the club projects & Clarity Facebook pages for inspiration. Here's to a Great Clarity Year.

  34. Thank you Barbara, it was such a wonderful surprise to get a personal reply from you yesterday and so unexpected, but it just goes to show what a lovely person you are. I think we all think about doing things differently every new year's day but I do want to get fitter too and get some earlier nights as I am forever going to bed extremely late. I must also take the stress off trying to be the perfect cardmaker all the time as I tend to think far too long about what I am going to do instead of just getting on with it. x

  35. We are just home after being at my in laws today. We had a lovely day eating too much and I did enjoy some nice wine with the dinner. We had fun playing games after dinner when the rest of the inlaws came over and we had a good laugh. It is always good fun at new year and Christmas when we all get together.
    I had felt a bit rough this morning as we had a fabulous evening celebrating Hogmanay in our local pub with lots of our friends. I spent a lot of time dancing and catching up with some neighbours.
    I hope that 2018 will bring peace and contentment this year and that everyone is able to be creative and make lots of lovely art work.

  36. I am impressed that you make the time to read blog posts, but to reply to everyone was extra special. Thank you so much.
    I am looking forward to continuing the Groovi journey this year and I am only sorry that I am unable to attend the workshops or retreats.
    Annette X

  37. Hi Barbara
    What a lovely suprise to read your personal comment, you are such a star thank you. That's what I love about your blog, it's the hear and now, not planned and written in advance ready to be posted at a set time, it's the knee jerk reaction to the day. That's what makes this blog very special. Oh my goodness palates, supposed to be very good for strengthening core muscles, not sure about hot palates though! Nowif you want a chuckle, look out for a book kilted yoga! Granny bought it for my daughter, oh we did laugh. We thought the scenery was beautiful, I will say no more! Haha. Looking forward to hearing your big ideas.
    Take care
    Love Diane xxx

  38. Hello Barb, what a lovely thing to do, personal responses to each comment. Thank you so much. Oooh intriguing, what is the BIG Arty project then? I am looking forward to this daily blog for another year, to the inspiration and the friendly banter and laughter. Oh and of course Clarity YouTube. No resolutions as such, but promising myself more time for craft. Take care everyone. Bx

  39. May you and yours have a blessed 2018.
    I do love your posts and I am pleased you had a break with family over Christmas.
    What you have to offer us all both in skill and products never ceases to amaze me, long may it continue. My grateful thanks to you and the Dream team as I look forward to sharing 2018 with you all.

  40. Happy New Year Barbara and Dave and all the Clarity crew. My main aim is to organise my time better so I have more time for crafting, more doing is in order. 🙂 xx

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