A Gallery AND A Groovi little BD step by step project..

A Gallery AND A Groovi little BD step by step project..

Hi there.
Sunny Sunday here in the south.
Our Mel (aka artist extraordinaire and great mate) is coming over later for a walk, so as promised a mini gallery of loveliness, showcasing the Lace borders & corners and the Groovi netting plates, which are old but gold.
Actually, let me rephrase that. Nothing Groovi can be old – we only launched it two and a half years ago! My oh my, how far we have come since then.
I had to smile when I looked at the samples. There weren’t many of us at the start, so we had to pedal hard. Now we have – dare I say it –  the largest, best and most talented Parchment Art Team in the world. And the founding members are still here, too!

Maria, showing off my poppies…
You see, we didn’t have many designers either, so we had to draw them ourselves too!

Here, Dee showed us how to use our Lace corners to go round circles.
And Linda Page showed us how to use the netting plates to great effect behind flowers. 
Linda P
These netting plates were brilliant, because we could achieve lovely backgrounds without knowing how to perforate and picot cut!

All of us founding members were stampers beforehand, 
and it often shows in our Groovi samples!
Look at Dee’s carp!

Yesterday evening, I decided to lose myself in a little Groovi project for a couple of hours, too. I really do love these lace borders.

First the initials from the Groovi Plate Border Mate, which holds the border in place.

and a simple square nested frame from the Starter Kit

Something simple in the corners, to work towards.
Found this twirl on the Lace Corners border.
Add the really ornate lace pattern on all four sides,
…so now you’ve got this:
Add an outer frame with the nested square plate again, 
pop something in the four corners to work towards, and then go back round the outer lines using the same pattern.
Piece of cake.
Working from behind on the soft side of your black mat, add little white circles in the outer gaps with the No. 4 and No. 3 tools from the Starter Kit.
Grid time! I used the Diagonal Border Grid for this.
Then flip to the front of the little piece, use a 1-needle bold tool to perforate inbetween the two lace edges, down the middle lane. 
Tell you what though, the Lightwave was a stroke of genius! What a difference a lightsource from underneath makes!
While the Grid is in place, flip to the back of the art and use the 
No. 2 needle from the Starter Kit (or the 1.5 pergamano tool) to add white embossed dots along the inner edges of the frame and even inside the initials. 
Embossing inside the curved initials is easier than you think, too. Locate one hole and press through the parchment to make the first embossed dot. Keep the tool pressed down and swivel the parchment until you can see the next hole in the right place. Move the tool into that hole, make your embossed dot, hold in place and swivel again. etc etc etc.
I decided to wrap the parchment around a piece of our new Designer card. This is a game changer too.
Trimmed back, layered and mounted on a little white card.
Well, not quite. Then a very personal message to the D in my life.
And all is well. 
So there you have it. 
A simple Initials Card, made using our Groovi Lace Borders,
which have a special discount attached to them until Midnight tonight.
It’s no masterpiece, but I enjoyed the creative journey, 
albeit a short one.

Gotta go! Time to peel the spuds!
Love & Hugs,

25 thoughts on “A Gallery AND A Groovi little BD step by step project..

  1. Lovely to have reminders of what to do with the plates when we’ve had them for so long and not used them ….. ! Mum’s taking us out to lunch today, me, my sis and our hubbies, so looking forward to that shortly. I’ve even managed a bit of exercise this morning too. I think I’ll come back and groovi. Have a good day. Xx

  2. They are beautiful creations and plates love the Little one you did. Enjoy your walk hope to go out for little while but bob on first night of nights so he is sleeping but had me injections in knees Friday so feet up resting to get full effect so may be a nice movie and some crochet for me xx

  3. What beautiful DT samples Barbara and love your personal Groovi make too using the lace borders and corners and it is good to be reminded of those plates that may have got tucked away and forgotten. Enjoy your walk with Mel. x

  4. These are amongst my favourite plates, I love a lacy, filigree look, so pretty. And Art Deco, Art Nouveau, Rennie Mackintosh, floral, trees, ha ha, just about everything really. Enjoy your walk with Mel, lovely day for it xx

  5. Hi Barbara, thank you for that this looks wonderful.
    As you say your design team are amazing, we all learn from them in our own way. love the u tube glad to have it back again.
    have a good day .
    Lynn xx

  6. Hi Barbara, thank you for that this looks wonderful.
    As you say your design team are amazing, we all learn from them in our own way. love the u tube glad to have it back again.
    have a good day .
    Lynn xx

  7. Good afternoon Barbara!
    I love what you did there with the initials card.
    Those border plates and the netting plates are ones you can come back to time and time again and it's great to get a reminder of just how effective they can be!
    Have a lovely walk with Mel… Wonder what ideas today's walk will hatch?
    Love and hugs Xxxx

  8. I love all the designs you have reminded us on, as you say your design team are amazing and I must agree with that, the very best. The initial one you did is gorgeous, especially with your lovely card behind it, one I wil definitely try out when I get my card. Enjoy your walk in the sunshine with Mel, still very dull here though. Can't have it all can we.xxx

  9. This is beautiful, think I will follow your step by step and make daughter Julie a very personal Birthday card. Just got to get grandson's made first. He will be 23 tomorrow, scary, where have all those years gone. xx

  10. Hi Barbara
    Thank you for a great tutorial, it's great to have a reminder of plates we have in our stash. It's a lovely piece of parchment for your lovely Dave and the background card is beautiful too. I hope you had a lovely walk and roast dinner.
    Love Diane xxx

  11. Hi Barb,
    It is lovely to be reminded about older plates. I have all of these and still use them especially the netting ones – you are right in that they do make a lovely background without the trouble of piercing and snipping. I also agree that the Design Team are absolutely brilliant. I love the initial card you've made today and with the card , just perfect. Will have to have a play! Love and hugs, Alison xx

    1. Hi bloggy friends,
      Hope everyone is ok. Haven't been around for a couple of days as I had my bank card cloned and some horrible person/s have been using it! Fortunately the bank spotted it and have stopped the card and ordered me a new one and have replaced the money but it really knocked the stuffing out of me I can tell you. Think it must have happened in Newcastle or Durham. There are some horrible people around. Hope you've all had a good weekend. Love and hugs Alison xxx

  12. Hello Barb, and a very beautiful message it is too, great tips to achieve the patterns. Love all the samples from the design team, so very lovely images from very talented people. Take care all. Bx

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