Taking a break? Not a chance!

Taking a break? Not a chance!

Hi there.
Thanks for joining me here. 
I imagine that most of those who usually pop in here are busy wrapping and cooking.
But I know at least one person who will always read this daily missive, will never miss a post. And therefore, I in turn will make sure to have the proverbial kettle on and the candle lit in the window here, too. Especially at this time of year. 
We have received so many beautiful, thoughtful cards and gifts from so many of our kind customers and creative friends. 
It is very humbling.
Gail Sydenham for one. Now Gail has had a hell of a time recently, with her poor Anthony in and out of hospital.
The good news is that he is at home with her again, but it was very touch and go there for a while. Nonetheless, Gail still made us a beautiful Christmas card. Look!
Traditional parchment at its very best

Then there was this beautiful Groovi Art card from one of our cherished customers, Rachel Howkins.
Thank you Rachel!
Picot Cutting mastered to perfection
And Elaine, our darling Elaine Milner, who is one of my oldest arty friends sent us this super stampy art. She had been so very ill for such a long time. But glad to report that she is also making a great recovery, one day at a time. And Elaine, if you are reading this, the £20 you sent the team to put towards coffee was spent on Bacon Butties on Thursday morning! Much appreciated, I know!

Three women.
A Trad Parcher, a Groovi Parcher and a Stamper.
All 3 spent hours making art to send to Dave and myself.
Not only do we appreciate the artwork, but the time you spent making it for us! I think that’s it, isn’t it? We can spend fortunes on presents, but there is nothing quite like TIME spent on a handmade gift or card.
Over the coming days, and with your permission, I would like to share more of your generous art here in Blogland. I will not be able to show even 10 percent, but rest assured that the cottage is FULL, brim full of handmade cards. Every windowsill, every dresser, every beam has been covered with loveliness. 
Aren’t we lucky? We know it.
Thank you
Now to go spend the evening with Grace and Dave.
Mark has gone off to meet his mates,
but Gracie is sticking close to home. 
The kids and I spent the afternoon in T. Wells.
 There was a lovely Christmas Craft Fair in the Pantiles,
so we strolled through the old town, soaking up the festive atmosphere. Carol singers, jazz singers, the smell of mulled wine Pretty magical. I do like Tunbridge Wells. 
Love & Hugs,

57 thoughts on “Taking a break? Not a chance!

  1. Dear Barbara… You feel you're lucky… Well we're the lucky ones to have you leading the way into the world of crafting and artiness! Thank you!
    Enjoy your evening… I bet you have a big smile on your face with Grace and Mark now being home with you…even if one has gone out with his mates, he's still a lot closer than normal!
    Love and hugs xxx

  2. I find if you are a loving and giving person, you get it back. In other words treat others as you wish to be treated yourself. Clarity and all those involved are the best. Wish you whole team a happy festive season and a happy and healthy 2018

  3. I am here, for one, Barb. I always read but not always comment. Right this minute, I am between clearing craft stuff out of the living room for Christmas, well, most of it anyway. There is a limit and I have projects still to complete for our Gryffindor Christmas. I have my robes and special pointy hat as I will be impersonating Professor McGonagall. Sadly, there will be no card from me in your cottage this year. I finally admitted defeat yesterday, lack of time now, and lack of the necessary oomph earlier. Normal service will resume for 2018. Meanwhile, I hope you and Dave have a wonderful time celebrating with your family. xxx Maggie

  4. I'm chilling reading your message, we are off on the Santa express tomorrow with our youngest Grandson so my batteries need to be fully charged!
    Your cards are beautiful enjoy your evening x

  5. I'm like Maggie – I read your blog each and every day. Sometimes it makes me howl and other times it makes me stop and think – sometimes I comment and sometimes not but rest assured your words are never wasted. Enjoy your family time. Xx

  6. Have a lovely Christmas you, Dave, Mark and Grace and of course you Mum n Dad and I’ll see you next year. Oh and By the way my snipping is coming along now, I’ve got it! Thanks for sitting with me and encouraging me. Love Zena.

  7. We are blessed to have you in our life’s always there to share everyday something thoughtful to make us laugh something to learn thanks Barabara for always being there even on days I don’t get to but catch up next day I can catch up. Lots love hugs enjoy your evening cuddled up with Grace xxx

  8. Wonderful cards for 2 wonderful people! Barbara, you are very loved by us all and we thank you for all that you do for us. Enjoy your precious time with Mark and Grace. Sending love and hugs to you and all of your family, Gilly xxx

  9. Hi Barbara
    It's part of the day to read your blog, sometimes the day runs away from me before I get here nut I try and check in the morning instead. What beautiful cards you have shown us today from very talented ladies, hope 2018 is a better year for you health wise ladies. We ve done the auntie rounds today, it's lovely spending time with them and I was so pleased to see my 92 year old uncle on top form again as it was touch and go a couple of months ago. Enjoy your evening with Grace, it's lovely to have the kids home again isn't it.
    Take care.
    Love Diane xxxx

    1. Hi Diane,
      Thanks for the tip about pavlovas cracking- I was getting a bit worried. A bit fell off so I had to taste it, & I was pleasantly surprised. Glad you've had a good day, love and hugs Alison xx

  10. I also read every single day,though I rarely comment. I often bookmark a project to try -and have done so with several of my cards this year. I'm sure you'll enjoy your family Christmas Barbara, and I hope all those out there,like me, who will spend Christmas with limited company,also enjoy their quiet day and have some special surprises.

  11. Thank you, Barbera, for including my card. I feel very humble thst you have chosen it. Have a lovely relaxing and fun Christmas with your family. I'm so looking forward to the parchment days in March. I've told my wonderful Jim he might not see me again!! Hugs to you both. Rachel xx

  12. Enjoy your evening with Grace & Dave & thanks for sharing some of your cards with us. I manages to get the Tree & decorations up today, finally feeling normal after nearly 6 weeks of feeling rubbish!! Give the Doctors their due they did say it could take 6 weeks to go. One half of the family arrive tomorrow with the rest joining us over the next few days. For those not so lucky to have family around them your Clarity Family is here for you either on the blog or Facebook. Merry Christmas & a Happy New Year to everyone. xx

  13. Thank you so much for every moment you dedicate to your crafts and artistry to bring fresh ideas to us 😊 Thank you for sharing with us and just being you 😃 Wishing you, your family and everyone at ClarityStamp a wonderful and magical Christmas stretching right into 2018 💝⭐️💝 Peace, love and joy to all x😊x

  14. Hi Barb,
    I love your blog and only miss if I'm not too well, likewise with the comments. I feel as though I know most people and have some good friends now thanks to you and this blog. You've shown us some beautiful cards today which just goes to show how special you are to people.. I'm pleased you've had a good day with Grace and Mark – make the most of the time they're here. Thank you for the time you give to all of us. Love and hugs, Alison xxx

  15. Thank you Barbara, for taking the time, even with your kids arriving and all the festivities happening, to write your blog. It really is appreciated that you do this every day, come rain or shine. Very best wishes to you and all your family Barbara, for a wonderful Christmas together. Also a very Happy Christmas to everyone who reads Barbara’s blog. It has been a pleasure to read all your comments and I have learned so much this year, not just about craft, but many life lessons too.
    Hugs to all. Annette x

  16. We love Tunbridge Wells, Fred is very happy to wander there while I am at your retreat or Open Days. Handmade cards are wonderful, we only received one this year and it is in pride of place on my sideboard, a very talented lady made it for us. Glad Gail's husband and Elaine are making good progress. Enjoy the evening with Grace and Dave. xx

  17. What gorgeous cards and I am glad you have had a lovely day! I am also glad to hear Anthony is home with Gail and Elaine is making a great recovery – it's so nice to have lovely news! xxx

  18. Lovely cards, pleased you've had a lovely day, and was chilling out this evening with Dave and Grace. Always read your blog, even if its a bit late in the day, or early the next morning! so thank you for giving us some of your precious time. xxxx

  19. Glad Grace has arrived safely now too and sounds as though you had a lovely day and hopefully a good evening too. The three pieces of artwork are gorgeous and you can see that much time has been spent creating them and will look forward to seeing more of the cards you have received Barbara. x

  20. I too read your blog everyday unless I'm ill or away and can't get internet, I try to comment but don't always manage it. Be lost without getting my fix. Beautiful cards you've received. Wonderful friends we've all made, through you. Look forward to seeing more. Have a wonderful time with your family, lots of love and hugs Pam xxx

  21. Oops – I misread a line from your blog as Christmas Craft Fair in the Panties. Verily, my mind doth boggleth! Great blog as ever. Wishing Team Clarity and loved ones a beautiful whatever-you-need Christmas xx

  22. Hello Barb, what beautiful greetings from great and arty friends. I hope you had a magical Christmas with the family. Just playing catch up, as have been offline and a bit busy the last 2 days. A belated Merry Christmas everyone. Bx

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