It’s official!!!

It’s official!!!

Hi there!
Thanks for popping in.
Oh boy! Have we got news for you !!
It’s official now.
This afternoon we locked in on the day, the place –
and even the music…
About six months from now, after a rather long engagement,
Dave and I are finally tying the knot.
And if the Christmas decorations at the venue are anything to go by, it will certainly be a wedding to remember!!

Excited now. 
I was quite anxious before the meeting with the planner, 
because there’s so much to do – and so much else going on at Clarity Towers! I was getting into a right spin. 
But she obviously does this for a living, whereas we don’t! 
And within an hour, we knew when, how, where and who!!!
REALLY excited now !!
Plan A: ceremony outside.
Plan B: in case it rains, ceremony inside !
I reckon I could do her job with a little training!
I wanted to share the happy news with you. 
It will be a small, intimate affair. 
Not a lion of a wedding, rather a kitten compared to some.
But it’s sure to be a lovely one.
I will try not to bore you in the run up to it, but forgive me for being so psyched today. 
But now I must get to bed. Up early tomorrow.
Going to Germany with Mum, to get our Christmas shopping.
And don’t tell me you can buy all that lovely Lebkuchen and Bratwurst at Lidls. I know! But it’s not the same as a long weekend with Mutti in the Fatherland, is it?!
I wonder whether the trolleys will fit in the hotel lift this time….
Remember that escapade??
I think that one will go down in history as the funniest shopping trip with Mutter EVER.

I’ll keep you posted….

Love & Hugs,

153 thoughts on “It’s official!!!

  1. Many congratulations..pleased I no longer need to keep your secret. Don't be eating too much this weekend with your Mum or you will be sorry when you can't get into THAT dress.

    Have a superb weekend I hope it's even better than last year.xxxxc

  2. Fantastic, so pleased for you. Can't wait to hear all about your weekend with your mum, it's always a laugh. I think the most I laughed was the time you managed to lock yourself out of the hotel at something like 6am. Temperature well below freezing and you just wearing pyjamas, so funny xx

  3. Oh wow congratulations to your both. That venue looks stunning. I for one will am looking forward to hearing all about it. The day will be fabulous. Enjoy your time away with your mum I know you will have lots of fun together. Take care. Hugs Jackie

  4. Well those from said shop will be to replace those you have nibbled before christmas/new year lol I loved the xmas markets in Berlin am gonna have to take my son back there sometime and show him where he was born + lived xx Congrats on finally selecting your big day, Mutter + Grace can finally get their BIG hats for the day xx

  5. Hi Barbara
    Oh what fabulous news, well done to you both, I think it’s going to be small, intimate full of love and just perfect. Have a wonderful weekend with your mum, you two, the trolly and the hotel lift, I still laugh at the story when I remember it. Wrap up warm the pair of you and have a safe journey.
    Love Diane xxxx

  6. How exciting on all counts! Our third grandson was born this afternoon, so it's celebrations all round! When reading your blog about the trip to Germany, the first thing that popped into my head was I wonder what will happen this year! I still chuckle at the trolleys! Have a great time and the news for next year is fantastic!

  7. Congratulations to you both, the venue look breathtaking.
    Look forward to your report back from your German trip, you and your mum had me in stitches last year, enjoy and have a lovely time. Xxx

  8. Fantastic news – you're making an honest man of him at last!! I hope all the planning goes really smoothly, and that the sunshine I've booked makes a timely appearance. Congratulations x

  9. Brilliant news, congratulations to you and Dave. Perfect venue, perfect couple. Have a super weekend with your lovely Mum, don't forget them winter woollies. Safe travelling, looking forward to hearing all about your escapades. So funny last time,xxx

  10. Hi Barb,
    That is fabulous news – the best I've heard for a while ( even bears the consultant telling me he'll do my op!) I am really pleased for you both and I'm sure that the wedding may be small but there will be so much love. You and Dave make a fabulous couple ant the venue looks gorgeous. Well done !
    Have a brilliant weekend with your Mum – can't wait to hear what the terrible twosome get up to this year! Sending lots of love and hugs to you and Dave,Alison xxxx

  11. Yaaay!! So so pleased for you both – it has been a long time coming and now finally a date!!! Many many congratulations. Enjoy the trip with your Mum – I am sure it will be as eventful as ever!! Lol xxxxx

  12. Super news on this cold and frosty evening. Congratulations to you both.
    Have a lovely weekend shopping with your mum. I was remembering the lovely Christmas shop I spent hours in in Berlin this summer. Wish I'd had a bigger suitcase with me
    Have a great time.

  13. Fantastic news. Many congratulations. I know you lead a very hectic life but try to get some 'me time' so you can enjoy the preparations. Have a super time with your mum. Love to you all. Xxx

  14. What exciting & happy news, congratulations to you both. I too had a rather long engagement then planned & executed the deed in 2 weeks in the company of 13 very special people. It could not have been better. So happy for you both, have a lovely weekend with your mum xxx

  15. Woo hoo! Congratulations to you and Dave! So happy that you've now decided to make an honest man of him!!! Haha! Just wonderful!
    And a trip to Germany with your mum! She must be thrilled too!… Why?… Because you are happy and she's your mum!
    Have a wonderful weekend!
    Love and hugs Xxxx

  16. Huge congratulations to you both. The venue looks amazing. Both of my daughters were married around 6 months after getting engaged, it was mad but they both had fabulous weddings! 6 months is plenty of time. Enjoy every minute.

  17. Hello Barbara
    Fantastic News! Always enjoy all your blogs about what you have been doing, and so looking forward to your wedding escapades and planning!

    Have a fab time in Germany with your mum and I am looking forward to hearing all about it on your blog. Last year I was in tears…………because your blog was so funny.

    Lol Barbara W

  18. WOW !!! Wonderful news – Congratulations to you both !! Have a great weekend with your Mom, hope you don't get caught up in the snow & look forward to hearing about your escapades. You always write so descriptively that I can almost see what you both got up to with the trollies etc !! xx

  19. The best news ever so pleased for you both looking forward to up dates of your planing can bore us as much as you like so great been waiting on this news well katie will be so excited when she Finds our in morning about your wedding. Have a fantastic weekend with your mum first thing I thought of was the shopping trolleys when you said you and your mum always have great fun lots love and hugs Barbara and Dave from us all xxx

  20. Huge congratulations to both of you. Wishing you both every happiness in the world. Can't wait to see your dress �� Xx. Also enjoy your time with your Mum xx

  21. That is wonderful news. I am so pleased for you and Dave. some good news already for 2018. Fred and I send you our congratulations. You will have a great time with your mum, special moments. I remember the trolley story would love to have seen you both. Safe trip and have fun xx

  22. Congratulations Barbara and Dave. Lidls is good, but lacks a lot of the German Christmas bits, and the atmosphere in the markets and the shops, I've never found anything anywhere else to match it! Have fun with your Mum, I'm jealous! xx

  23. Fantastic ! So very happy for you and Dave . I've been following you for years now and feel like I know the whole family . Oh what a lovely time it will be ! Wishing you joy , peace, health, happiness , and LOVE !!

  24. What fabulous news! Many,many congratulations to you both……exciting times ahead 😃 have a great weekend with your mum! With love, Hilary & Steve x

  25. What super news! Congratulations to you both 🙂 That venue looks wonderful.
    Have a brilliant weekend with your Mum. Be safe and look after one another on your travels. Drive carefully.
    Love & big hugs, Carole xxx

  26. Hello Barbara

    What fantastic news. Oh, and the wedding news is good too! Lol. Seriously that is lovely news that you and Dave are going to tie the knot although when you will find the time to fit it in, goodness knows. The venue looks pretty special too.

    Enjoy the time with your Mum and, yess, I remember the escapade with the trolley. So funny.


  27. Congratulations to you both and look forward to reading as the progress up to the big day happens. You can't beat a bit of shopping with yer mum. My son was at uni in Germany for 6months he loved Bamberg and round about areas. So he wants to go back when he finishes uni in Scotland. He says people are lovely . So have fun xx

  28. Congratulations to you both and look forward to reading as the progress up to the big day happens. You can't beat a bit of shopping with yer mum. My son was at uni in Germany for 6months he loved Bamberg and round about areas. So he wants to go back when he finishes uni in Scotland. He says people are lovely . So have fun xx

  29. Delighted for you both – congratulations. We'll not be bored of hearing plans for your special day. It's so lovely of you to share snippets of your life with us. Love your blogs. You have such a wonderful following of friends who wish you every happiness. Love Pam x

  30. Yay!! Mega congratulations to you and Dave!! Have a brill time in Germany, then loads of fun planning and splurging a bit. Oh and a jolly Christmas! Reckon you should do intricate parchment wedding stationery with lots of picot cutting and lacework – not like you've anything else to do! Wishing you all the best and smooth waters in the run up xxx

  31. Liebe Barbara, lieber Dave,

    herzlichen Glückwunsch für euch, was für tolle Neuigkeiten.
    Und ganz ganz viel Spaß für dich und deine Mutter in bei uns hier bei den Weihnachtseinkäufen und dass ihr wunderschöne Sachen findet.

    Ganz viele Grüße senden dir/euch
    Sabine aus Berlin

  32. Congratulations, what lovely news, I am so happy for you both and your family. Some of us have had our hats ready for awhile now, so going to dust off and will mentally plonk on my head on the big day to send you lots of good vibes to send you on your way. Love always. Karen xxx

  33. What fantastic news! Congratulations to you and Dave. Please keep telling us what's happening with the wedding preparations – we couldn't possibly get bored. Safe trip with your Mum. Come back safely! Love and hugs Gilly xxx

  34. Wow! Congratulations to you both! Wonderful news for you. We will love to hear about all your wedding news. Good luck to you x The venue looks fab! Love Germany, have a wonderful Christmas shopping trip with your mum x

  35. Congratulations to you both, Im so thrilled to hear that you are at last tying the knot you so deserve to be happy. Enjoy your trip to Germany with your mum make sure your well wrapped up though. hugs Shirleyxxxxxx

  36. Congratulations Barb and Dave, what lovely news. I am sure it will be a fantastic wedding. Enjoy your shopping trip with your Mum, I am sure there will be anecdotes to share with us. Take care all. Bx

  37. CONGRATULATIONS! What stunning news!

    On first sight without reading I thought Mark or Grace are saying yes…
    I´m speachless but totally happy for you both!!!!!!!!

    I remember your visit in Baden-Baden when you stole the trolleys for a while… so funny.

    Have a safe trip to Baden-Baden and I´m so curious how the wedding arramgements are going on…

    Rolf xxx

  38. Yes…yes….yes……at long last – I can't begin to tell you how happy I am to hear this wonderful news. You and Dave are both such lovely people and deserve every happiness together. Many many congratulations. Have a great weekend with your Mum and keep safe xxxxxx

  39. Huge congratulations to you both. Really pleased that you have something so special to be so excited about. Have fun with your mum. I definitely do remember the shopping trolley in the lift escapade. That made me laugh so much. Waiting in trepidation to hear of your adventures this time. Love and hugs Jeanette xx

  40. I am sooo excited for you, even though I already knew! You will have the best day ever! Enjoy your trip with your mum, I’ll look forward to hearing all about it! Wxx

  41. Congratulations and please keep us updated with every detail. Love love love a wedding!!! Ps Think I know someone who can do all your stationery lol xx

  42. Oh what WONDERFUL news, Barbara!😊 So pleased for you and Dave!😊I'm in Germany atm and it's snowing!You're so right,yes you can buy some German Christmas goodies at Aldi,Lidl & Co. but it's not the same and you can't beat the traditional German Christmas markets, can you? So enjoy your weekend over here with your Mutti!😊Can't wait for Ray to get here on 20th when we'll also go to the Christmas markets. We especially love the one outside Cologne Cathedral and the one in the Old Town of Cologne! Which one will you go to? Have lots of fun and pleasee give my love to your Mutti. Xxx

  43. Hi Barbara, congratulations! Please keep us posted on every detail. Rather jealous of your trip to Germany. It's one of our traditions, Christmas shopping in the lovely German markets. Can't go this year, hubby's working. Hope you enjoy yourselves. Love and hugs,
    Alison D x

  44. Wonderful news. As you have said before 'What a difference a Dave makes!' So glad you found him. Have followed you from almost the beginning, the ups and downs of a one man band to now. Health and happiness to you both.

  45. About time too!!! I began to think that you'd already got married in secret and were man and wife already!! Enjoy all the preparations, watch all those dreams coming true, and no inky projects during the week before the wedding. You don't want purple hands on your special day do you? Congratulations to you both xx

  46. Congratulations to you both. At last we can stop guessing about that "certain" dress! Don't worry about boring us with the details, the more, the better! Have a great time with Mum and try to behave yourselves. ( On second thoughts, don't bother just have fun and try not to get arrested!)
    Gayle x

  47. Congratulations to you both and why shouldn't you be excited! I don't think anyone would get board about your wedding, after all we are your (Clarity/Blog family and we need to know everything about the wedding of all wedding in the craft world.
    Hope you and your mutter have a great shopping experients.
    Lots of love and once again congrats Xx

  48. Hi Barbara & Dave, Congratulations to you both, i am sure the day will be so special and a lovely time will be had by all the family.
    Just to say Linda Williams and you are amazing her book is so informative and a must have in the new year.
    All the best , Lynn xx

  49. I've been waiting since speaking to you the morning queue at Leyburn to say a huge big CONGRATULATIONS to you both and I never told a soul. The venue looks to be lovely and in 6 months the weather should be lovely too xx

  50. Wonderful news. Christmas wedding in a beautiful venue. WOW.
    As if Christmas isn't exciting and busy enough- how do you fit everything in?
    Have a super wedding and fabulous marriage together.
    From Gilda in Leyburn.

  51. Well I have to add my congratulations to all these others
    I am so pleased and excited for you and Dave
    Enjoy your trip to Germany with mum
    Looking forward to you sharing all your plans and excitement with us all.
    Awww I’m so happy for you xx

  52. Sorry to be late to the party but many congratulations Barbara, such super news!! We will all be looking forward to hearing about it throughout the coming months and I can't imagine Barbara with Dave and Dave without Barbara, so making it legal is the perfect conclusion. I hope you and your Mum are enjoying your time in Germany, will be reading what's been happening shortly. x

  53. Dear Barbara and of course Dave, I am so pleased to hear of your news – congratulations to you both even it is a little late – just catching up with the blog from the last couple of days.. Wishing you well with all the planning and I am sure it will be a lovely family event. So So pleased for you both….A parchment friend of mine got married in August this year and had been with her partner for 37 years – its never too late… xxx

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