A Bespoke Stamp? Perfect!

A Bespoke Stamp? Perfect!

Hi there!
Thanks for popping in.
I was thinking about actually making a few cards for Christmas this year (although thinking and doing aren’t the same thing!)
Just so much going on! But at least Mum and Dad should receive a handmade one, eh….
Anyway, I thought about the Bespoke stamps we make, 
so that you can put your name on the back of your work, and I bet there are plenty of you who didn’t even know we do this.
It is such a neat way to sign your work.
Whether you are making for friends or to sell, a custom name stamp is a great thing to own.
Here’s how it works.
You order one on our website,
we send you a box.
In the box is an order form (see below).
It is a 3-layer, no-carbon-required order form, 
so you fill in the top layer, send us two copies, 
and keep one copy as proof of your order.
You can pick which design you want out of the five, 
what you want it to say (crafted by, made by etc)
and how you want to personalise it.
Hang on to the stamp mount which comes in the box, 
because when we send you your custom stamp, 
it will be unmounted. 
You simply peel off the backing and attach it yourself.
We have even included a couple of very useful mailing stencils.
They are cool for mixed media art too actually….
It’s a good price too. £24.99 less your discounts if you are a Club member. That includes postage to and fro. (Oh, that reminds me. There is also a postage paid envelope in the box for you to send the filled in order form to us).
Somebody a while back challenged the price, went on Ebay and found custom stamps for £8.99. What can I tell you? You get what you pay for. 
So if you wanted to treat a friend to this as a Christmas gift, there’s still plenty of time. We won’t be able to make the custom stamp before Christmas, but we will be able to get the box with the order form scroll and the stencils out to you in good time for you to wrap!
One top tip.
If your card is multi-layered on the front, you might want to stamp your signature stamp on a separate little card or label, and then attach that to the back. Or stamp it before you start!!
I have stamped a couple out for you to see. They really are delightful.

And of course, they work a charm on parchment.

Love & Hugs,

24 thoughts on “A Bespoke Stamp? Perfect!

  1. I love mine. I've got two and always use them, stamping first on the back of the card. They are superb quality and always, always stamp perfectly. They are never put away as I keep them within arms reach. I'm sure your mum & Dad will love their card when they get it. Love & hugs, Jeanette xx

  2. Hi Barb,
    I love these! I have 3 designs with my name on and another 2 without and they are absolutely brilliant. I can highly recommend them to anyone who is thinking about getting one. Will have to try them on parchment as they look fab.
    Sending love and hugs, Alison xxx

    1. Hi bloggy friends,
      Hoping everyone up in Scotland is ok with Catherine raging.
      Well cards are all written and ready for posting tomorrow. I can chill out for a bit now although I have got a couple of birthday cards plus Dave's Christmas card to do.
      Stay safe and warm everyone, love and hugs, Alison xxx

  3. I love mine so much. Had being trying to persuade my Mum to get one. She went down the less than a tenner route from else where. Sent it back twice as both times no good and finally ordered from you guys.
    They just make the end product look that much nicer.

  4. I love mine too, and lots of people comment on how cool it is. It is a really good way to get your name noticed on your cards. I also put a sticker with my contact detains on it, but the stamp gets more attention.

  5. I have the little bird one and I love it! In fact I have two. One with my name on it and one that has no name so I can write Mum or Grandma or the Mum-in-Law or whatever. They were worth every penny and I wouldn't be without them! xxx

  6. I love mine! I couldn't manage without it!
    Whatever you do as a card for your mum and dad will be fantastic Barbara! And they will love it because you made it for them!
    Love and hugs Xxxx

  7. Hello Barb, these stamps are brilliant, love the designs. Once I have got my craft room/home office fully sorted and established what I have and don't have, I will probably order mine (have told Hubs, that I would like to get it done over the Christmas period). I think your products are well worth the money, and nobody is forcing anyone to buy are they? Take care. Bx

  8. Hi Barbara
    Yes I have one too and it’s lovely, finishes a card off beautifully. I also have a blank one with a different design that I can use to put on jam or cakes to give as gifts. It’s so useful. I hope you find the time to make those Christmas cards for mum and dad.
    Love Diane xxx

  9. I use mine on all my cards. I had my name and telephone number put on it. Still waiting for that call when someone says " saw one of your cards, can you make me…" though! Happy Christmas to everyone at Clarity Towers. X

  10. I love my little name stamp, but I've "lost" it in my craft room, so had to use my old one for my Christmas cards this year. I thought I'd finished them (posted 10 overseas, and 60 UK cards yesterday), but realise I still have another dozen to make! Might make a start on next years cards too now I have my new set of stamps from your sale x

  11. You must have read my mind, I looked up a couple of days ago for a stamp. Thought I had seen one before. I will put that on my list for a present. My daughter in law tells me off for not putting my name on. I was late starting making cards as usual, so weary today. No more now hopefully. Just finished making a birthday card for my granddaughter in San Francisco, I get to see her in January when I get there.
    My second parcel arrived today, thank you.

  12. I have two as well and love them both, one with the magpies on it and the boy with the birds. I have a freind who won’t have a magpie in the house! So have to remember that! I get lots of lovely comments too. So if you don’t yet have one go for it! They also look great in versamark with embossing powder, very subtle but you can see it.

    Good tip from Barbara about remembering to stamp it before adding bumps and lumps on the front.
    Also love the personalised signature, makes signing cards a doddle when you have lots to do 😊

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