TUESDAY 24 hour BLOG BLITZ Acrylic Paint

TUESDAY 24 hour BLOG BLITZ Acrylic Paint

Hi there.
Thanks for popping in.
Well well well!
I had been wondering why our websales had gone to sleep during the last couple of weeks – 

BLIMEY !! You found your way back to it yesterday though!
The Blitz Sale went off with a bang on the Pencils, Pens & Sundry. That one is still going until midnight tonight, if you want to scroll back to yesterday’s bloggy offers. Lots has sold out, but there are still some great bargains to be had.

In the meantime, let’s get the paint out!

Different acrylic paint for different occasions. 
Now’s the time to build your stash!

I know most of you are card makers.
I know that paint is an alien oozy substance to many of you. 
It was to me too. I missed the paint train way back when, and it took me a while to climb aboard. But I’ll tell you what. Acrylic paint is FANTASTIC. It has opened my little arty world.
Don’t be afraid of it – just play with it. You will be amazed how much fun it is! Not hard.
I wanted to show you my very first piece of art using acrylic paint. 
My first mixed media piece.
Clarity Ocean Stencil and a bit of texture paste down on the canvas first. Then strips of old scraps and whatever I could find.
Could I repeat it? Never! 

But I love it. It proved to me that I can do it. I CAN be an artist!
I used Daler Rowney and Golden Open paints.

25% off sale

We are dropping the rrp on all paint by 25%.
Add your 10% -15% Design Club member’s Discount to that, and it’a real bargain!


This paint is the Art College approved one.
I use it on my Gel Plates, on canvas, for diluting with water and painting – ANYTHING really.

We have a small selection of useful colours. Go take a look.

If you are looking at the two whites, let me just add: 
Zinc Mixing white = translucent, for blending.
Titanium white = Opaque for impact. 

Daler Rowney – System 3 Paints

£4.50  £3.38
+ 10% Gold Club Member: £3.04
+ 15% Diamond Club Member: £2.87

More fluid acrylic – great dispenser bottle – lovely blendability.

I have been playing with pouring paint on canvas
(more will be revealed at the weekend….).
 I found this Viva Decor worked best for that one….

Viva Decor – Multi-Color Paints
£4.99  £3.74
+ 10% Gold Club Member: £3.37
+ 15% Diamond Club Member: £3.18


The chalky Fresco acrylic paint is fantastic for most mixed media projects. It has a beautiful chalky finish. Fab colour selection.

Paper Artsy – Fresco Paints

£4.00  £3.00
+ 10% Gold Club Member: £2.70
+ 15% Diamond Club Member: £2.55


For me, this is the Rolls Royce of the Acrylic world. 
Golden Open. More like oil than acrylic. Very slow drying. 
You don’t need much – it goes a long way. 
We only stock a small selection of colours – the ones I use!
They are usually expensive, but at this price I would recommend you grab them. 

Golden Open Acrylic Paints

Phthalo Blue, Green Shade and Phthalo Green, Blue Shade
£10.96  £8.22
+ 10% Gold Club Member: £7.40
+ 15% Diamond Club Member: £6.99

Quinacridone – Burnt Orange, Magenta and Nickel Azo Gold
£14.75  £11.06
+ 10% Gold Club Member: £9.96
+ 15% Diamond Club Member: £9.40

The quickest and simplest way to find all of these products on our website is to go to the 
Then down the lefthand side you can click on the different brands. 
And bear this in mind….
The Clarity Canvas Boards will be in the main GRAY FRIDAY SALE. Just get a load! When you see this paint pouring thing I’ve been practicing, you will wish you had!
Love & Hugs,

15 thoughts on “TUESDAY 24 hour BLOG BLITZ Acrylic Paint

  1. ooo are you now a paint pouring addict Barb? I have to confess I am. I stocked up on the canvas boards the other week when they were on offer – but will probably have to order more! Well you do need two sizes to start with don't you – one to paint on and one to mount the painted one on!

  2. Too many temptations. I can still be a bit wary of paint but silly really because when I try efforts are not too bad. Looking at my list for Gray Friday, got to be my Christmas present. xx

  3. My pennies are safe today…got quite a stash of paint, wonder what tomorrow brings? Not yet tried paint pouring, love most of the examples I've seen tho'! Xx

  4. Hi Barb,
    Great offers again! However, just ordered a load of Pebeo from hochanda so ill have to pass on these offers. Really looking forward to seeing what's on offer tomorrow and also the shows. Love and hugs Alison xxx

  5. Looking forward to the sale at the weekend…..as well as all the rest of the daily goodies……can't wait for your canvas creativity to see what you've been up to.
    Enjoy the rest of your evening. Carole xxx

  6. Hi Barbara
    I ordered my pencils and a few pens fell in the basket too and I had a look at the paints, what lovely colours. There were a few text messages flying about his morning as my sister and I organised our Christmas presents to each other! Thank you for the great offers, I love your canvass.
    Love Diane xxx

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