Saturday at the NEC

Saturday at the NEC

Hi There!!
Thanks for popping in.
Just a quickie.
We’re having what is popularly termed a bit of a Cluster F••k here.
Internet on go slow.
Signs all fell off the wall at the stand during the night.
Nobody knows how to load the price gun.
And to crown it all, I burnt me tongue on the coffee.
But on a happy note,
Brother Steve got up here safely with fresh stock because we have had a stonking 2 days thus far –
and I love my team. I really do. I sit here blogging, and I am watching them hopping about, reloading the hooks, whizzing like busy bees and laughing at the banter.
So the really funny blog I had planned for you will have to wait, because it’s not every day you meet a Peter Kay is it?!?!?
More will be revealed….
In the meantime, I really should go and muck in.
Or get the coffees or something useful!
Calendars being launched at 12 noon live.
Do hope you can tune in to Hochanda

(SKY 663 / FREEVIEW 85 / FREESAT 817 )
Love & Hugs,
Blimey! The public are already in the building!!!!!

38 thoughts on “Saturday at the NEC

  1. Oh dear….it'll all come out good in the end with the team you have!
    I'm off rocking tonight with Colin and Andy, my brother. Well the truth of the matter is that Colin is off to meet the band later this afternoon then he'll hopefully meet up with us to watch the gig!
    Have a great day everyone!
    Love and hugs Xxxx

  2. Lol. That's what I love about Clarity – things go wrong but you all still have a blinkin good laugh about it. Calendars will go down a storm – gorgeous quality once again. Have a fab day and looking forward to hearing about Peter!! 😂😂

  3. So pleased to hear that you have done so well over the last 2 days. Not to worry about the other things – your sense of humour and your team will get you through. Looking forward to your show. Love and hugs Gilly xxx

    1. Hi Gilly,
      Hope you've recovered from your physio session- just don't do too much. I don't know what you mean when you weren't surprised that I'd been spending again- it's not as though I spend a lot!!!! The problem is I have no willpower as far as Clarity goes! Love and hugs Alison xx

  4. Oh dear but it doesn't matter the signs have fallen off you're still there and people will seek you out because Clarity is just the best👍🏻 I'm coming to see you tomorrow with my best craft buddy and my Mum. I'm in for a sleepless night tonight because I get soooo excited 😂😂 I'm glad the show has been a success so far you all deserve it because you all work so hard to make our crafty lives so much better xx

  5. OOhhh!! why is it somewhere like the NEC that is geared up for shows always has a problem with the internet !! glad you have had a good 2 days & hope the next 2 will be as good. Love the Calendar which you signed for me on Thursday & I am sure it will fly once you have shown it on TV. The stock is flying off the shelves because of the wonderful demos, samples, quality & the helpful staff on your team. On a side note I went back with my glasses & they have sent them back to be changed after retesting my eyes. fingers or is it eyes crossed that the new ones will be ok !!

  6. Hello Barb, you have a great team to work with and a great following to share with. And it sounds like an amazing success. looking forward to seeing the calendar, but will have to record the show. Will be ordering mine from the website as hubs always gets it for part of my Christmas pressie. Have a great day everyone. Bx

  7. I hope your day has improved. Although still struggling a bit with the emotions that have come from having lost my job very unexpectedly, I am spending quality time with those people who mean a lot to me. It is amazing how many people you find are there for you when things are tough. Last night we had an unexpected night out at our local with my daughters in laws to be listening and dancing to a brilliant wee band. It was just what I needed as I had been finding yesterday very hard.
    Today is my monthly meeting of Craftaholics Annonymous and I am doing a wee Christmas stamping workshop using my clarity Christmas stamps. Better get myself organised now!

    1. Oh Fiona, I'm so sorry about your job! You are right though about people being there for you when you need them – the support I had when I had my fall was amazing. At least you are getting to spend quality time with those you want to. Have a fabulous time at Craftaholocs Anonymous this afternoon, love and caring hugs Alison xxx

    2. So sorry to hear you're struggling Fiona. Just wanted to say that for me being made redundant at almost 50 was a great opportunity to do something completely different with my life, and I'm happier than ever 6 years into my new career. You will get through this and come out the other side! x

    3. Hi Fiona, so sorry to hear you have been made redundant, don't they know you have a craft habit to feed! Good t hear family and friends are rallying around. Sending hugs xxx

  8. Sounds like bad start to day but sound like coming together again just writting quickly arlready to watch you on tv. Pray rest of day full of blessing hugs joy x and big one from Katie she is vcheering you on xxx

  9. I am sitting here watching you right now Barbara and you are brilliant and funny as usual and you enthuse us all with your love of crafting. Sorry your day started badly but you all work together to set things to rights, and nobody would ever know there was a problem. Now I want to concentrate on what you are doing, and I hope the rest of your day goes smoothly. x

  10. Just finished watching your show, great demos as always. Just popping over to Clarity to get my calendar on order before they disappear. Now Im sure you can find someone at a craft show with a glue gun to stick your signs back up, never mind they wont come off again! XX

  11. Hi Barb,
    Sorry your day didn't start well, but you'd never have known it watching you on tv. Gosh you were having a great time with Hayley. The demos were great as ever and the calendar was a big success too. Those three lucky ladies were delighted with theirs! Glad you've had two successful days and hope that today and tomorrow are as good ( although poor Steve might be cursing if he's back and forth to Kent to restock the stand!! Sending lots of love and hugs to you and the wonderful team, Alison xxx

    1. Hi bloggy friends,
      Hope everyone is good. Beautiful day up here today. Decided to try and tidy up my craft room today. Dave is going to have heart failure when he comes in – you can actually see the floor! I am trying to clear a path to my sewing machine cabinet as I really want to try some quilting. I've got to the front of the cabinet , now just need to clear the top which is plied high!! Never mind I might get there by the time the light nights come round again! Did manage to get 10 CHristmas Cards traced out yesterday so was pleased with that. Sending love and hugs to you all, Alison xxxx

  12. Sorry, I am envious (I know it is a deadly sin) I would love to have been at the NEC and see you all. I have been struggling to do the VAT returns for my husband. New computer – my IT skills out of the window with this damned new system.
    On a positive note – off now to find all my Clarity goodies for Xmas!
    Love to everyone
    Anne (Reading)

  13. Well I hope all the problems are sorted out and maybe just a little bit of stock for me tomorrow. Have not seen your show yet been at a workshop all day today with Josie and Chris. Wonderful couple of ladies who kept us busy all day. Fabulous team . XX

  14. Hi Barbara
    I hope today has got better and better for you, we watched the show and loved the calendar and demos. It looked like you were having fun. Good old Steve to the rescue again, hope he doesn't gave to go back up tomorrow too! Sorry to read about Graces bike accident, good to hear she's safe and sound though. Yes another awful tragedy. Have a lovely evening.
    Love Diane xxxx

  15. I watched your live show both days, and I know you are very busy, but I wish some of your signed calendars were available from Clarity, I know Hochanda will now deliver to Ireland, but I would still prefer to order from you, at least this way you get the profits, not them. So glad you have had a 'stonking' couple of days, I know its pricy to have a stand there, so you need a lot before you can start making anything.

  16. Hi Barbara , I am glad the last three days have been a success, apart from the probs this morning . I really love my calendar, thank you so much, I cannot wait to try out all the projects. It was lovely chatting to you on Thursday I really had a laugh. Next year I shall bring my uke. Can you borrow a cello, Steve on violin. Rosella on uke too. We could do a turn. Lol

  17. Hi Barbra, great to see you yesterday had a laugh when you told us about Peter Kay but for now mums the word.Thanks for signing my calendar it will look lovely on my wall.Hope the show was a great success for

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