Friday – A Private Peek…

Friday – A Private Peek…

Hi there.
Thanks for popping in.
Had a great day at the NEC yesterday –
Pleased to report that our Clarity Bubble and the Clarity Community is strong and happy as ever!
Today Rosie is on Live TV, streaming from here and showcasing a superb little set of Rennie Mackintosh inspired A6 Groovi Plates.
I shall be running the morning’s Make & Takes 
– and looking forward to it!
The new Clarity Calendars are selling well too; 
I shall be showing them off on telly tomorrow at noon.
So all is well on the NEC Clarity front.
But Friday’s blog a private peek, right?
Well I must tell you about Gracie, my daughter.
We’ve got 2 kids actually, Mark and Grace. Mark lives in California, Grace lives in New York.
They came home a couple of weeks ago to celebrate their nan’s 80th birthday. Big surprise for Oma!
Grace got knocked off her pushbike in Manhattan last week.
Van driver opened the door on her and knocked her into the stream of cars. Fortunately the driver stopped in time and a catastrophe was averted. She went to hospital, but luckily was just badly bruised.
When I spoke to her in the evening, she said she would NEVER EVER ride a bike in Manhattan again, which I was quite relieved to hear, to be honest. 
“Everything happens for a reason”, I told her, “There will be a good reason that happened. Maybe that van driver will always look in future, maybe you will avoid a worse accident because you’ll not be on a bike.”
You can imagine our horror when we heard about the murder of 8 innocent cyclists and massive injury to others this week in Manhattan.
Another senseless evil crime against innocents.
It seems particularly close to home and quite chilling. 
Grace was already at work, as was her partner – who cycles too.
It wasn’t my kid thank God. But it was somebody else’s.
5 Argentinian friends among the dead apparently.
What a bloody travesty.
I can’t get it out of my head.
Grace had such a close shave in the same place last week, 
and on a bike too. How vulnerable are those cyclists! 
So I shall sit here at the NEC, smiling, pedalling away, 
selling stuff to keep the company going.
But if Friday’s blog is a private peek, then I have to confess I am very very sad and shocked again. 
Got to go.
Love & Hugs,

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  1. Sickening news I have to say. My heart goes out to the families. Hope you have a good day. We all have to just keep pedalling and doing the normal things, otherwise we just let the terrorist win. Peace be with you xx

  2. Hi Barbara,
    Grace hat aber wirklich viel Glück gehabt, dass nicht mehr passiert ist.
    Ich war gestern in Frankfurt auf der Messe, dort gibt es immer Anfang November für vier Tage die Kreativ Welt, eine große Bastel- und Hobbymesse. Ich werde heute noch mal hin gehen, so habe ich ein wenig NEC hier.
    Ach ja, ich hatte heute keine Lust in englisch zu schreiben, da ich etwas geschafft bin von gestern.
    Liebe Grüße
    Rolf xxx

  3. Oh Barbara, don't be too sad. Grace and her partner are safe. It is sad that those other people died, but if we take on the sadness of everyone around us, we would all be sad and that wouldn't be right either. I'm hoping that being at the NEC show, which can be fast and furious, your sadness dissipates and you can be thankful that Grace is fine although a little bruised.x

  4. Hi Barbara, I was pleased to see Grace’s FB post to say she was ok after another dreadful happening. The only thing we can do about the victims is to spare them our thoughts I fear and be thankful for our own life. Will look forward to seeing the new plates and tune in to see the live programme. Xx

  5. So sad and shocked to hear of more tragedy affecting as you say, someones children. My heart goes out to them. So glad Grace is safe. I read recently of something which I think was called the Copenhagen twist or something similar. Drivers are required to open their car doors using the hand furtherest away This way they have to turn their body and would see a cyclist they would otherwise have missed. Maybe it's something that should be taught to all drivers. Good luck with the show and I shall be watching Rosie with the new plates.

  6. Was so pleased to here Grace was safe when see the news and she wrote on Facebook. It’s bad enough to worry about our children when they live near by but so fare away is so much harder do understand. It’s just horrible what’s going on in world. Try to enjoy your day pray they both stay safe big hugs xxx

  7. I'm pleased to hear that Grace was not too badly injured in her incident, although I expect that she was shook up. How lucky that she decided not to cycle again. I often believe that there is a reason why some things happen for example my urgent surgery in July meant that I was be off work to support my dear friend through her final days battling with cancer.
    It is so sad that people's beliefs lead them to harm innocent people and my heart goes out to the families and friends who will be affected forever. Thank goodness that Grace and her partner are safe.
    Love and hugs, Jeanette
    Ps I luuurrvve the new Mackintosh plates. Mackintosh is one of my all time favourite designers. If you ever come up to the Lakes for a mini-break with Dave, then you have to visit Bakewell house in Windermere. It is a truly beautiful Arts and Craft house that steps you back in time.

  8. I just LOVE these plates. I am fortunate to live in Glasgow and see lots of his influence every time I go into town. I love going to the Willow tearoom which he designed. There is a really good exhibition at the Kelvingrove Art Galleries about him. I love going to Helensburgh to visit Hillhouse as it still is originally as he designed it complete with furniture. The House of an Art Lover in Bellahoustoun Park in Glasgow is also McIntosh style and is really beautiful. I am looking forward to when the Art School is rebuilt as they are rebuilding using the exact way and using the same materials as McIntosh used originally. It has been interesting following the rebuild after the devistation of the fire.
    It is really good to see that Charles Rennie McIntosh is still influencing art and design in the modern world.
    I am glad Grace is ok. My thought are with those who were affected in New York this week.

  9. The plates are lovely and can't wait to see what Rosie does with them.
    I'm sorry to hear about Grace's accident and that she's not badly hurt. I did see her post that she was safe after the awful event in Manhatten and I breathed a big sigh of relief that she was ok! I can imagine just how you felt Barbara until you knew she was safe.
    It is a very horrid world we live in sometimes but I think that if we give up and dwell on things then the terrorists have won. Yes we must grieve for those lost and look after those injured but we must also try and carry on living our lives.
    Have a great day today at the NEC.
    Lots of love and hugs to you. Xxxx

  10. Biggest huggles. To you and yours. Every time I here these dreadfully sad times my thought go to my family and mentally tick them all off then think….There but for the grace of God, go I. Xxxxx

  11. Good to know Grace and her fella are safe and sound despite being a bit bruised. Such a sad world that people can't just go about their day in peace.

    Good to know show is going well and such lovely new plates…hmmmn can I resist? Only time will tell…postie just delivered my gorgeous new papers/parchments…fab! Recorder is set for Rosie today and your show tomorrow…Happy days!

  12. I just don’t understand this reckless hatred of fellow humans. We can only keep our bit of the world a peaceful place. Pleased that Grace and her boyfriend are safe. Good luck at the NEC. X

  13. So pleased to hear that Grace is fine, but I'm sure everyone is joined with you in the sadness evoked by yet another senseless attack. Keep busy and revel and enjoy those things you can influence today x

  14. Hi Barb,
    Sorry to hear about Grace's accident but the saving grace is that she wasn't badly hurt, but I bet very shaken. I bet you are very relieved to hear that she's not going to cycle anymore too. When I heard about the terrorist attack I was so upset – I just don't understand how people can be so evil. The new plates are gorgeous and Rosie did so well. I ordered mine and the calendar first thing this morning. My Shenandoah and Rainbow River paper and parchment came this morning – they are stunning! The "rounds" plates are great as well. Thank you to the team for delivering them so quickly. Love and hugs, Alison xxx

  15. Terrible news about the poor cyclists and others caught up in another senseless attack. Glad to hear Grace was OK and also that her accident wasn't worse. On a lighter note my new paper pads and stamps arrived today, beautiful as always. Vibrant colours and patterns full of little scenes. My Tina stamps are stunning and so detailed, Clarity are the best! Xx

    1. Hi Donna,
      Yes Scamp sits looking at the gas fire longingly before I switch it on. Once it is on she won't leave it! I'm sure I can smell her fur singeing!!! Love and hugs, Alison xxx

  16. So sorry to hear about Grace, pleased she is ok. I had been thinking you would be worried by the terrible thing in manhatten awful when it's close to your family. Glad everyone is ok. My beautiful papers arrived today. Thank you. Hope all going well at the NEC . Xxxxxxxx

  17. Glad Grace and her boyfriend are safe. It seems a sad world we live in but it is a small minority who make it so. I feel for those who are affected by such tragedies as they were/are people going about their daily lives. It just shows we should never take what we have for granted.
    Gayle x

  18. Hello Barbara

    I want to say something deep and profound but I cannot think of any words. Grace was extremely fortunate on all levels.

    It was lovely catching up with you all today and I look forward to seeing you at Colemans Craft Warehouse next year.


  19. Barbara so very pleased to hear grace is ok after been knocked of her bike sad that more people have been killed for no reason good that grace and her partner where at work already xxx

  20. I meant to say this afternoon that I was glad she was ok – I read your blog whilst we were having coffee this morning – phew what a lucky escape she had – such a relief and am so pleased she has decided to ditch the bike now. It was lovely to take the time to chat this afternoon and to greet everyone like family – you have such a fab team – in more ways than one. Enjoy the rest of the show. Love to everyone. Xxx

  21. Bless you Barb – I can only try to imagine how you felt when you heard about Grace! Thankfully all is well with her and the truly good thing was that it has stopped her from cycling there again. However, as you say – the families of those poor people – caught up in being at the wrong place at the wrong time – will have to live with that for the rest of their lives. The world is in such a mess – but we all have to go forward and keep doing what we do or they will have won.
    I missed Rosie's show today, but have recorded it – so I am looking forward to watching that and yours tomorrow too! Keep smiling and pedalling Barb, sending you love and supportive hugs, Gilly xxx

    1. Hi bloggy friends – I hope that all is as well as can be with you all. I went for some physio on my back today, as it has been quite painful and she was very lovely and it certainly eased it. She has given me exercises to do before I see her again in about 10 days time. So this afternoon I had to go to bed – Merv and Ernie (my M.E.) didn't take too kindly to it – but I am feeling a lot better now. Love and hugs to you all, Gilly xxx

  22. Aww Barbara it’s a terrible world we all live in my thoughts and prayers are with all the families involved in such a senseless act of evil
    You always have a smile to share with everyone that meets you so don’t dwell on what might have been and continue to inspire us all with your wonderful creations Smile and the world smiles with you and all that Hugs 🤗

  23. So pleased that Grace is OK though being knocked off your bike into heavy traffic is no joke, and can understand how you feel when you think of what happened to others in the same place and how it could have been Grace, but it wasn't thank goodness, and all down to man's inhumanity to man. I suppose we all just have to carry on regardless and not let the b……s grind us down!! These new plates will fly I'm sure as they are beautiful, and so glad that the NEC is going well. I'm looking forward to seeing you on Hochanda tomorrow. x

  24. Hello Barb, I am so relieved to hear that Grace is ok. I just pray that the evil in this world will stop. My heart goes out to anyone devastated by these senseless and outrageous attacks on innocent people. Glad to hear the NEC is going well. Rosie did very well, loved her hair colour. Take care everyone. Bx

  25. So very sad but mightily relieved your lovely Grace is ok after her accident, small mercies and all that, the world is a crazy place, makes my head hurt sometimes.
    On a more positive note I love love love the New rennie mackintosh inspired Groovi plates, the DT are very a very bad influence on me ha ha xx

  26. We never stop worrying about our children do we. even when they get to middle age!!!
    So pleased you daughter is alright. You think the same way I do, things sometimes happen for a reason.
    Love all your new groovi plates but stop bringing out new ones because I have to have them!!! My grand daughter Daisy 10 is so interested in the parchment craft and the groovi plate are so much more child friendly. I spent Sunday afternoon creating from the butterfly round and the new parchment and matching papers. Shame no photo button on here, or I would show you my attempts! 🙂 lots of love Sandy xxx

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