NEC here we come!

NEC here we come!

Hi there!
Sorry it’s so late.
No signal here in Berkswell I’m afraid.
So I shall just have to blog at the NEC tomorrow!
Just wanted to say that the stand is looking amazing!
C01. Right by the entrance. 15 metres of Clarity! 
And over the way we have a little make & take stand too. 
So we are set for a great 4 days?
What am I doing?
Well, not much!
I’m the hopper. So I shall hop about!
My neck is giving me jyp, so I’ve opted out of 4 days head down demoing.
No can do.
But Rosie, Maria and Paul are in full force, so I can take a back seat.
Do come and see us!
Love & hugs
Barb xxxx

14 thoughts on “NEC here we come!

  1. Received the new paper and parchment pads today, such lovely colours and designs. Have a great show, looking forward to the shows on tv, new plates look great, and can't wait for the new calendar. Hope your neck improves, as you say, you have a fab team, the Clarity stand sounds brilliant, I'm sure it will be a great 4 days for Clarity. xx

  2. Sounds like you've got it sorted then Barbara! You'll enjoy hopping about and chatting to folks and signing the odd calendar!
    Seriously though I hope that your neck feels better soon. I know just how miserable it can make you feel. Demonstrators and teachers can suffer in a similar way.
    Hope you have a great 4 days. Hugs to you all at the NEC. Xxxx

  3. Hi Barb, I am sure that everyone will be pleased to see you, whether or not you are demoing, and will love to chat and ask questions. I hope that your neck feels better soon, please take care. To everyone going to the NEC, enjoy yourselves. Bx

  4. Hi Barb,
    Sorry to hear your neck is not so good again. I hope it feels better soon. I think you've made the right decision as well as you would probably damage it more by demonstrating. As Maggie says, people will be pleased to see you and speak to you. Hope everything goes well. Take care . Got to dash – swimming pool beckons! Love and hugs Alison xxx

  5. Hi Barbara
    Have a wonderful time, you will enjoy having time to chat with people and hop about. Have one of those soft neck collars handy so you can pop it on if anyone starts moaning about you not demonstrating, that would soon stop them! The team are all excellent, the stand sounds amazing, work the Barbara magic and enjoy yourself. Hope the neck feels more comfortable soon.
    Love Diane xxx

  6. Hi Barbara, hope you all have a good time at the NEC ! Enjoy hopping about and meeting more people ! I’m sure they will appreciate that too. Hope your neck feels better soon. Xx

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