My new Porsche – with great underseat storage!

My new Porsche – with great underseat storage!

Hi there.
Wanted to share my latest Porsche news with you…
Remember a little while ago I had you all going with the news of my new Porsche ?

Here’s what I wrote:

Well, I’ve waited patiently for months
but finally it’s here.
I’m so excited, I can barely contain myself. 

And Dave is building it with his own bare hands….

A Porsche?

No no no.

A porch!
Well, I am proud and excited to unveil the finished masterpiece,
complete with Dutch door!

And just look look look at the oak bench Dave built, too!
Isn’t it beautiful?

We even have underseat storage for our wellies…
Quack quack!!

Not just glued together, you know…

The real deal. Built to last!

 Weighs a ton!

What a wonderful little porch.
Traditional lime plaster.
New roof made with old tiles.
New floor made with old tiles.
Old crittal windows, to match the old kitchen windows.
Old barn door, converted into a stable door.
Looks like it grew there, doesn’t it?
Looks like it’s been there all its life. 
The old one was open, falling down and leaking badly. 
The new one is perfect.

I absolutely love it. 
Right down to the hand-painted tiles embedded in the plaster.
We found them in a little art-shop in Brighton.
Everybody needs a Dave, I can tell you!
He’s still a bit secondhand, cough cough coughing.
Mind you, you should have heard him coughing and spluttering when he got the quotes in from a couple of local dingly dell Sussex Porch-builders a few months ago !! Mental money. 
But there isn’t much he can’t turn his hand to, so he did.
It’s not about the biggest and the best, is it?
It’s about the fit and the feel.
Give me this porch over a Porsche all day long.
Thanks Dave.
Love & Hugs

64 thoughts on “My new Porsche – with great underseat storage!

  1. I’ve got a Dave. He’s called Raymond. He can tun his hand to anything, some of the prices people quote are quite ridiculous. Hope his cough gets better soon. Well done your Porsche (Porch) looks brill xx

  2. Wow, it's amazing, I love it. How clever of Dave. My hubby is quite handy but I don't know that he'd even attempt something like that. We are currently having work done to alter the driveway, we are a 2 car family now, and as we (me and hubby) got a new car last month, hubby wants his parked off road too. So it's knocking a wall down, taking away a flower bed, making good. Costing a lotta lotta money, ridiculous for what it is really. But there you are, it'll be nice when it's finished. Ha, it better be!!!

  3. Dave did a great job and it looks amazing. My hubby, Brent,is also great at doing all sorts of things. The best husband ever. We have been together almost 49 years now and counting.

  4. Very nice porch. My Hubbie Scott also can turn his hand to many things. At the weekend he was up a ladder at my mum and Dad's cleaning their gutters out. He is off this week, but is taking it easy as we are a bit low on cash to do the things we need done, like a new bathroom ceiling but it can wait as I have lived with it for a wee while now.
    I just need to keep applying for jobs so many might get one so we can afford do do things again. It will also help with my Clarity addiction!!

  5. The porch looks lovely, so in keeping and a one off just like Dave. The fit and feel is very important – we are talking about the porch I hope!! I am glad he's feeling a bit better xx

  6. That looks great !! Well done to Dave for building a fantastic porch, it certainly looks as if it is part of the house not an addition. My OH has decided to change the kitchen cupboard doors etc ( something I had been hinting at for ages) just have 40 + items arriving tomorrow so busy busy. But better than that my 1st Gray Day parcel has arrived today !!

  7. Thanks for showing us Dave's handiwork…absolutely fab! The Oak bench is amazing and definitely built to last. Unfortunately I haven't got a 'Dave', my OH isn't much of a handiman, but he does try (mainly my patience – lol!) Hope you feel better soon Dave, take care xxx

  8. How brilliant does that look? Blimmin well done Dave. I have a Dave – call him Graham most days lol – he is good but he's not THAT good. Looks all cosy and snug – am sure the wellies will feel right at home under that stunning bench!!! He thought he could – so he did!!! Marvellous. Xxx

  9. That is a wonderful piece of craftmanship. Well done Dave. Fred is useless at household jobs but as a retired engineer his DIY skills are amazing and everything has to be accurate. Seems to have passed it all onto our lads as well, they are doing a lot themselves in their new houses. I love your oak bench. Hope that cough soon goes Dave. xx

  10. That is mega! What a talented chap you have Barb. So, you’re both crafters, only Dave on a slightly larger scale than you! Ha! Bet you’re really pleased with that. Love the tiles too. I actually thought they were something you’d created. I’d love a ‘Porsche’ like that. Xx

  11. Love your new "Porsche". Where does Dave find the time to do all this DIY along with his duties at Clarity Towers? I love your bench too. My husband is more into GSI (get someone in)) than DIY! Hope you soon stop coughing Dave
    Gayle x

  12. Well done Dave ! That looks fab. He’s been a busy bee despite being ill, I hope he’s beginning to feel better now. The hand painted tiles reminded me of some of your tree stamps – at first that’s what I thought you’d done ! X

  13. Wow porch is perfect what a clever Dave I got a Bob not that good a diy but could be a better husband he is always there for me and does so much to help know my mobility is getting worse he is my Rock in so many days for 41 years next week. Just love the rustic bench xxx

  14. Absolutely gorgeous bench, and the rest of the porch looks fab too. Well done Dave! My Dave is called John and despite his grandad being a professional gardner he doesn't know a weed from a flower, and although his dad was a builder he can barely weild a hammer!! Still I wouldn't change him – he has other qualities and talents by the bucketload x

  15. What an awesome porch and also an awesome Dave. My husband is also very handy and goes out most days doing handyman jobs for the old and infirm. I am yet to get him to finish jobs at home for the old but not yet infirm!
    Cheers to Dave and all who are as handy. What a handsome pair you make both being so creative, artistic and lovely
    Anne (Reading)

  16. Afternoon bloggy friends, brrrrrr cold today. Out later watching a film with my sister, not sure what it is as it's a secret screening…

    Hope everything went well today Alison. Xx

  17. Fab job Dave! Can he come and build me one please? A builder once told us Stephen was the Michael Crawford of DIY after he saw the stud wall he was trying to build, darent let him loose on a porch! Wxx

  18. What a fabulous Porsche Barbara and this is far better than the motorised variety as it will last considerbly longer as it has been built properly by Dave, and that bench looks beautifully made and aesthetically pleasing, and I see it has been raised up to be able to fit your boots underneath too and love those tiles. To start with I also thought you had designed them yourself. I wish my husband had these sort of skills but you can't have it all and he is clever in other ways. x

  19. Caves are keepers I have one but he is named Sandy xx.barbara could us wee Scottish lassies have a groovi plaaate with thistles and sea thistles and heather not asking for much but if you don't ask you don't get xx

  20. Wow Dave, impressed, a fabulous job. I was wondering about the wooden bench that wouldn't fit in the porsche, the other day – makes much more sense now – I love it. The porsche fits in beautifully with the rest of the house too. Well done

  21. Hi Barbara
    The new Porsche is beautiful and fits right in, it could have been there for years. Love the colour and the tiles. Your Dave is very talented isnt he. What a bench too, so solid, definately an heirloom piece. My Dave (Julian!) isn't very DIY minded but can fix a computer with his eyes closed. He likes to dabble in DIY but always forgers to finish anything! Hope you have a lovely evening, is it a Porsche warming party?
    Love Diane Xxx

  22. Hi Barb,
    Well! Hasn't Dave made a super job of your porch. It is fantastic! Love the bench too, so rustic and in keeping with the house. Your tiles are lovely as well. I have a Dave – ask him to coach a football team, rugby team, take a skiing class, lead a rock climb or a group out on the Lake District fells etc and he's your man. Ask him to put a shelf up or decorate and he nearly runs a mile!!! DIY is certainly NOT his forte! Hope your Dave gets rid of his cough soon, love and hugs, Alison xxx

    1. Hi bloggy friends,
      Very miserable day here- rain, sleet, snow and very cold.
      Well my appointment went very well. No arguments required! His opening words were " I see you've kept to your end of the bargain, so now it's up to me to keep my promise!" Honestly you could've knocked me down with a feather! The outcome is that my op will be in February – that's the earliest appt available and I'm a priority. There might be a chance of a cancellation before that but at least I can see an end now. Mind you he did describe the new implant and it doesn't sound very nice, but needs must I suppose.i won't have as much mobility as I have with my original knee replacement – it will only move forwards and backwards, no rotation, but he said that the body adapts so we will have to wait and see. At least I won't be stuck in a brace! Sending love and hugs to you all,Alison xxx

    2. Hi Alison – sorry to hear about your weather. So pleased to hear that your appointment went so well. I bet that really took the wind out of your sails – but so much better than having to argue. I hope that it all goes very well for you and that you get a cancellation, to enable you to have the operation sooner. Love and hugs, Gilly xxx

  23. Hi Barbara – your porch looks beautiful and so much more useful than a porsche! We also had a porch built onto our cottage quite a few years ago and we also sourced old tiles to match. I am very envious of your bench though! Hasn't your Dave done you proud! Enjoy it all, love and hugs, Gilly xxx

    1. Hi bloggy friends – I hope that you are all keeping warm and well. I am not going to keep mentioning our weather, as I don't want you to hate me! Sending love and hugs to you all, Gilly xxx

    2. Hi Gilly, do envy you but couldn't ever hate you.
      Hi Alison, so glad your hospital appointment went well, hope you manage to get a cancellation. February will soon be here, not too long to wait. I'm waiting to have this Radio Frequency Ablation, when I asked how long the wait would be, he said don't ask. Waited 5 months for the 1st procedure. If this doesn't help goodness knows how long the wait will be for surgery.

  24. My Pete is like that too. Can lend his hand to lots of tasks. It's great Barbara and you will really feel the benefit this winter. Will keep the weather off and there will be a few degrees of extra warmth indoors too x

  25. Good 'ol Dave – that's a porch to be proud of for sure! Looks wonderful. ��
    My craft room in the extension is getting there, ceiling needs plastering, then electrics & plumbing to finish in the whole thing before Peter can get cracking on my bespoke shelving. Men do have their uses eh? Lol
    We love 'em don't we!
    Enjoy the rest of your evening xxx

  26. Dave's a good un, isn't he? Brilliant job, love the oak bench too. Pete's not bad at DIY. He put a porch on our house about 30 years ago, still looks good too. The tiles look great. We are lucky not having to pay a fortune to get jobs done aren't ee.xx

  27. I am loving the porch but I am in love with that bench it really is a masterpiece Well done Dave I hope you got spoils for doing such a wonderful job and saving all that money Bet you don't get time to rest before you are on the next masterpiece WELL DONE DAVE!!!!!!!!!! Know where to come if I need a handyman lol X

  28. Wonderful Job Dave had done in the last weeks, and all that beside the hard Job in the Company, 🙂
    But i love the goose or duck in those big shoes, did you bring it from US ? it Looks like being made from Wood. I really love it. Could be a nice funny stamp ! enjoy the Porsche Gisela

  29. This just jumped in my head:

    There was this cool fella called Dave,
    About whom Barb could do nothing but rave.
    He built her a porch,
    She loved more than a Porsche,
    And oodles of cash did they save! xxx

  30. Your Porch is wonderful Barb, and the seat is to die for. Does Dave have a clone, 'cos I know you wouldnt want to part with the original? He would be much appreciated around here, especially as I have been on my own for 17 years.

  31. Oh wow love your porch look's as if it has been there forever I love ppl who re-cycle things I would do the same and have done in the past I have a Dave and he can turn his hand to most things he is very strong minded too and not paying stupid prices for things you can build your self at a fraction of the cost ….enjoy your porch for many years Barb….love Liz x

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