Like Clockwork….

Like Clockwork….

Hi there.
Thanks for popping in.
Remember a couple of days ago I invited you to guess the recipe for this artwork?
Sorry, no winners today, I’m afraid.
So the £20 gift voucher goes back in the pot for next time,
and I shall just show you quickly, because ironically, the clock is ticking, and we’re off out to Brighton this afternoon!
Right. Ready, steady go!
Lay the pocket watch stencil down back to front on the clean plate.
Brayer some green acrylic paint across one side and let it dry.
Heads up! I’m just about to prep a Bloggy Blitz Paint Sale for next week, so just hang on if you are wanting paint. 

Brayer some teal acrylic paint up the other side and let it dry.
(hang on with buying a brayer too – I will add him to the Bloggy Sale!) 
Cover the whole printing plate and stencil with off-white acrylic paint, and – yep you guessed it – let it dry.

Once dry, remove the stencil.

Now brayer white paint over the whole plate again.
How much? Start with about a 2p size squirt. Keep rolling up and down, left and right, until you can see the clock peeping through. 
This time we have to move quickly, while the paint is still wet.

Flip the Gelpress plate over and place the wet white paint side down onto a sheet of our cut to fit white stencil card.
(White card? Wait for the sale!)

Flip back. Rub the back of the card well, and then slowly peel back your print. Voila! And the plate is clean too.

Let’s look up close. See all the different colours peeping through?

And the clock is the right way round.
Use a pencil to add a drop shadow underneath the clock hands and around the lower edges.

Trim the art back to the white edge, using a blade and a ruler with a strip of the Groovi grip attached underneath.
Seriously, this is a game changer.

Now attach the art to an 8″ x 8″ white folding card,
using a glue runner.

Pick a piece of designer parchment from one of the pads 
and trim it back an inch on 2 sides.
Run the glue runner along the outer edge of all four sides, 
as close to the edge as you dare.
Now I decided to use the back of the parchment, the more vibrant side where the colour is, as the front. So I have used the adhesive on the front of the parchment, the more muted side.

Attach it over the top of the clockpiece.

Easy when you know how, eh.

I used a leaf from the Shenandoah parchment pad.
(And thrice I say, WAIT FOR THE SALE!!)
Love & Hugs

27 thoughts on “Like Clockwork….

  1. I was thinking stencil, ink, and then the parchment over the top, and thought it had to be more complicated than that…lol. Thanks for the step by step Barbara and enjoy your afternoon in Briģhton. x

  2. Hi Barb,
    Thanks for the step by steps – my brain wasn't up to working that one out! Also thanks for heads up re offers. Love the artwork you've created as well. Have a good time in Brighton. Love and hugs Alison xxx

    1. Hi bloggy friends,
      Hope everyone is good. Swimming was horrendous this morning – too busy for some reason! I also don't get why people can't swim in a straight line! Then to top it off, my swimming hat kept coming off lol!! Anyway been out to lunch with friends so that cheered me up again. Was going to start my Duets again after yesterday's debacle but decided to wait until tomorrow! Love and hugs to you all , Alison xxx

    2. Hi Alison. I'm not supposed to swim now as it's not good for my back but I used to hate the express crawlers who used to power up and down when there was no lane swimming and expect everyone else to get out of the way xx

    3. I hate it when it's busy Alison, nothing worse than someone's feet in your face as you try to swim or someone barging into you so you have to keep stopping. Perhaps they are all trying to loose weight before Christmas! Xxx

  3. Very clever and effective. I thought you had used something directly on to parchment. You've just reminded me of something else to try. I hope you enjoyed Brighton xx

  4. You clever woman! I figured out some of it, but what a lovely wee twist at the end. I love that you put the parchment over it all – what a great effect. I am almost twitching with excitement waiting for Grey Day… I have been saving up! xx

  5. Knew it was stencil but thought was over top of paper…not under the parchment. Aah well every day's a school day! Hope you enjoy Brighton. Xx

  6. Hi Barbara
    Well blow me down I never thought of geli plate! I was convinced it was parchment all the way. It's a great effect though, thank you for tge instructions. Hope you've had a lovely time in Brighton.
    Love Diane xxx

  7. I assume no-one entered? If they did there should have been a winner, even if not correct?…"The instructions closest to the real thing will win, and the worthy winner will receive a £20 Clarity Gift voucher".

    It is lovely..

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