Brayer Time! A step by step…

Brayer Time! A step by step…

Hi there.
Thanks for popping in.

Saturday’s blog a new technique, right?

Thought I’d get my brayer out. 
It’s been a while….
Time to get the comfy slippers on again.

This may be one of the oldest tricks in my toolbox, but who’s to say it isn’t new to somebody ?! Hands up if you haven’t seen me do this before??? There MUST be somebody!
Okay, let’s start…
Stamp the church onto our Coated Claritycard using a black Archival ink pad. Stamp the base along a torn scrap.

Church comes from the Village Scene Stampset
We do have a mask for this set, but can I find mine? Nope.
So I’ve cut it out of a Post-It, just like in the good ol’ days!

Add a Moon mask, then load the Brayer with Midnight Blue Artistry ink, or Denim Adirondack, or any BLUE dye-based inkpad.

Best way to load the brayer with ink is from the blending mat.
Place the card on a sheet of copy paper. Work your way in from a top corner.
Make sure there’s no ink on the edge of the brayer which hits the card first, or else you’ll get stripes.

Add some black ink over the top for a really dark night sky.

Tear a piece of copy paper, load the brayer again with blue/black ink, and let’s get some hills going. See how I have moved the paper down towards the bottom and the hills have got lighter?
The magic about this coated Claritycard is you don’t re-ink the brayer to get these graduations. The ink sits on the card, so as it starts to run out and fade you just move the hill!

Remove the masks.

Buff the card to a high sheen now.

Time to add the forest.
The little stamps which come with the Outline stamps (especially the Holly, the Snowglobe and the Stag) are just absolutely perfect for this kind of scenery….

I just had to dig out a larger larchtree for the front, 
to give the pic perspective.
larchtree and deer set

Now we need some real snow! Cover up the moon again,
and spritz lightly with water.
Blot with a kitchen towel.

Super-glossy piece, see?

The Distress Markers are what we need for colouring in on coated stock with permanent, Archival ink pads. If you use a Promarker or alcohol pen, the archival ink will bleed.

I thought the straight punch No. 1 would be great for mounting on more of the same white card.,

Then on black, then on white.

Hope you like it.
I still enjoy doing this kind of art with a brayer.

We are always forging ahead, new new new new new.
Sometimes I think it’s healthy to go back and remember where we’ve been and what we know.
Love & Hugs,

46 thoughts on “Brayer Time! A step by step…

  1. It was watching you demonstrate this type of scene years ago that got me into stamping. I was absolutely hooked, had never really used a stamp until then. Oh what did you start!!. Fabulous scene, just as amazing now. X

  2. Beautiful! You are so right – it's good to remember an old technique, new isn't always better just different. I counted up my Christmas cards today – which I started 6 weeks ago – and was amazed I'd done 50! I've got time to have a go at this technique again (but with the country cottage as I don't have the church) and make the rest xx

  3. It’s a lovely card full of atmosphere xx I still remember the very first time I saw you do this, it was on TV and it is imprinted on my brain because it made such an impression on me. The Sky in the background was Yellow and a deep Reddy Orange it was an American desert scene. You got a WOW off me when you took all the Masks off, out loud too and I was the only one in the house! . I had never seen anything like it! I couldn’t believe the colour and the effect and the fact it was on shiny card too, like a real print! As a unique Artform I have still never seen anyone do this as good as you (well, there is Lynne Hammond!) but apart from her. Ha ha Kidding, sorry Lynne. Xxx There will always be people who want to see you do this Barbara even if it does do your neck in!!! Xx

  4. Still as magical as the first time I saw you do this. I had my coated card out the other day to do my challenge entry and had forgotten how fabulous it is. My sister still has the piece of artwork you did for her at the Farnborough show! x

  5. Absolutely stunning. Can't really beat the old favourites, the first time I saw you, you were wielding the brayer at the NEC and using the Big and Juicy Inkpads and selling your first few videos which I bought. Think you had everyone hooked besides myself. I then saw you at Ally Pally demonstrating downstairs pattern building with the corner stamp and was amazed. Still can't master it though. Great step by step

  6. This is were you got be hooked on clarity band seen building just loved it torn paper nk brayer etc loved watching you. Then having a go need a good play again need to get back to roots in stamping xxx

  7. Thanks for a fab lesson. I love my brayer and don't use it enough. I have the first set so will be giving this a go. May have to hunt through my stamps for a substitute larch (have the set marked down for the sale next weekend 🙂 )
    It was your brayer work that first got me really hooked on the stamps plus brayer.

  8. Barbara Gray at her finest!
    Blooming brilliant!
    I can remember watching you on TV doing this then saw you demoing at Bolton and you had me grabbed!
    I still enjoy using my brayer on the coated card! Like you said it's like putting on comfy slippers.
    Have a great evening.
    Love and hugs! Xxx

  9. Peace and quiet…this is what today's step by step exudes! Lovely! Yet another idea for my 'special' Christmas cards…decisions, decisions?! Stay warm and cosy xxx

  10. This is beautiful brayering by Barbara, and Bsrbara at her brilliant best!! This may be not be current but a golden oldie technique and just as exciting to see how the scene appears now as it was then, and there is nothing that gives such a wonderful finish as brayering. TFS. x

  11. Hi Barb,
    Oh I could watch you do this all day! I first saw you demonstrating years ago on Create and Craft and was just awe struck. I couldnt really believe what I was seeing in front of me! There were two people who hooked me onto craft – one was Glenda Waterworth and the other was you. Then lovely Jayne with her mandala stamps. Thank you so much! I may be poorer money wise, but certainly richer from learning from experts like yourself and being introduced to the wonderful world of papercrafting. I have met some wonderful people because of this blog . There is absolutely nothing wrong with going back over older techniques – I still get stripes with my brayer!!! I might just have to get all of these ingredients out and see if I can manage to get somewhere near this. You are inspirational! Love and hugs Alison xxxx

  12. Hi Barbara
    Isn't this beautiful, so typically you and as you say like putting on a pair of comfy slippers. Oh you had us all hooked from the start when you produced artwork like this with a couple of stamps, couple of inkpads ( oh the big and juices, I still have mine), a brayer shiny card and copy paper. Wow magic. It's lovely to see an old favourite, thank you.
    Love Diane xxx

  13. Hello Barb, apart from the stamps, of which 2 the first things I ever bought from Clarity back in the day at Stamperama in Stevenage, it was you working with the brayer that really had me hooked, and making scenes like this. I can still sit and watch your DVDs for hours. Keep all the goodness and inspiration coming. Bx

  14. Dear Barb
    you can't revisit this sort of thing too much for me!! I love doing new stuff, but when you look back, some of my earlier efforts involve things like this little set. And, being from Yorkshire ('wi nowt tekken owt), I like to get my money's worth!! and I still refer to my earlier calendars for inspiration.
    Maggie (Yorkite)

    1. Hi bloggy friends – sorry for being awol recently. I have been having problems with my back and have had a course of physio which helped a lot. Then a few days ago I had a fall. Before you say anything I hadn't been drinking! Haha! It's improving now thanks to arnicare. Love and hugs Gilly xxx

  15. Happy memories of watching you at Ally Pally many many moons ago and being enthralled. I have followed you ever since and enjoy seeing all your new products and techniques but best of all I love seeing you stamp. My day always starts with looking at your blog and I must admit I talk to my husband about your news as though you are a friend. Hope you don't mind!

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