A Very Groovi Lightbulb Moment

A Very Groovi Lightbulb Moment

Hi there!
Thanks for popping in.
Having a day off today.
Well. Having a day away from the office is more accurate.
But that’s okay.
I love just being at home, even if I AM working!
It’s Dave’s birthday, so he’s working in the garden!
The NEC already seems a million miles away and as many years!
Mind you, we did sign up for the March Show 2018, which we haven’t done for a couple of years, so that will be cool, 
and not that far away really. 
Here is a little sampler gallery of those wonderful new Rennie Mackintosh inspired Art Nouveau plates which were launched at the NEC.
I apologise to the Team for not name checking you. 
I took these pics at the NEC and didn’t write down the artists.
Still. Beautiful, every single one…
Karen Jackson
There are two landscape A6 Plates and two portrait A6 plates
plus a spacer, so you can use them in your Starter Kit Plate Mate. 

Glynis Whitehead

Best Wishes and Thank you plates
by Linda Page

You see, the sentiments are interchangeable.

Let’s look at the fourth plate, the Thinking of You.
Here’s a black n white masterpiece by Emma Burns

sorry, not sure of the artist…
This one’s mounted on a Rainbow River paper.
See the layout? Same as above. right?
Chris Walker
Again, check the layout below.
Same as above, with a fabulous grid to frame.

Jane Telford
Now look at this one, which Rosie did herself.
Check out the layout.
Back to front, isn’t it? So she has clearly debossed the lineart.
Instead of working from behind on the lineart, she has thrown the rule book into the corner (to keep mine company!) 
and debossed from the front instead of embossing.
Now look at the colouring. Isn’t it beautiful?
She has had a real aha moment, and I am excited for her to share it with you, and show you what she has come up with. 
Rosie Cottrell
Rosie is on TV, HOCHANDA tomorrow, at 12 noon and 3pm.
She will be launching a little collection of wonderful new autumnal A5 Poetry plates, and will be showing you this new, very special and clever colouring technique on parchment.  
Oh boy! Am I happy that Rosie joined the Clarity Team.
Not only is she a great asset to the business, 
and brings much to the table;
she has also become a great friend. 
I learn so much from her, and at so many levels.
Love & Hugs,

45 thoughts on “A Very Groovi Lightbulb Moment

  1. I do love these designs, and have some Rennie MacIntosh stamps already (sadly not as good as yours), but I might have a go with white embossing powder to see if I can get a similar effect for John's mum's birthday card. Happy Birthday Dave, and hope you both enjoy your day at home together x

    1. Susan, just a thought. If you stamp your images in black onto a piece of copy paper, you could trace it onto your parchment in the traditional way, using a lightbox. It should give you the result you want until you get the Clarity versions. xx Maggie

  2. I did one and a half of Rosie's workshops. The half was because two people had forgotten the time and missed their slot, and I did give that seat up to someone who was new to parchment and Groovi (not for long as Rosie soon reeled them in to the Groovi gang). I love these new plates and while they are beautiful as they are, they are also very adaptable. The Clarity stand was fabulous, as always, and the artwork from the whole team truly inspiring. All the customers came away with smiles, even if their credit cards were crying. Everything was just too tempting. I had to leave early on Sunday to avoid further temptation from Clarity and the art section – not entirely the truth, I was actually tired and hungry by then and wanted to beat the worst of the nightmare motorway traffic. Thank you to everyone on the Clarity team for such inspiration and friendship. If you are there in March, I will be too. xxx Maggie

  3. Happy birthday Dave! it's my eldest son's 25th birthday tomorrow, so I've just finished making his birthday card (last minute I know); still that's Thursday's blog taken care of LOL. Hope you both have a lovely day together; no chance of gardening here as the rain on the shed roof is the musical accompaniment to Eva and I's crafting session.

  4. These plates are beautiful and capture the Art Nouveau feel really well – I think they are my favourite designs so far. Will we see these fonts as a new Groovi design in the future – I do hope so!!!!
    Thank you for all you do Barbara; I really didn't get the Groovi thing in the beginning but I'm totally addicted now! x

  5. Happy birthday Dave. My plates have been dispatched so looking forward to having a play. Met Rosie at Leyburn and she is so lovely and also very helpful and inspirational…excited to see what new technique she has to share with us. Enjoy your day. Love and hugs Jeanette xx

  6. Hello Barbara

    Please wish Dave a happy birthday. And I am so looking forward to tomorrow, and Tina's workshop on Thursday.

    I bought the new plates on Friday and am loving them. Also very pleased to hear you are going to be at the NEC next March. If Clarity are not there, I don't go!


  7. Happy Birthday Dave 🙂

    These new plates are gorgeous, I am so naughty lol. Looking forward to the shows tomorrow, will definitely be recording them. Enjoy your work day at home. xx

  8. Happy Happy Birthday Dave. I hope your lovely lady has spoiled you? Don't you just love how the same plate can look so different when used by different people? So mass production does not have to mean boring in fact when I look at these samples it just proves that the possibilities are endless. xxx

  9. I really love these plates and I look forward to getting them once I find a new job!
    I have some McIntosh stamps and have had McIntosh peel offs too. They are always popular with recipients when they get a McIntosh inspired card.
    Today I am having a tidy day of my craft stuff so I can have space to be creative for Christmas as I have a stall at the end of the month that needs lots more made for it.

  10. Wishing Dave a Happy Birthday and lovely of you both to be at home together to enjoy it. These plate and the wonderful cards made from them are truly inspiring Barbara and all so different. I look forward to seeing Rosie on Hochanda tomorrow. x

  11. Happy birthday to Dave! I hope that you have both had a lovely day, it's nice just to be at home even though there is work to be done! Love these plates and I am looking forward to Rosie's shows – she is a lovely lady. I had the pleasure of meeting and talking to her at Leyburn. Have a wonderful evening with your man – love and hugs, Gilly xxx

    1. Hi bloggy friends – I hope that you have been able to enjoy today. We met up with a very lovely (and brave) lady – who we first met last year whilst Neill was having his radiotherapy treatment. We have kept in touch and she had to also have chemotherapy this year – but it is now kept at bay – so we are all staying positive. I feel very lucky to have met her and to have her in my life. Love and hugs to you all, Gilly xxx

  12. Hi Barbara
    What beautiful samples you are sharing with us today, it's amazing how one plate can inspire so many different samples. I will be watching Rosie tomorrow to see what she's got in store for us, you have made me curious! Happy birthday Dave, hope you've had a wonderful day.
    Love Diane xxx

  13. Ohh I do love these designs but with Xmas around the corner I will have to wait to purchase them
    Please wish Dave a wonderful happy birthday 🍰 make time for each other xx

  14. My plates arrived around an hour ago; looking forward to factoring in some playtime soon. Then Lo! and behold my signed calendar was delivered in the last five minutes. Thank you Barbara and Clarity. ;~}

    1. Happy birthday, Dave. Hope you've got new birthday bunting this year! Enjoy your potter around the garden. Ours is in need of a tidy but not yet as the leaves are still on most of the trees. And I need them to surround my 'hogloo' – which I've yet to buy! At least the insect house is in situ. ;~}

  15. Happy Birthday to Dave. So glad the NEC went brilliantly for you all, would have loved to have been there but with my back so bad wasn't able to this time. Hope you have had a lovely day and celebrated Dave's Birthday even if you've just chilled together after your really busy week. Love to you both.xxx

  16. Happy Birthday Dave! It's my birthday too. Hope you have had as good a day as I have. Spent it with my daughter and parents. Have been thoroughly spoiled and still have a birthday lunch to look forward to tomorrow.
    So glad NEC was such a success for you. Would have loved to be there but cannot cope with crowds at the moment and where there's Clarity there are crowds!!!
    Gayle x

  17. Hello Barb, and belated Happy Birthday wishes Dave. Love these stunning examples, such incredible talent. The plates are lovely. Maybe I can get to the NEC next year. Take care all. Bx

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  19. Belated Happy Birthday Dave…didn't manage to read blog until today so sorry it's late but you and I being of the same 'vintage' I know you'll understand! Xxx My plates and calendar arrived today and they're beautiful!

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