Sunday Flashback.

Sunday Flashback.

Hi there.
Thanks for joining Mum and myself here in Buckinghamshire.
All set for a day of culture at Waddesdon Manor. perhaps a drive into Oxford. But the fact is, it doesn’t really matter where we go, as long as we’re hanging out together.

We have been talking talking talking since we got together on
Friday afternoon! Mum and Dad’s house is like a safe haven. 
They know me warts and all, where I’ve been, what I’ve done and not done, and it’s where I can really be who I am.
A right mad mix of German and English going on too!
If we start on a subject which is rather more personal, 
we break into a deutsch whisper.

When we drove through Aylesbury yesterday, it was like a light went on in the backroom of my memory. 
Suddenly I remembered exactly where to turn, which road to take to find our old house. Nearly 50 years have passed since we lived here, and yet I remembered as if it were yesterday.

I went straight to the playground where we used to hang out,

The hop-scotch island was still there. 
Looked a little tired, but I remember it was 

“See you at the Island at 5!”

So we walked to the old house, No. 32, across the green.
The thing I remember vividly, was the day we were all playing on the swings, and there was a roar from all the houses – like the roof was coming off the whole council estate

It was the day England beat germany in the World Cup in 1966

All us kids ran to our houses wondering what on earth had happened that could make the whole world yell.
I don’t remember much else about the score. 
Just that roar of elation. 

We found No. 32 by the Oakfield Bridge.
It’s got a new extension now.
Mum patted the garden wall affectionately, and said to the garden,
“You looked better when I lived here”
Cor, and Mrs Harrison’s little flat was still there opposite too.
I always had to run down to Adam’s Garage and get her 10 Embassy, then climb upstairs to her little living room, 
and sit with her.

One thing Mum and I both noticed was that all the back gardens had tall fences now. Back in the day, the fences were lower. You could talk across the yards to the neighbours.

Didn’t stop Mum. She opened the gate and looked in.
Even the old lamppost was still there. 
I remember it so well.
Came flying round the corner on my bike, shouting, 
“Look Mum!! No hands!”
And that was the first time I flew.

It’s a funny old life, isn’t it.
Mum has very different memories of Aylesbury to me!

It has been great listening to them too.

But now we’re off to Waddesdon Manor!
Love & Hugs,
Barb and Mum

30 thoughts on “Sunday Flashback.

  1. Hello Barb, how great to be able to visit the place of your childhood. You must have an incredible memory if you remembered how to get there. Enjoy the quality time with your Mum. Bx

  2. Nice to remember those childhood memories. Sad that things change though – that is probably why nobody knows their neighbours these days and nobody speaks to one another. I often wish I could bring my Nan back just for a day to visit the places she knew – I don't think she would recognise any of it sadly. Have a fabulous day. Xx

  3. Wonderful Childhood memories Barbara! And how lovely that you can spend such a lovely day or two with your mum! I wish I could do something similar! Maybe I will get to do it the other way round and spend a day with my daughter!
    Enjoy the rest of your break. Love and hugs xxx

  4. So glad you're enjoying your quality time with your lovely mum. Community spirit was brilliant on the council estate I grew up on in Stevenage- oh how times have changed! Enjoy your trip to waddeston manor it looks delightful!

  5. How lovely do envy you would have loved a day with my mum chatting about my childhood etc but sadly lost her when had just turned 16 so only pictures to go on as dad died 3years later would have so much to share with them so will enjoy hearing about you and your lovely mum xxx

  6. Although it's on the doorstep so to speak I've only been to Waddesdon Manor once and that was to watch a performance of Toad of toad Hall in the garden ! A lovely setting in front of the house. As for Oxford, born, bred and still here! Off to Milton Keynes this afternoon to catch up with son no.2 and his family – want to give a cuddle to Kingston the St. Bernard ! Lovely sunny day for you. Enjoy. xx

  7. I remember 1966 world cup win very clearly. In hospital plaster from foot to top of thigh stuck in bed and some dear soul put football on the TV. Well no escaping it bet it was the doctors wanting to watch. Memories. Brilliant and sharing them with your lovely mum, what could be better. X

  8. So lovely sharing those memories with your mum. I just had my mum and dad here for a week, and they told me lots of old stories of their time in the war when they were young. Enjoy every moment x

  9. How wonderful to see your old house and playground but most of all spending time with your mum. I really miss not having had the chance to know my mother in my adult life (she died when I was 21) many moons ago now, but I still miss her. Treasure her Barbara and your Dad. Enjoy the rest of your wee holiday xx

  10. How wonderful to go back to where you grew up and both relive old memories and learn some new things about that time from your Mum. I can remember that world cup win very well and if I close my eyes I can see my lovely Dad's smiling face! He was overjoyed, bless him! Enjoy the rest of your day. Love and hugs to you both, Gilly xxx

  11. Glad you are having such a good time with Mum. The only thing I remember about the World Cup in final in 1966 is how bored I was as everyone was watching the TV!
    Gayle x

  12. What a lovely picture you make together and how wonderful to go back and chat about your different recollections of your time there. I bet some of the things you told your Mum about your memories of living there will have been a total surprise as we all have a private thoughts which we don't always impart to our parents when we are young. You are both enjoying having time to talk, we all need that with our busy lives, time out. x

  13. Beautiful photos of you and your mum reminiscing of times gone by. It is really important to take time to reflect on the past, while looking forward to creating new memories at the spa this weekend.
    I have had the kids home this weekend, so have spent time being the taxi service for their busy social life. They are now on their back through to Edinburgh by train as I didn't want to drive through yet again! We sat up very late last night reminiscing about various events, and had a good laugh in the process. The house will be quiet for the next couple of weeks without them, but I will enjoy the quietness to be creative.

  14. Hi Barbara and Mum
    What lovely memories you have both shared this weekend. I had to chuckle at you running to the garage to get your neighbours cigarettes, those were the days! Enjoy the lovely time with your mum, 21 years ago I lost mine and have such happy memories of my childhood with her dad and my sister. I chat to my elderly neighbour over the low wall at the side of the house, we have lovely chats about all sorts of things. Enjoy the rest of your stay.
    Love Diane xxx

  15. Precious memories of growing up. Write them down for your future grandchildren, i have started to do this as the world I grew up in is so alien to their world. It's only in snapshots as I recall different things. The house I lived in up to the age of 5 had no electricity only gas, even gas lighting and we were flooded out in a storm when the sea came down the chimney. I can only recall bits and sadly there is no one around to ask now. I would love to talk to my mum about those days. Enjoy the rest of your break xx

  16. I love that you still have your parents, and that you can enjoy listening to their tales of years gone by. Both my parents are gone now, how I wish I could listen to their stories once more, I feel that I would really understand and appreciate them more now, and I would write them down for future generations. Too late now.
    I hope you enjoyed your visit to the Manor, I love visiting stately homes, it's fascinating to see how people used to live xx

  17. Oh my goodness Barbara, we were almost neighbours! I lived the just the other side of Oakfield Road Bridge from 1964-1985 and my parents are still there! What a small world it is. We often walked past your house to join the canal towpath and walk into Aylesbury (and back again).
    Enjoy the rest of your time in Bucks! X

  18. Hello Barb and Mum, what beautiful and fun memories, thank you for sharing them with us. There is so much history that we could learn from our parents. Barb, I hope you did not damage the lamppost 🙂 Take care all. Bx

  19. You really sent me off down memory lane when I read this. I watched the World Cup final on a black and white tv at my boyfriend’s house. It was a month before my 16th birthday and I had just left school and was due to start my first job 2 days later. Boy, was I looking forward to earning £28 a month!
    You are so right to take this special time with your parents, as memories are for ever to be treasured. I am flying to Vancouver this afternoon to make some memories with my grandchildren.
    I will still be reading your blog every day. Take care. Annette x

  20. Hi Barb,
    Lovely photos of you and your lovely Mum. It must be lovely to take a walk down memory lane together and remember all of the good things (& probably some not so good) that happened. You are very lucky to still have your parents – I envy you that- so treasure every moment you are together. I hope that you enjoy your little "retreat" and build many more happy memories. Love and hugs to you both, Alison xxx

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