Leonie’s in town!

Leonie’s in town!

Hi there.
Thanks for popping in.

Spent a delightful evening with our lovely Leonie!
It was so good to have a proper catch up.

We had a good old gas –
and that was before I reached for the brussel sprouts!

Leonie is a vegan, so I was all ready for her –
Brussels, radishes and olives for starters …. yummy.

But all on the same plate?

I could always make an olive and brussel omelette, I said.

No eggs, said she….

Well, how about anchovies? 
There’s not much meat on an anchovy, said I…

You just don’t understand, said she.

And when she turned down the Straight Up yoghurt – well! said I. 

So we threw all the healthy not healthy grub back in the fridge,
and went to the local Indian restaurant for a curry instead!
That’s what I love love love about Leonie.
She has principles, and she lives by them.
So do I, and so does Dave.
Which is probably why we get on so famously.
Love & Hugs

24 thoughts on “Leonie’s in town!

  1. Can't say I envy you the curry – don't do curries. lol – Glad you enjoyed your evening. Admire anyone who sticks to their principles and boy they get tested a lot at the moment! Keep on keeping on! xx

  2. Hi Barb,
    I like people who stick to their principles too. Leonie always comes across as being really cheerful and a good laugh. I bet the two of you together are hilarious! A curry is always welcome but for me definitely not a vegetable one. Hope you had a great time together. Love and hugs Alison xxx

  3. Was lovely meeting Leonie at Ally Pally, Glad you enjoyed your evening with her, she seems so much fun, I do admire people who live by their principles as that is what I aspire to do.xx

  4. Much better to go out for a meal so everyone can have a break from kitchen duties..lol. Leonie looks as though she is the same delightful fun lady off the telly as she is on. Hope you had a delicious meal. x

  5. Hi Barbara
    Oh you do make me chuckle, haha olive radish and Brussel sprout starter mmmmm yummy. Looks like you had a good old laugh together, just what you needed. The curry was a good alternative though.
    Love Diane xxx

  6. Hello Barb, you and Leonie having a good laugh has given us a good laugh too. Hope your Curry was great and the hilarity continued. It is always good to have principles. Take care. Bx

  7. I love these picture stories you do – always make me giggle. Love Leonie and can well understand why you all get on so well. Hope the curry was good. Best medicine – good friends, good old laugh and good food – perfick!! Xxx

  8. Well that’s confusing because I would have thought an Indian meal was the last thing she could have. But then I do always get Chicken Tika Masa! Do you know I did a Mini Workshop up north this year with Leoni and obviously she didn’t have a clue who I was so I had to laugh when she told me not to be afraid of using too much colour!!! Xxxxx

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