For My Nan – step by step

For My Nan – step by step

Hi there!
Thanks for popping in.
Very late this evening I’m afraid.
Those magazine projects always take longer than you think!
Came out ok in the end though, so I’ll write the last two up early tomorrow morning and get them sent off
(always better to do written work first thing, I find).
Here’s the simple Groovi project from TV Sunday evening,
using the new Groovi Go! Kit  and the very, very, VERY popular ABC D-Boss Plates. How did we know you would like the idea of writing the right way round? (Blimey. Try saying that before you put your teeth in!) 
Trace out a frame first. 
The nested square from the regular Starter Kit will do that job.
Letter boxes from the new funky Groovi Go ABC set.
It’s a regular backwards plate, so you have to concentrate!

My Nan.
I loved both my Nans actually.
My English Nan was wonderful. 
She was the kindest person you could ever wish to meet. 
And my German Oma was a lovely, gentle woman too. 
My Mum looks a lot like her, but I think I take after my English Nan more.
They say that often a girl will take after her dad’s mum, 
and a boy will take after his mum’s dad.
Boy – girl – boy
girl – boy – girl.
Certainly true in our family. 
Back to the card.
Find a flower on one of Tina’s two plates which come in the kit. 
See how this one makes a sun? Neat.
Or just go with the hearts.

Add a couple of stems and leaves.
That’s the thing – these plates are incredibly versatile.

Check the front to make sure you are on track!

And now for the D-Boss. Flip to the front, and just start writing.
We’re not trying to dumb down parchment craft. This is just a really great solution for people who struggle writing backwards.

Colour in from behind using Perga Colours, Perga Liners or Distress Markers. I used the Distress Markers where I wanted a more translucent look.
Little bit of whitework here and there….
Mount on a sheet of our Indian Summer Designer Paper.
Hey Presto. 

Up the wooden hill, to Bed ford shire…
Time to retire…
Love & Hugs,

15 thoughts on “For My Nan – step by step

  1. HI Barbara, I've ordered the deboss plates (along with a lot more!) this week, then wondered why as I was just about managing to write backwards, still all the extras will come in handy and I'm sure I'll be glad of them when I've gone backwards wrong yet again if that makes sense ! Ordered the groovi go and the coloured parchment and Indian summer paper ….. and the rest ….. Goodnight xxxx

  2. Lovely card, bright and colourful. I only knew one of my grans, my mum lost her mum when she was just 8 years old. My gran was a real character, a real lady, always wore a hat when she went out and her fur coat in winter. She also had one of those awful fox furs with beady eyes.
    I'm off to bed now, been rehearsing for a pantomime and I am cream crackered. xx

  3. Hi Barb,
    Saw you demo this on tv and loved it. My d-boss plates came today and I have to say it’s so much easier writing the right way round!! I also received the two ii books and they are fab. Such a brilliant idea. Love and hugs Alison xxx

  4. This is so bright and pretty Barbara and the deboss writing makes life a lot easier and I'm sure there will be less nearly finished work finding its way to the bin where it's gone wrong at the final hurdle. x

  5. Received my Groovi Go on Tuesday but like you, mag articles deadlines have prevented any play. However, I have as yet not invested in the Deboss plates, mainly because I don't find it difficult to write backwards. Could be years of Infant teaching, reading work upside down. Not the same I know but part of the skill. ;~}

  6. Hi Barbara
    I like the idea of the deboss alphabet, it's gone on my list of things I like. I've always loved your letter boxes both in stamps and groovi, using them you don't have to worry about writing straight! What a great bright fun piece of work, it sits so well on the coloured parchment too. I only knew my mums mum, she taught me to make sponge cakes. It's a bit scary if I'm supposed to be like my dad's mum, she had a reputation for being a bit fierce! She died before I was born but I've been told various tales from my older cousins who remember her well. Night night sleep tight .
    Love Diane xxx

  7. Hello Barbara

    I love this step-by-step. The D-boss plates are on my list. My Groovi Go arrived on Wednesday and I showed it to a friend who has had to give up crafting due to issues with her hands. I asked her if she could hold a pen and she said 'yes' so I let her have a play and she loved it so much I sold it to her and have had to order myself another one. Another convert!


  8. Hello Barb, I love this step by step,and the finished article is so bright and lovely. The plates are amazing, I am sure they will stop many time consuming efforts from ending up in the BIN, or having to be adapted because you cannot write backwards. Take care all. Bx

  9. Never thought before re the dad's mum and mum's dad – have just applied it to my brother and me…do you know it's spot on! Knew I have my dad's features but more of my mum's colouring but defo very like my grandma…not unhappy with that at all! Waiting patiently for my 'Go' as I sat on the fence and missed the original stock, no worries as have plenty Groovi 'stash' to keep me going, love the card by the way xxx

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