A Mini Retreat.

A Mini Retreat.

Hi there.
Thanks for popping in.
Dave and Paul trundled off up to Port Sunlight yesterday,
to join Rosie and the rest of the Clarity Crew up north.
I stayed back because I have an important mission. 
Been pedalling like a loony to get out the door.
Still need to pack and print off the hotel blurb…
What’s she up to now?  I hear you ask.
I am off to spend a few days with my mum.
We are having a little mini birthday treat for her.
Now that’s what I call a milestone, and one worth singing about!
She could have picked anywhere in the world to go, 
and she picked Buckinghamshire. 
So Bucks it is. We lived in Aylesbury when Steve was born, 
and I think she enjoyed living there.
Yep, time to step away from the plate for a few days.
I’ll take some nice pics along the way and keep you posted.
I do hope the hotel is nice!
looks nice….
Love & Hugs,

48 thoughts on “A Mini Retreat.

  1. Have a fab time, I'm sure the trip will bring back lots of happy memories for your mum and doubtless add more. The hotel looks lovely, warm and inviting… enjoy 'putting your feet up' for a few days,time spent with your mum is much more important than stamps and plates etc… and I know you have another surprise or two up your sleeve for her. Happy Birthday Hilma! Xxx

  2. Ah – that's lovely! Enjoy your time with your Mum – 80 is a wonderful milestone. Make some more very happy memories – and wish her a very happy 80th from us all. Love and hugs to you both, Gilly xx

  3. Hi Barbara,
    I wish you and your mum a wonderful time. Enjoy it.
    As you know my mum died in november last year and she always wants to travel with me when I planned holidays. She travelled with me quite a lot worldwide. And I´m so happy and satisfied because she loved to see the world and my dad and my sisters didn´t like travelling.
    Please say a very HAPPY BIRTHDAY to your mum!!!!!
    Rolf xxx

  4. Hotel looks gorgeous and how lovely to spend time with your mum
    Please wish her a very Happy 80th Birthday 🍰 and spoil her rotten
    Have a wonderful weekend hugs 🤗 Tx

  5. Hi Barb,
    How lovely for you both. I'm sure you'll have a fabulous time and that your Mum will have more happy memories to treasure. She is a very special lady ( as are you) and it's a special time for her – as you say 80 is a milestone. The hotel looks fabulous and very inviting. Looking forward to seeing the photos. Please say a very happy birthday to your Mum from me. Love and hugs Alison xxx

  6. Hi Barbara
    I hope you and your mum have a wonderful time, is dad going too or is he having some me time at home? Happy birthday to you lovely mum, I'm sure there will be lots of fun and laughter and a little bit of mischief along the way.
    Love Diane xxx

  7. Have a wonderful weekend and much love to your Mum. She must be so proud of you and Steve and it is lovely to see the love in your family. It “warms the cockles” as they say!
    You have your priorities right! And much admiration to Dave and Paul for holding the fort so that you can have that special time together. What a team! Annette x

  8. Have a wonderful weekend with your lovely Mum. Wish her a very Happy Birthday. Time spent with our Mums is very special, make more wonderful memories together.xx

  9. Have fun and enjoy. Used to love taking my mum to places she had never imagined she'd be able to visit both here and overseas. For your trip – shopping on the cards, perhaps? Handbags, coats? I had a great time in and around Leyburn and a bit further afield – shoes, boots, frocks – just wish I'd had longer! ;~}

  10. You and your mum having a little holiday together??? Hmmmmmmm, I think there may be mischief in store, haha. I'm thinking of shopping trolleys for some reason!!! Have a lovely time and please wish your mum Many Happy Returns from me. The hotel looks superb x

  11. Happy Birthday to your Mum and have a lovely time in Buckinghamshire Barbara. The hotel looks really great and it will be good for you both to get away and spend some quality time together. x

  12. Sending birthday wishes to your Mum you will have a wonderful time I am sure. I love it when I get to spend time with my daughter. They gave me a lovely weekend party on my 80th . I met you for the first time Barbara at port sunlight. Don't suppose you will remember, my friend and I had no tickets, so we weren't let in until the last hour. I only knew about the show from reading your blog. Have fun. Lovexxxx

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