Sunday Best …

Sunday Best …

Hi there.
Thanks for stopping by.
You couldn’t order in a Chinese and pick it up for us, could you?
Just got in. 
And unless Dave wants to venture back out there, foraging for food, it’s cheese on toast. With no bread. Beginning to wish I hadn’t given all the left over sandwiches and biscuits to the blokes who clean up Ally Pally after we vacate. 
But they appreciate it; their work starts when ours finishes.
We had a lovely day.
It was much quieter than yesterday, but I thoroughly enjoyed it!
Lots of friends, old and new, found us, and seemed to like the demos.
Paul was in full swing…. 

And so was I.

Two of my favourite people in the world, 
Leonie and Katie…
both big smilers with big hearts.

And there was lovely Wendy Turner, who had me in stitches.
I think I shall save that little anecdote for Wednesday!

And this little lad, Leo. Well, he stole my heart. 
He watched what I was doing in the morning.
Didn’t speak. Just watched intently.
Then in the afternoon, he came back with his Mum,
and asked me very politely if I would demonstrate something 
for him.
“Sure!” said I, “Anything in particular?”
“No” he replied “Just anything please.”
Well, he chatted away about his Groovi work, and his Mum’s work, and how he really enjoys it, and I showed him how the new parchment works, and we composed a picture together. 
And when I asked him to come round and try what I was doing, 
he didn’t flinch. 
Just look at the concentration here….
He did it perfectly. Really quick learner.
Very switched on young man.

So yes. I had a brilliant day.
A real good people day.
A good day filled with good people. 
Doesn’t get better than that….
Thanks you so much for joining us this weekend if you did.
Hope you enjoyed it as much as I did.
Next stop Leyburn Open Days in North Yorkshire next Saturday.
Get your tickets ! It’ll be a day to celebrate Clarity.
All things Clarity.
Love & Hugs,

39 thoughts on “Sunday Best …

  1. What a brilliant day! Loved watching Leo, watching you and Paul. You made his day when you asked him to join in. He couldn't stop talking about it all the way home. One very happy little boy. Thank you for all your inspiration, love Caroline (Leo's Mum) xx

    1. I had a brilliant time too. It was just so enthralling, to see Leo in the zone. Really pleased he has joined our Young Design Team! The new Go-Kit has been sent to him today xxx

  2. Glad you all had a lovely time, being a bit quieter is probably nice for people visiting as they get to see more demos without being too far away from the table. Hope you enjoy your cheese on toast, just call it Welsh Rarebit sounds much more sophisticated that way! XX

  3. Fabulous. Have a little groovi girl here. Was hoping to be at Leyburn this year but big boy just gone to uni and his bday on Sunday so an excuse to go and see him. Hopefully next year xx

  4. Fabulous to see the young generation enjoying the crafts as well. Great to meet up with old friends as well. We have had a great afternoon with family celebrating youngest son's Birthday. Cake of course. See you all at Leyburn. xx

  5. Barbara we had a fantastic day catching up with you and we did have s laugh didn't we. Katie sleeped all way home. Till Sheryl heard Bob say will you take Katie with you if go to Barbara's workshop a voice piped up in back of car incoming So think I got no chance coming on my own, so have to start saving xxx

  6. So glad you had a great day! Great photos again but the one of you and Leo is something special! He is so focused on the task and your expression is perfect! It's a mixture of pride and wonderment at him but you also have a complete air of calmness!
    Hope you found food in your house that didn't take long to make!
    Looking forward to seeing you at Leyburn!
    Love and hugs! Xxx

  7. Hi Barb,
    Sounds like you've had a good day. The photos are lovely and little Leo is such a picture of concentration! I bet you made his day bless him! I would've enjoyed it being quieter I think, people would be able to see much better and get around easier too. Hope you enjoyed your cheese or did Dave venture out again? Love and hugs, Alison xxx

    1. Hi bloggy friends,
      Well, another yukkie day -torrential rain at times. Managed to get 10 Christmas cards finished off – I'd already die cut them so just had to assemble them. Also began a birthday card for my sister using the Indian Summer parchment – well impressed! I tried using a sparkle pen and have to say, I was very pleased with the result. Got to finish the white work tomorrow and do the picot v around the edge and then picot cutting so that will take me ages!!! Just hope I don't ruin what I've already done! Love and hugs to you all, Alison xxx

  8. Hi bloggy friends, hope you've all had a good weekend and managed to fit some craft in. We've had a good weekend and this afternoon visited friends that we met at Ally Pally two and a half years ago, in the car park of all places. We meet up at the show twice a year now. Crazy about craft as we

  9. Well, I couldn't get that far down country to be there, but I've certainly enjoyed following it all on Facebook and your blog Barbara. I just love the expression on that boy's face!! Makes me so excited to see the next generation of crafters getting on board, it really gladdens my heart. I am so glad you have all had such a positive weekend with some great people. Brilliant!

    1. Hi Sandra, don't need to bring anything along as everyone is doing demos and any make & takes will have everything provided. Just bring yourself prepared to enjoy! Look forward to seeing you there! Su x

  10. Ahhhhh, I thought you said Leybourne 😟. Just as I was thinking "Yay, a show I can go to", then I realised that I should have gone to Specsavers!! Never mind, one day Barb – Samuel and I will come and get Groovi with you & the team xxx

  11. Evening Barbara. Glad you had a great day at Ally Pally. I had a fab time too and it was lovely to see you again! Must admit I didn't mind it being a bit quieter today as that way it was easier to move about, watch more demos and get to talk to more people. Watched your first demo this morning and loved it! Got so inspired and can't wait to have a play with all my new goodies tomorrow �� Hope you'll be able to have a relaxing day tomorrow. You and all your team deserve it! See you next year xxx

  12. Hello Barbara

    I popped back to say goodbye just before I left but Leo was with you. What a polite, interested little boy! He was delightful and it would have been rude of me to butt in. It is great to see the younger generation taking an interest.


  13. Hoping to get down to Ally Pally one of these days, sounds like you've at least had time to breathe this time around with it being a bit quieter. Leo sounds a lovely lad and you can see from his pic he's taking it all in – wish my grandsons would have a go at crafting! Really looking forward to Leyburn…only a few more days to wait….see you all there! Xxx

  14. What a lovely picture of Leo, it's so nice to see youngsters getting involved with craft. So glad you had a good day and hope you managed to find something for your tea.
    Gayle x

  15. How lovely for you to see so many folk you know Barbara including Joy and Katie and then Leo who was so fixed on what he was doing, a real young crafter in the making. I hope you managed to get something to eat. x

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