Heads, shoulders, knees and toes, knees and toes!

Heads, shoulders, knees and toes, knees and toes!

Hi there!
Thanks for popping in.
Well this is all very exciting, isn’t it?
Running around like a headless chicken here, 
sewing buttons on trousers, ironing my best frock,
trying to get out the door to Liverpool.
(In the time it took to find the sewing box, we could have gone to Blue Water and bought a new pair!)
Next problem: a shirt that will go round his neck!
(Now I am really REALLY laughing. Read that last line back to myself, and had missed out the R in Shirt!)
Liverpool? Why? What’s going on up there?
I am so so happy for her.
I’m sure you will join me in wishing her and Pete 
health, wealth and happiness always.
We will be going straight from the celebrations to the TV studio early Sunday morning, so you can imagine, what are the chances of remembering everything??
The only redeeming factor is that Paul is here to load the waggon, so if we have missed a vital part, we can blame him!
Two more sleeps to the Groovi Go! Launch….
I must show you these Go-Figure Plates which our Jim designed.
They aren’t actually part of the Groovi-Go! Starter Kit; that’s a whole other story, which includes Tina’s brilliant flower plates. But they ARE on the show on Sunday, at a great introductory price, and they slot into the Groovi-Go! Plate Mate like a treat.
When Jim showed me his mad mix n match idea, 
and the various crazy variations, permutation, possibilities,
I curled up. I just played with the plates for half an hour, chuckling, giggling, wheezing with laughter.
Lisa and Becca joined in, too. Just big kids.
And Jim just sat back and watched us gooning about. 
I do like to laugh, don’t you?
The things is, there aren’t that many design plates for US to make cards for our young friends, so these will be perfect.

And wait till you see what our new Junior Design Team has rustled up with them! We invited a few young friends to have a play,
because we have known for a long time how much kids – boys AND girls – enjoy Groovi Art.


I think the whole modular concept has legs.
And arms.
A definitely a head!

Must crack on.
Got a wedding to go to!
Mmmm…. on that subject…….
Love & Hugs,

36 thoughts on “Heads, shoulders, knees and toes, knees and toes!

  1. I wish Maria and Pete a very happy day, I am sure you will all have a fab time. If you look a little hungover on Sunday we will all know why. These plates look great for the kids, so much fun. While Fred and I were in Leyburn we visited a place probably designed for kids but we did laugh a lot. Enjoy the wedding and safe travels. xx

  2. What a busy weekend you are going to have. I smiled when you mentioned finding a shirt to go round Dave's neck. My OH reckons that they shrink in the wash !! The one that comes with the hire suit for our son's wedding comes with a button on elastic !! He was very impressed. Anyway have a fantastic time at the wedding, give my best wishes to Maria & Pete. Clarity programmes on to record as its the Hen weekend for my D in law to be !! not been on one for years so could be interesting. I can have a relaxing day on Monday watching how the Groovi go works !!

  3. I'm doing much the same here with Martin! We are very happy to be joining Maria and Pete for their wedding celebrations and wishing them a lifetime of love and happiness together. Safe journey. See you tomorrow. Love xxx

  4. Have a lovely weekend with a great time at Maria & Pete's wedding, can't wait for some photos! We have the same problem here with shirts ! There's always a performance when he needs a shirt after not wearing one for a long time as he lives in polo shirts ! Someone has said about the Misfits game above and that's what the new plates reminded me of ! X

  5. The mix/match plates are a brilliant idea, well done Jim – definitely make you smile! Looking forward to shows on Sunday/Monday I'll set the recorder later today but will be watching too. Wishing Maria and Pete a lifetime of happiness and good health together, take lots of pics as we all want to see! Safe journeys xxx

  6. Looking forward to seeing some pics of Maria and Pete's wedding Barb (hint, hint). Wishing them every blessing – hope they have a beautiful day to look back on and a joyous life together as man and wife!
    Groovi Go looks fabulous and also well done Jim for coming up with the mix and match Groovi plates – spot on! My 7 year old granddaughter loves groovi and I made her a little kit of her own with her own plate mate, lots of Groovi plates, tools and parchment etc. We get in the 'Groove' together and it's great fun! I'll be getting Jim's plates for her (she'll love them!) and me? I'll be getting my hands on Tina's delightful ii books.
    What a fantastic team you have Barb – thank you for the inspiration you all give us! xx

  7. Many congratulations to Maria and her husband to be Pete and wish them many years of happiness, and enjoy the wedding Barbara. I will also look forward to seeing you on Sunday for your excitig launch. x

  8. Congratulations to Maria and Pete on their wedding day, wishing them a wonderful day, and many years of happiness and good health. Enjoy tomorrow. Looking forward to the shows on Sunday and Monday. xx

  9. Loving the new groovi plates what fun could have with them we getting any stamp one similar pretty please. Finally the day is voming for Maria and Peter how exciting a new beginning of a wonderful adventure together may they have a marriage filled with love and blessings xxxx

  10. What a great fun idea. I had a book like that when I was a young girl, and I even think it was a game we had. I loved them when I was young and looks like, there is plenty of fun to have again.
    All my congratulations and best wishes to Maria and Peter.
    Laurence x

  11. I have lots of these mix-match images in book form from my primary teaching days; the newer ones have pop-up elements which amuse even more. Can't bear to part with them as they always raise a smile. They were also a great distraction for the first day reception students who weren't too sure. Enjoy the wedding. Best wishes to the happy couple and you and Dave, of course. ;~}

  12. Congratulations to Maria and Pete. I'll be heading over to Llandudno with Eva for the WOYWW annual crop. I have a bag full of groovi stuff to keep me company but I don't know how much I'll get done as I'm sure there will be lots of catching up and chatting going on.

  13. Good evening Barbara
    That comment about miss spelling Shirt had me laughing plates look brilliant
    Have a wonderful time at the wedding I wish them both a lifetime of happiness together
    Have a safe journey folks
    I can’t believe it’s been a week since Layburn
    Take care and enjoy. Theresa xx

  14. Hi Barbara
    I hope you've got the shiRt!! Sorted 😂. I can just imagine the chaos. Have a lovely time at the wedding, wishing Maria and Pete a wonderful day and a lifetime of happiness. The new plates are fab, Emma had a book like that when she was little and it kept us all amused for hours so I can imagine the fun you all had playing. Looking forward to the shows on Sunday, will it be dark glasses for you? Have fun and drive carefully.
    Love Diane xxx

  15. Hope the sun shines for Maria and Pete and they and everybody have a great day. A day of joy and happiness. The mix it up plates look great fun, reminds me of a card game. Safe travelling. Looking forward to Sunday. xx

  16. Have a wonderful time at Maria and Pete's Wedding. Wishing them both a wonderful day and every happiness for the future. The kiddie plates look very amusing they'll have lots of fun using them so will the adults. My daughter had something similar in a set with a board with interchangeable outfits when she was a child. Have a great weekend looking forward to catching up with tv shows.xxx

  17. Having had a sneaky peak myself, I reckon these plates will fly and poor Dave and Steve are going to be pulling night shift to keep up with demand. Christmas is coming and these would make perfect presents. That is all I am saying. xxx Maggie

  18. Hello Barb, what a great concept, I am sure the design team will come up with some stunning uses for these plates. Hope you enjoyed the wedding, and that Maria and Pete enjoyed their special day. Bx

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