When the Sun met the Moon…

When the Sun met the Moon…

Hi there.
Thank you for dropping in.
It’s late. The Moon is up already.
Been a long day, prepping for the TV shows on Saturday.
Not long now, before we get to release 
our new Designer paper and Parchment. 
Saturday 7am HOCHANDA!
I don’t think we will sell out. Well not at 7am!
Who watches at 7 o’clock in the morning?!
But if you do, and we do, 
I’ll send you a postcard from wherever we jet off to with the proceeds !!
This evening, I wanted to play with the fourth of Mel’s superb Element stamps : Earth.
I spy the Sun and the Moon….
Indian Summer Paper
The Sun warms the Earth, and together with the Moon, 
it creates tides.
The Moon orbits the Earth, and in turn, the Earth orbits the Sun.
A never ending cycle, a harmony, an ebb and flow.

Live by the Sun,
Love by the Moon.
I enjoyed my time with both of them this evening.
I often tell the Sun my dreams;
but I tell my secrets to the Moon.
Love & Hugs,

31 thoughts on “When the Sun met the Moon…

  1. This is beautiful. And the colours so rich. I haven't made any comments for ages, been to London and Sidmouth in order to see two of my new great grandsons. Third one is in New Zealand so can't make that journey. I missed a lot of the shows because of that and my freeview isn't working. Hope to catch this weekend. Like the look of the new papers. I am sure you will do well. Enjoy the celebrations on hochanda . Love xxxxx

  2. Hi Barb,
    Another stunning piece of artwork and really love that designer paper. Could well be watching at 7am!! Absolutely brilliant! Love and hugs Alison xxx

  3. Gorgeous, yet again Barbara! I can't promise that I will be up at 7.00 am – but the tv will have been set to record. I finally caught up with Rosie's recent shows today and she seems very excited about being on tv with you – it sounds as though you will both be misbehaving beautifully – can't wait – love and hugs, Gilly xx

    1. Hi bloggy friends – it's been a stunning day here in Cornwall. Had a rest & catch-up of Rosie's recent shows – plus one load of washing. As my dear Gran would have said – 'washed dried & ironed' today!! Love and hugs to you all, Gilly xxx

  4. Loving those back grounds very moddy and atmospheric to go with stamps etc. So I will be awake at 7am may watch in bed while he gets home sorted ready for bed as we swap over and I get up he goes bed . Will set record to watch again also hugs xxx

  5. Of course we watch at 7am, these papers/parchment are to die for- my list is growing so is my bank balance 😂
    You only live once – no pockets in shrouds – that's my motto 😘❌😘

  6. Evening, another fabulous bit of artwork on another fabulous piece of your new paper. Can't wait to see them on Saturday at 7am! Better have an early night. My club envelope arrived today, beautiful designs again this month. Thank you. XX

  7. Evening bloggy friends, hope everyone has had a good day. I have a new bed being delivered tomorrow, been out today and brought new sheets so I can't wait to make it tomorrow and have an early night! XX

  8. Gorgeous! Very philosophical tonight I must say. My son, who did philosophy at Uni would agree. Very beautiful image and very beautiful thoughts behind it.

  9. Stunning! And very apt as the sun did in fact meet the moon yesterday…. Well in America they had the eclipse! A very strange but natural phenomenon!
    I think on Saturday I might be watching you whilst I'm still in bed! But I do intend to watch live rather than on rewind. I can't record the shows off freeview!
    Really looking forward to yours and Rosie's demos!
    Love and hugs xxx

  10. Another wonderful designer paper Barbara and those stamps all look fabulous stamped on to them and I adore the way you have coloured it. I love the way you talk about the sun and moon, like ying and yang, between them they bring a balance. x

  11. When these designs first came out, I decided that it was one set that was not for me. However, gradually, but by bit, I have revised my ideas, and I am starting to see that I was wrong. They will be going on my wish list right now. I love how they combine so well with the lovely new papers. You could be selling out of those papers earlier than you think. xxx Maggie

  12. Hi Barbara
    Another beautiful piece of artwork, these stamps sit beautifully on the new papers, anyone would think you had planned it! You are clever. I think you might be in for a suprise at 7am, I think these will really fly. Don't plan your holiday just yet though!
    Love Diane xxx

  13. Hello Barb, so incredibly beautiful, the colours of the paper is perfect along with the highlighting. Loved the words you have used in the post too. Take care. Bx

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