Keeping it in the Day

Keeping it in the Day

Hi there.
Thanks for popping in.
I am in danger of sliding out of my track today; I can feel it.
You know that feeling, that anxious sense that you get when you’ve drunk too much coffee, except you haven’t drunk any?

So I have to refer back to my old handbook of life, 
and the first rule is: keep it in the day.
Stop worrying about tomorrow.
Just do today today.
And instantly, I feel less anxious.

Not that anything has happened! I don’t need a calamity or a disaster to panic! In fact, I actually do quite well in a real crisis! 
But just for today, all I have to do is get through today.

I wrote this at lunchtime.
And so you see, I was right.

All I had to do was deal with today.
As it came, so it went.
And all is well. The anxiety went away all by itself, because I stopped projecting, stopped looking too far ahead.

So I shall light a candle, drink chamomile and turn in.
New day tomorrow, and I shall be very vigilant as soon as I wake up. I think the negative rot set in this morning, before I had even rinsed the sleep out of my eyes. A negative thought becomes a negative feeling all too quickly, doesn’t it?

Love & Hugs,

17 thoughts on “Keeping it in the Day

  1. Good advice, thinking about a day at a time. Sometimes all I can manage is five minutes at a time which is also ok, as then I can do anything.
    I am settling in to my new full time job so I am looking forward to having enough pennies to spend at Layburn next month.

  2. Dealing with and thinking about just the day your in instead of trying to think too far ahead and second guess sounds the perfect thing to do, and you proved it by saying that you felt better once you reigned yourself in. Hope tomorrow is a better day Barbara. x

  3. Hi bloggy friends, hope you are all ok and that you didn't have the flash flooding that some of the country has had, Haven't crafted since last week or in fact been on here. Seem to have missed some exciting new products, the new parchment papers and the paper pads sound great. Away at my daughter's for the weekend, where my son and family joined us for my 70th birthday celebrations. Fantastic weekend. Celebrating our 49th Wedding Anniversary tomorrow quietly with friends, just going to the local pub tomorrow evening for a meal. Love and hugs Pam xx

    1. Hi Pam thought I'd missed you, happy belated birthday, hope you were really spoilt and happy anniversary to you both for tomorrow, that's quite a landmark. Sending hugs xxxx

  4. It's so easy to slip into a negative thought like how going to get through next week but we do and we waist to much time one negative thought instead of just getting on with life, tomorrow is a new day so have a blessed day night night xxx

  5. Like the title of your blog – one day at a time. One step at a time. Bite sized chunks. Jesus said not to worry cor tomorrow, tomorrow will take care of itself, and to look to the birds of the air. They do not spin and weave, yet the heavenly father feeds them. Not one falls to the ground without his knowing. So if his eye is on the sparrow, you know he will care for you x

  6. I am one of life's worriers, my imagination is far too fertile and I can always imagine things happening, going wrong, worst case scenarios. Of course a bit of foresight can help, contingency plans and so on, being ready for any outcome. But being in a constant state of anxiety is so exhausting, and leads to stress. And of course it's all in your mind, it's imagined, it hasn't actually happened. I like what the Delai Lama says, if it can be fixed – why worry? If it can't be fixed – what's the point in worrying? I try to remember this xx

  7. Two massive achievements there my friend – first realising there was a problem and second being able to control that problem. Not everyone can achieve the first let alone the second. Very well done – hope Thursday is an even better day. Just stay in the moment and enjoy it. Xxx

  8. Chill as they say – I always say that panic is counter productive, also wastes valuable energy which could be used for something more fun!! Good luck with the celebration shows at the weekend.

  9. Well done Barbara for controlling your anxiety. It is so easy to let it control you, as I know only too well. I can make a mountain out of nothing in no time, I think I have the wrong sort of imagination!! I try to tell myself to wait until a problem occurs AND then deal with it but it's hard to undo 50 odd years of conditioning but I will get there. Thank you for sharing, it really helps.
    Gayle x

  10. Great advice Barbara, and so happy it changed your day for you. John & I have adopted a little saying this year "Not your circus, not your clowns" – as a former nurse, people pleaser and problem solver I keep trying to "fix" everything for everyone else which can make me quite stressed. So he just says that to me, and it helps me to let go of other people's issues and focus on what I really need to do! Just off for a walk now whilst the sun is shining x

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