The Countdown is on…

The Countdown is on…

Hi there.
Thanks for popping in.
The countdown is on…
This time next week Rosie and I will be celebrating Hochanda’s second birthday on TV, and launching a rather superb new Designer Paper pad: Indian Summer. We have all loved the Northern Lights so much, that I’m pretty sure that a new collection of similar but different colourways will be well received.

Designed by Yours Faithfully
In fact, we’ve gone one step further, really pushed the boat out, 
and created the same papers in parchment!  

Dave and I have also started watching Game of Thrones.
Bit savage, very graphic and quite bloody, so I spend quite a lot of time with my head buried in a pillow and fingers in my ears.
But the storyline is good, and it is quite addicitve.
We started with the very first series and just finished it last night, when the lovely silver haired girl emerges from the fire as a dragon.
It reminded me of FIRE, the fantastic stamp which Mel drew, 
from our new Elements Collection
Also available individually.
So I picked the very first paper from the new book, 
and simply stamped directly onto the paper with Archival Black.
Repositionable Mask is included.
Add a little drop shadow with ink and one of our stencil brushes.

Like so:

Add a flash of colour with colouring pencils to the queen and her protector. It was sad when her husband died, but the blonde knight isn’t too shabby….

Trim back, black edge with a Sharpie pen, and mount on the back of another sheet of the same.
Seven days to go before they go on sale.
I think I will have some fun with one of the new parchment sheets tomorrow. There is a beauuuuuutiful blue one which would work brilliantly with WATER. Although I am really wanting to try out WIND…. 
Did I mention that we have turned the Northern Lights into parchment too? 
Tune in tomorrow, to see where we go next….
Love & hugs,

32 thoughts on “The Countdown is on…

  1. Barbara. GOT is brilliant I am an addictee and being one of the privileged few. New papers and BOTH parchment pads are stupendous. I live em…get your credit cards ready peeps😉😉😉

  2. Think these new pads are going to fly! They look beautiful. I will be making sure one flies my way for sure. Love today's artwork. I received my outline Christmas stamps today and I'm so excited to start using them. Xx

  3. Gorgeous. Pleased to hear there is a parchment one, they look wonderful and colourways are great. Fred watches Game of Thrones but I leave him to it. Good if you can enjoy the series together. x

  4. Evening bloggy friends, hope everyone is well. Have been really busy but unfortunately not in the craft room. I actually think I do more craft when I'm at work than I do when I'm on holiday! Oh well, the projects are lining up waiting for me. Xx

  5. I'm loving the new papers!
    I'm also at exactly the same point in Game of Thrones, I've got season 2 box set ready, I just need the tv to myself!
    Looking forward to seeing what you do with the parchment tomorrow xxx

  6. Those papers are just beautiful. I've been up in the craftroom today, and used up some of my "mop up" papers from the retreat, and my new hat stamps – really pleased with the results, so now I just need to decide who I like enough to send one of the lovely cards! Haven't watched Game of Thrones – maybe that will be a winter project for us. x

  7. Me, hustler and son are all addicted to Game of Thrones, brilliant series. I can't wait to see the new paper pad, and the parchment ones too, and I'm pretty sure that I'm going to be needing them x

  8. I think I must be strange as I don't watch GOT and not sure I want to!
    However I absolutely LOVE the new papers. It's even better than the Northern Lights paper and that's saying something! But even more spectacular is the parchment! Absolutely gorgeous. Even if your not a parcher or Groovi addict this parchment is special.
    Love what you did with fire! Can't wait for water or wind tomorrow on that beautiful blue paper or parchment!
    Love and hugs! Xxx

  9. Hello Barbara

    If I am assuming correctly, samples of the new paper pad were on sale at the Retreat. They are fantastic and I can't wait to order them, and the Northern Lights parchment, next week.

    Like Jane I don't watch Game of Thrones either. Doesn't float my boat at all.


  10. Hi Barb,
    Wow! These look fantastic! I love Norther Lights but this new pad looks equally as good if not better. Fantastic that you have turned them into parchment too. I can feel another spend coming on!
    Dave and I are onto series 3 of GOT and love it. I got addicted to the books before the series even began. The series miss a lot out so I would advise you to read the books too ( if you ever get the time that is as they are rather thick!) can't wait to see what you do with the parchment. Love and hugs Alison xx

    1. Hi bloggy friends,
      Hope you are all ok and having a good weekend. Dave came in tonight to tell me he's booked us a week away in Mull in September as he thought I needed a break. Thought that was so nice of him, bless him! It's just after Leyburn so got lots to look forward too. Sending love and hugs to you all especially out absent friends , Alison xxx

  11. Hi Barbara & ladies &gentlemen
    I loved what you have done with the new paper pads, I am also looking forward to see what you do with the new parchment pads .
    After this week my wish list is getting even longer but will get there at some point.
    Watched Rosie and just loved the new bags etc a couple I would like first but glad we can use them for our paper crafting along side Groovi.
    Try and have some down time in your busy schedule.
    Good wishes to all.
    Lynn xx

  12. Beautiful artwork on these new paper and parchment pads Barbara and what a gorgeous finished card and will look forward to the birthday show. I have never watched Game of Thrones but I know it is very popular and addictive. x

  13. Hello Barb, definitely on to another winner with this, and the parchment too. Love how you have used it with this stamp, one of my faves. Mmmm, I agree with everyone else, they are going to be very popular and probably speed out the door before you can blink. Take care all. Bx

  14. Good morning Barbara, I don't know how you come up with so many things we didn't know we needed. Gorgeous papers and parchment and I love what you did with just paper,ink and a stamp. Like everyone else has said I just know those papers are going to fly in record time xx

  15. Hi Barbara
    Love the artwork, it never ceases to amaze me when the stamp pops when you put a shadow around it, it's the simple things in life that make me happy obviously! Love the look of the new papers, wow parchment ones too. I've just got my first paper pad and I'm still at the stroking stage with it so will wait for a while until I buy another one, well that's the plan! I can't believe hochanda is 2, they seem to have been around forever but still have that fresh and enthusiastic feel which is lovely. Enjoy GOT, not one I watch but I've caught a couple of episodes when hubby watches it, definately fingers in the ears and a cushion in some places!
    Love Diane xxx

  16. Gorgeous new papers, loving the rich colous and just know they'll be even better in 'person'! Really looking forward to the birthday shows, then not long until Leyburn xx

  17. Oh dear, I have been having having a craft room turn out as I am so overstocked I wouldnt use all I have in 3 lifetimes….but sometimes you just have to have some new papers for inspiration, and boy do these look inspiring. Doing a car boot this week, hopefully will make some dosh to spend on papers next weekend. Dont watch GOT, too busy crafting!

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