Hello there.
Thanks for taking some time out of your Bank Holiday Monday to pop in. 
One of the TV demos on Saturday was stamping on the New Northern Lights parchment with the new Flutterby Carpe Diem Girl and my all time fave, the Fly Away Boy.
And today, I have to say, I couldn’t think of a more appropriate piece of artwork to express what I am feeling.
Gratitude in spadefuls.
Let me take you to Rye, where we went yesterday evening, 
to see the brilliant Eric Bibb in the church.
His soul music is beautiful; I have left you a little taster below – 
to enrich your day.
Back to the artwork….

We were in the queue, waiting to go into the church/concert, 
and we started talking to the couple behind us.
It was evident immediately that the guy – who looked about our age – had had throat cancer, and every time he spoke, he had to put pressure on his throat.
But you never met a more upbeat and positive bloke.
His wife too. Lovely kind smile.
He and Dave hit it off immediately, comparing music notes,
who they’d seen live, who they liked. Even the most obscure musicians were on both their playlists. 
We sat together in the church, and the evening of wonderful music was made all the richer for meeting these strangers. 
I asked him whether it hurt to speak, no he said, and they talked openly about the surgery, about how it came about just 18 months ago. 
But CARPE DIEM was all I heard through his words.
Every day is a gift from God as far as this guy was concerned, 
and he isn’t wasting many of them – if any!
You should have heard the trips they’ve been on, 
and what they have been up to! 
“Always something on the calendar,” she laughed. 
I suppose when you have a tussle with Death like that, 
it makes you re-evaluate things. 

When we left the Church, all warm and happy, we popped into the little cinema to use the loo. There was a young girl on the floor in the tiny area between the mens and womens toilets, clearly having a fit. 
While Dave ran for help, I dropped to the floor, got her on her side and cradled her head in my hands to stop her hitting her head on the doorframe whilst she was convulsing violently. I just intuitively knew to protect her head, and went with her movements as best I could. She slammed my hand into the wooden corner several times, and I just kept thinking “hold her head, don’t let go, hold her head”.
Slowly, gradually, her body slowed down, that insane strength left, and she relaxed out of the seizure. She was soaking with sweat and absolutely wiped out when she came round. One of her friends took over, told us it happens a lot and that we didn’t need an ambulance. 
I had to trust him, and we moved on.
But my God, I thought. 
I don’t know I’m born.
The man with the throat cancer who is living life to the full, 
the girl with the seizures.
give me a nudge, will you?
My hand is stiff and swollen from the exercise last night, 
but I am so so so glad I walked in when I did, 
and was able to be of assistance. 
I got to walk away. That young kid gets to do that again today.   

Love & Hugs,

40 thoughts on “Grateful

  1. Oh Barb, I really think you must be an angel walking on this earth. You are always there at just the right time. You did exactly the right thing for the young lady. Such a scary thing to witness. I can't watch the video now but will. I know the music will be beautiful. Wxx

  2. Thought provoking blog today Barbara! Make everyday count!
    Yesterday it would have been my mum's 82nd birthday. She didn't quite make it to her 43rd! Make every day count!
    That piece of artwork has a very ethereal look to it! Like the sun breaking through the storm clouds and letting us feel the warmth it brings us and see the world differently! So Carpe diem and make it count!
    Love and hugs

  3. Morning Barbara, wow what a night you had. Glad you enjoyed the music and good company. Glad you were there to help the girl when she needed it, must be awful to live knowing something like that could happen at any time. Hope your bruises and pain go quickly. Xx

  4. Morning bloggy friends hope everyone is well on this warm bank holiday Monday. I actually might get into the craft room today, after I give Phoebe a bath as she is having her fur cut tomorrow but sshhhh don't tell her! Xx

    1. Hi Donna,
      Not overly warm here! At least the sun did come out for a couple of hours, but a chilly wind. Been tidying up my craft room – I can see the carpet at least! Hope Phoebe feels better for her bath and haircut. Love and hugs Alison xxx

  5. Wow what a read that was this morning Barbara. You were certainly meant to be where you were last night that's for sure. So glad you enjoyed the evening of music and friendship – makes it all worthwhile doesn't it? Love this artwork too – yes ethereal seems to sum it up nicely. Well done you for keeping your head just when you needed to – a lot wouldn't have done. Big hugs lovely lady. Xx

  6. It is amazing what some people go through in life. I believe it is important to live life well and help where we can and not put off till tomorrow. We don't know what is round the corner or how long we have in this world. Sounds like you had a lovely evening to remember in the church.

  7. How to true however tufife seems there is always someone finding life harder the harder life is the more peoplese to appreciate life and enjoy it to fullest. Remember being on holiday and in a shop this lady came up looked at Sandie and burst into tears when asked what's wrong she said she was crying for Sandie poor girl I said but why cause she loved life and was so happy she loved every moment didn't maonoor me she laughed was content with life. We learnt a lot from her. Sounds like you was there at right time for that young lady her angel lady night xx

  8. I lost my Dad at the beginning of the summer holidays! He was suffering the last few days and we cared for him at home which was his wish. It was so difficult. He was only 73 but he accepted he was going to die and said he was grateful and happy with the life he had and that he wouldn't change a thing. I have had to carry on for my children to keep their holidays happy and support my mum too. It was lovely though that the day he died was also the day I received my happy post from the diamond clarity club. I love my craft and receiving my goodies from you always brightens my day x God bless you Barbara for helping to make so many people happy x

  9. Hello Barbara

    What a wonderful, eventful day you both had. Makes us all glad to be alive. My close friend (aged 88) is seriously ill in hospital. She has been there for two months with no sign of longterm improvement. Me, I believe in quality over quantity every time.

    People who whinge they are getting old make me extremely cross. If I am able I tell them to stop complaining. Not everyone has the privilege! Usually these people enjoy a good, healthy quality of life.


  10. Very thought provoking Barbara. One of our close family friends suffers from Gran Mal Seizures, but you know what, he is always upbeat, always has a smile, always has a cuddle ready for anyone who needs it. He was adopted at two years old by a very famous man and he (my friend) used to moan as a teenager about how unfair his life was. He has had quite a few hard knocks during his 45 years but he has come through it all and now looks back at his life knowing that he had a lucky break with his adoptive parents. He lost his mum two years back and he supported his father like a trooper through it all. We thought we were going to loose him a few years back too. Very glad to say that he pulled through and still has that wonderful smile and the same attitude of living life to the full. Carpe Diem xx

  11. Dear Barbara. You do have some experiences, but like you say, make every day count. That young girl must have been happy you were there. So many people have a lot to put up with. Hope you have had a good weekend. Had three of the family here, now hoping to have time to watch my recordings. Xxxx

  12. Although she probably won't even remember you being there Barbara, I'm sure the young lady will be really grateful to you for protecting her head during her seizure. How lucky she is to have friends who know just what to do. I saw a TV programme about assistance dogs that can be trained to detect an "aura" (which is what some people have just before a seizure) and they then get the person to lie down somewhere safe to prevent injury – how amazing is that? Thank you for sharing the music too – what a talent. Some icepacks on your hand will help, and maybe some arnica for the bruises xxx

  13. Carpe Diem definitely!! We have always said make the most of today , sort out tomorrow when it comes!! Glad you could help that girl, someone's daughter, as we would all hope someone would do for our children!! The gentleman & his wife were definitely living to that motto!! Seems to be a lot of definitely' but hey why not !! Go for it who knows what is round the corner for any of us . Now to catch up with the shows whilst ironing the holiday washing as we lost Hochanda on our satellite dish in the motor home- no craft for 10 days now that is bad news !! xx

  14. What a wonderful day, in the true sense of wonderful! Amazing people who's strength and resilience shine thro (including you and Dave in that!) especially when the 'chips are down' and give us all a reason to take each and every day as it comes and make the best of it we can. Happy to hear the music was a blast and you met such lovely people to share in it. Also so thankful you were there at the right time to lend a helping hand (literally) to the young lady, who I'm sure will be grateful you were there. We've had a really dark cloud hanging over our for the past couple of months and I'm so thankful that good news was recieved today and the sun has at last managed to shine thro…that together with your posting has made me shed a few tears…but in a good way! Sorry for waffling on xxx

  15. Thank you Barbara for your blog today. I have been having a moan over such silly things last couple of days and you have put it back into prospective now! Your new Carpe Diem stamp is so apt and beautiful along with your artwork. Love and thoughts Alex xx

  16. Well done Barbara. So, you really did have a conventional Sunday, YOU went to church.

    I agree with Rosalind and Jane. Both my parents died when I was a teenager, they were in their forties, far too young to die. Carpe Diem has pretty much been my motto in life, there is always someone worse off and they are very often happy, smiling people.

    And to make you all laugh, I was about to set off to the bank this morning, when a neighbour reminded me is was a Bank Holiday, says I to neighbour "don't think the Bank will be open on a Bank holiday, do you", Aldi was open. Enjoy the BH

  17. Amazing that you met these people who are going through so much. You, as always know just the right words to say and the right thing to say to them and us too here. You have you live for the day as you say as you never know what life may bring you at any time.
    I am sitting at work having a wee break while the baby sleeps and the tree year old is at nursery. I have had a lovely day going a big walk round the long way to the park before coming back for a huge adventure to the jungle finishing up with a picnic lunch in the "camp" we made under the table with some blankets! Life is fun with wee people!
    Hope the everyone south of the border is enjoying your day off and those of us up here in the north have a good day despite the rain!

  18. Carpe Diem, indeed. Thinking very much of all our friends and neighbours in Houston who are dealing with unprecedented levels of water; one friend evacuated when the water was lapping the second storey of the house, is now knee deep and about to be moved for the second time. Our lounge and dining room overlooked the Buffalo Bayou, which has flooded most of downtown. X

  19. A very thoughtful post today and glad you enjoyed the music and the friendship and also that you managed to give a helping hand to that young lady when she needed it. You are right Barbara we should all be very grateful for our health and there are always people far worse off than us and it is good to be made aware of that now and again. x

  20. How right you are Barbara. It's so easy to get bogged down in your own troubles and forget that there are people dealing with far worse. Thank you for the reminder. Hope your hand feels better soon.
    Gayle x

  21. Hi Barbara, well what can I say you were brilliant yesterday helping that young girl when she needed it.
    I am sure she would thank for what you did to help if she did remember it , hope she was ok later.
    Well I saw your shows at the weekend and just love the new parchment papers you brought us, I think I must buy a light wave so I can do other things with my parchment going forward.
    All the things were great glad you had such a brilliant shows. With all your hard work of pulling everything together to give us these brilliant things.
    Lynn xx

  22. Food for thought today, your mother's instinct was there and very fortunate for that young girl. I really enjoyed the music too. Enjoy the rest of your evening x p's. Lovely artwork too x

  23. Amazing how our instincts take over when faced with something like that. Many years ago we came across a young girl passed out through drink and my husband put her in the recovery position while I called an ambulance. Turned out we knew her mother and she brought her round the next day to say thank you with a bar of chocolate. Luckily she made a full recovery without having her stomach pumped.
    Love the new papers and parchment and the flutter by stamp xx

  24. Hi Barbara
    Isn't it funny how you cross paths with strangers and just for a moment your lives are changed. What a great couple to meet up with and sit with through the concert, they probably went home saying'what a lovely couple we met tonight, really made our evening!'. Bless you for staying with the young girl, it's quite frightening to watch but just having someone there protecting and talking to them is just what they need. I know a young mum who has fits like this, really hard with two little children but they live with mum and dad so they are around when hubby is at work and life goes on. I hope your hand recovers quickly. The music is great and the artwork brilliant, they go together so well. Just waved Emma off on the coach for the 15 hour journey back to uni so a sad mum tonight but it's only a few months and we will FaceTime soon to see her new flat. Enjoy your evening.
    Love Diane xxx

  25. Well what a night you both had. I have to say your blog today has made me take stock of life and how materialistic people are. And yes I include myself in that. I worked with adults with learning difficulties for twenty four years and had to witness so many people have seizures you most definitely did everything right for this lady. And good on ya for talking to the gentleman about his brush with death I find a lot of people shy away from talking about it and talk about trivial things I bet the man in question will remember you for a long time
    Have a lovely evening Hugs x

  26. Hi Barb,
    Well that was a very thought provoking blog today. I bet your experience with the young girl gave you a bit of a shock and well done for staying with her. I know a lot of people would have just left her unfortunately. It is always traumatic to see someone like that, I know I once taught a lovely girl who used to just collapse ,we didn't know why. Then a couple of years later, these developed into fits. The strange thing was that she only ever collapsed of had a fit when she was near me – I was getting a complex I can tell you. Eventually she confided in me that she was reliving being abused by her father. I was horrified. The psychologist said that she must have trusted me so much over the years that she knew I would help her. I was proud to think of that but sorry that she had suffered so much. I will never forget her. It made me so grateful to have been brought up in a happy family. I do try to think every day that I am very lucky to be ( relatively) healthy and to have the life I have. Hope you have had a good evening, love and hugs Alison xx

  27. Thank you for today's wonderful blog Barbara – so pleased that you both had such an amazing evening. It certainly does change your whole outlook on life when you meet people who have been (and are still) going through such difficult things in their lives. We met some amazing people last year – who were all going through the process of fighting cancer. It definitely totally changed my outlook on life and I felt very humbled by some of the people who I met there. It certainly enriched my life. You were obviously meant to be there for that young lady and it doesn't surprise me at all that you just sprung into action, to keep her safe. Love and hugs, Gilly xx

  28. Hello Barb, what a powerful blog post. Well done on helping the girl, so many people would not have been able to think what to do. And your artwork says it all. Sometimes we should take a step back and realise just how lucky we are. Love the music video, thanks for sharing. Take care. Bx

  29. Beautiful song Barbara, you were in the right place at the right time both in striking up a conversation with the couple and being able to help the young girl. Sometimes there is a hand guiding us without our knowing. Love the new stamp to go with the flying boy. Strong blog Barbara, thank you for all the time you give us. xx

  30. What a night you had! It's so good you were in the right place at the right time, bless you! its amazing the way people cope with their struggles and stay happy! Fab artwork and stamp, I have the shows recorded to watch. Fab video – I saw Eric Bibb at the Bishopstock Blues Festival in 2000, he was fantastic! I have a similar photo, not digital then, I must look it out – I remember Eric Bibb and I were wearing similar hats! xxx

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