Too late.

Too late.

Hi there.
Thanks for popping in. 
It’s way too late to blog anything substantial really.
I left the artwork i wanted to show you at the Community Centre, so I shall have to share it with you tomorrow. 
Just got in from supper at the Spa with a few of the crew,
and now, to be frank, I’m fit to drop.

Today was excellent – well, for me it was!
The projects went down well, and it was so good to see folks get genuinely excited when they nailed a particular skill.
That’s what it’s all about really. 

It’s not that I am particularly talented or better than any of the retreat participants. Really not. I have just done it all a few more times than them. So my job as I understand it, is to present a number of interesting and informative projects, and help them achieve proficiency whilst having fun and not feeling as though it is a task.

It is always fascinating to have our lovely friend and illustrator  extraordinaire, Melanie, in the room. She perceives things so very differently, and because she isn’t a crafter but more of a fine artist, she just LOVES what we mere mortals achieve with her designs!
Mind you, this is the same woman who uses the stencils she designs as window dressings in her cottage! 
Yep. Like Cafe Curtains!

So as we wave goodbye to the first lovely, lovely group, we say hello to the next incoming group. I already bumped into a bunch of them at the Spa this evening! All full of apprehension and excitement. I reckon we are going to have a blast. Especially now we’ve gone through everything once and know where the pitfalls are !!  Thanks to the first group for being so patient and gracious.

Love & Hugs,

24 thoughts on “Too late.

  1. Sounds like your having a blast but tiredbut fun tired . We seem to be in middle of a thunder and lightning storm at moment sounded like something was hot little while ago don't like hearing that bit hope everyone is alright. Sleep well warm night xxx

    1. Down here in the far west of Cornwall we have had a lovely sunny, hot day but a few miles away just across the bay on the other side of the Lizard they have had a dreadful storm causing flooding and people having to be rescued. The storm must have just missed us.xx

  2. Hi Barbara
    Sounds like another perfect day full of fun and laughter. I wonder if the paint behaved itself in this heat? Have a fun day tomorrow with the next group.
    Love Diane xxx

  3. Hello Barb, it is heart warming to hear that everyone loved the retreat, and I think you are a great teacher or rather sharer, because you share your and your teams talents with us. Take care. Bx

  4. Hi Barb,
    Great to hear that everything has gone so well at the retreat and that everyone has had a good time. I'm sure the next group will enjoy it as much too. Hope you've had a good rest and weren't disturbed by thunderstorms. Love and hugs Alison xx

  5. Love hearing about how it has all gone well for you. Just wish I could get to one of the retreats as I know I would really enjoy learning and crafting for two whole days.
    I hope that the next one goes well too.

  6. Thank you for and amazing two days…. Wonderful projects with lots of techniques to keep me up to speed! It's over too quickly!
    Hope the rest of the week goes well!
    Love and hugs! Xxx

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