A quick Build and More Blog Candy xx

A quick Build and More Blog Candy xx

Hi there!
Thanks for popping in.
Had a great day in London.
Really excellent business meeting.
More will be revealed….
In the meantime, I was playing with that Inca Gold Wax Paste yesterday, which both Maria and Rosie swear by.
I decided to figure out how to use it myself.
Well it IS very good, and I DO highly recommend it!
Take a super duper Clarity Stencil designed by Mel,
House Stencil
and drag some texture paste through it 
The Viva Decor paste is very good.
Allow to set dry.
Rub some of the blue colour Inka Gold Wax paste over the dry paste.

Then get the gold wax paste out! WOWOWOWEEE!
Not flipping you off! Just showing you my gold finger!
You don’t need much that’s for sure!

See how some of it went onto the black background?
You can clean it off the shiney card really easily with a wet Q-Tip or similar. See?

And you can scrape a highlight into the paste with a blade too.
All very simple, but very effective.

5 minutes of smearing and scraping…. 

Doesn’t look like much – until you frame it.
Did you know we sell packs of Mountboard which fit this perfectly?
Let’s decide which colour mount we prefer, shall we?





You tell me.
Decide which you prefer, then tell me below.
I will pick a random winner on Saturday,
and that random winner shall receive this little piece framed in the colour of their choice – plus a £20 gift voucher to spend on Clarity!
Must dash.
Got things to plan….
Love & Hugs,

152 thoughts on “A quick Build and More Blog Candy xx

  1. I think the black one adds to the drama, makes the gold really stand out. Glad your day has been good. Mine has been filled with very little grandchildren therefore I am cream crackered,time for bed I think xx

  2. I had decided that the black looked best in that it made the houses pop then scrolled down to the other comments to see that was the decision of the previous posts as well !! as they say great minds ………. !! Looking forward to hearing about the London trip sounds exciting !

  3. A lovely piece of artwork.
    I think the cream mount gives it depth without it being too stark like the white, whereas the black is striking it could be too dark for many people's décor.

  4. Evening Barbara! Excited here! I am so looking forward to seeing you on Monday. Travelling down Sunday.
    Great artwork and I prefer the black frame! It brings the card together somehow to me!
    Anyway I'm off to bed now.
    Love and hugs xxxx

  5. Wow fantastic love love live it my perfect piece if art folkish. Black mskes it really pop but combination the of the taupe and painting sits really well too.just say again my sort of art of love

  6. Wow fantastic love love live it my perfect piece if art folkish. Black mskes it really pop but combination the of the taupe and painting sits really well too.just say again my sort of art of love

  7. Difficult choice – perhaps helped by this ditty

    I studied the selection of mount board
    And which colour I could not decide –
    Black emphasises
    Taupe calms the senses
    Cream understated
    White, elevates it.
    Thus my frame choice decision –
    The blistering boldness of white!

    . . . . .and that is my final answer!

    Looking forward to next Wed and Thurs. ;~}

  8. Ha! I chose my favourite yesterday (the black, because it really adds depth and makes it look as though you could walk right into town!) when I came across what was obviously your prep for today's blog – I guessed that maybe you'd published the photos accidentally. Anyway, it was good to get a sneak preview!
    You do like to tease and tantalise us, don't you? – I'm still waiting to learn what fantastic piece of kit you came across at the show in Germany – you told us that we wouldn't be able to do without it and I think you said something about even though you don't use dies …?? It's ages ago now so I wonder if I missed the big reveal? I do try to catch up with the blog if I don't read it on the day (that's how I found the "preview" of today's entry, by hitting "Older post" after I'd read yesterday's!) but I don't recall seeing anything more about this. Is it something that didn't work out in the end, or could it still be coming?

  9. I really love them all and had to study them hard ! It took me a while, but defiantly the cream is my favourite. The frames really makes the artwork stand out. ��

  10. Lovely art work as always, Barbara 🙂 When I first saw the mounts, I thought the black was best but then I thought about adding a frame and changed my mind to white! Mxx

  11. After a couple of g&ts sitting out in the late evening by Lake Maggiore (sorry, but I couldn't resist telling you!) I have decided that black is my favourite. It really makes the piece come alive for me. Great work, by the way Barbara. Looking forward to hearing what comes out of your meeting today – it is always something exciting from you! Thank you. 😀

  12. Definitely black I reckon. Love the Inca Gold , not tried the paste yet. Curious about what else will be revealed, certainly busy at Clarity headquarters. I have just got back from watching some very talented youngsters at my grandaughter's school. She was in the choir but there were solos and lots of talented musicians. Thoroughly enjoyable. x

  13. I love the taupe one. Must admit i have this stencil but have never used it. I love what you do with this too. Maybe a plan for the weekend xx

  14. Black would be my choice Barbara. Missed Maria's programmes but hope to catch up at the weekend after child minding duties over. Great demonstration again. Looking forward for what you have in the pipeline next. xx

  15. Hi Barb,
    I like them all! If I had to choose I think I would go with the taupe – it is very sophisticated. Great piece of artwork too – love the stencil, I have used it quite a lot myself. Love Alison.xxx

  16. Definitely black in my humble opinion. Very dramatic. I don't have the inca gold (yet!) but did get the modelling creams at the open day and now I'm thinking how gorgeous they would look on black card!

  17. I picked out the black one yesterday and I haven't changed my mind Barbara, as I think the black gives the most contrast and complements the black lines of the beautiful stencilled scene. I love that Inca Gold Wax too. x

  18. I'm glad you've had a good day and that your meeting went well. I like them all but prefer the cream frame. Can't wait to have a go at this, bought the gold waxes at the open day, thought I bought all the colours, obviously didn't as haven't got the blue. Nevermind it'll still look good. Excellent art today. Not long got home from an excellent meal and get together with cousins.xxx

  19. Hi Barbara,
    I worked with Inka Gold for years now and I can highly recommend it as well. You should try Maya Gold from Viva Decor which is liquid and has a high qulity too.
    By the way I would use the black Frame.
    Rolf xxx

  20. Ooh, I've bought that gold paste but haven't used it yet, must have a play. I do like the black, but actually prefer the white, it gives it a fresh and sunny town kind of look x
    p.s. Has anyone else noticed that Brenda hasn't commented for a few days now? I hope she isn't ill x

    1. Hi there, I'm New posting. My name is Sara and I live in Kirriemuir in Scotland and I've been worried about Brenda for days now. Brenda if you're reading I am only posting as you've made me feel guilty (only kidding)!!! But seriously are you ok?

  21. I love this stencil and use it often. I think that the black goes better this time. I love Inka Golds thanks to Jo Rice introducing them to me. I now have ten different colours in my collection.

  22. Beautiful piece of artwork. Thanks so much for the wonderful tutorial. Amazing how the different coloured mounts bring out different tones in the artwork. My preference is the black.

  23. Looks brilliant, have loved this stencil for a while. Glad things are still exciting for you! My preference is the taupe, reckon it looks really classy. Thanks for another blog comp too. Xx

  24. It's really interesting the effect you get just by changing the colour of the frame.I was convinced black would be best, but after much deliberation, I think the taupe does it more justice….of course you could be really radical and double mount the work using taupe and then black around it all!

  25. After much deliberation I have finally decided the black because I think it makes the gold stand out beautifully. Love this stencil but have always wondered what I would do with it and now I have an idea ��. Thanks Barbara for the inspiration xx

  26. Hi Barbara
    Sounds like you had a fun day today, looking forward to hearing all smooth it. I think the black looks great, oh but the taupe looks good too, no I think the black wins! Hope you had a lovely evening. New forest campsites looked quite good roday s I trundled past on the train, I thought of you and Dave and the caravan!
    Love Diane xxx

  27. Great project, love all the mounts but my choice would be the white if I'm lucky. Look forward to hearing the news when it's appropriate to share…you do love to tease us don't you?! Xx

  28. Oo, ooh, ooh. I know the correct answer to this one as it's a personal choice. Although making up my own mind can be a bit of a lottery at times :o). Don't ask me to decide on a carpet or wallpaper though. Black please. Thanks for sharing as always. Love Jx

  29. Black is my choice. Lovely piece. Am dreaming that your business meeting will lead to Charity London. A shopping and workshop space with a cafe and I can come and play and maybe even work there. Oh well, lala land is a great place. But you never know……

  30. They all give a different effect and none of them look wrong at all however if I was looking from the point of view of showing the work off to it's best then I would have to choose the black one. How awesome to have a Barbara Gray original hanging on my wall. Fingers crossed. Xxx

  31. Had a sneak peek on Wednesday when the pics appeared with no words all by itself. Sticking with my choice of black as its stunning Andi was umming and ahrring about the mounts and now you have made my mind up x

  32. because there is black in the picture, I would go for the black (but I was considering if a 'double mount' would work of black and cream).
    Have a good day.
    Maggie (Yorkite)

  33. Hi Barbara, this is very interesting, it sure has lots of possible things you could do with your other stencils.
    Glad you had a good meeting, and I am sure that you will bring us some wonderful things in the future.
    It's black for me.
    Have great weekend.
    Lynn xx

  34. Hi Barbara – glad to hear that your meeting went well and look forward to hearing what it's all about in due course. Originally I went for the black option,as it really does make it 'pop' BUT after lots of consideration (no wonder it takes me so long to make my cards) I think that the Cream option is my favourite, as it seems to draw you into the picture. Hope that all is going well with your preparations xxx

  35. It is the black for me, not only does it stand out well, but my lounge is black and white and my bedroom is black and gold to it would fit in either room so well and I would be proud to display it

  36. I never think to use grunge paste on black card but it's so effective, especially with the inca gold. It's a cream mount for me – classically elegant, and I would add a black frame to set it all off! Hope the business meeting won't mean you get even busier, otherwise you'll need to learn to clone yourself xxx

  37. I know what people mean about the black but I like the cream and then a black frame would finish it off. Off to the Clarity Retreat in a week's time. Retiring after 39 years teaching deaf children the day before. Can't wait! (For both that is!!) See you there. X

  38. Definitely black for me.
    Love the Inka colors too…I have 5 or 6 of them. They at great fun- but as you showed they work best hands on (or finger 😁). Can create wonderful cards with these – and such a great variety of colors

  39. Deffo Black. It s gorjuss. Begging you to stop with the items we can't live without. My family will be cross with Clarity cos their inheritance is in decline. (Am I bovvered). Ha ha ha.

  40. Black for me too! For me it complements the artwork perfectly – bold, sophisticated and stunning. Clarity in a nutshell! Love your products. Thank you. Pam

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