You look worn out Barb….

You look worn out Barb….

Hi there.
Thanks for popping in.
And if you came to the Open Days in Crowborough,
It was pretty hot today, but us crafters are a hardy bunch, aren’t we?
Dedicated to the cause and all that!
And Boy! Do we like to shop!
My demos started out fine.
Plenty of stock; will last for days easily, thought I…
I was on outline stamps – all 5 sets – on canvases.

Using Mod Podge as a glue sealant. 
The Leaves were the first to go.

Then the Stags…
Then the 6″ x 6″  and 8″ x 8″ canvases…
Then the Birds…

And the trees and toadstools were leaving the building without any prompting from me at all!
I just kept going, changing stamps, changing canvas sizes,
giving away some of the samples as I went.
You know you’ve got a stock situation when a customer pulls a canvas board out of her stash bag, for you to use, so that you keep going with the demo! And I did.
And then, as quickly as they arrived,
they left again….

The hall was cleared in under an hour. 
Me? I was next door to useless by the end.
Just piled into a bag of Walkers ready salted crisps 
and stayed there!

I think it went very well.
The vibe was magic, and most of the guests stayed all day.
There’s always room for improvement, but all in all, and judging by all the positive feedback, it was a resounding success.
Yep, it’s as I always say:
Teamwork makes the dream work.
And we have one hell of a brilliant team.
But now I really must go and sit down or lie down, 
before I fall down.
As the French say,
Je swee tray fatty gay !!

#Daveandbarb #barbsontop #davesdonefor 
Love and hugs,

35 thoughts on “You look worn out Barb….

  1. It was a fabulous day! What a lovely place and the Clarity crew did you all proud! Thank you all for a wonderful day! Home safely despite a minor diversion, now chilling with a gin, pizza after unpacking my stash! Wxx

  2. Hahahahahaha – that gave me a giggle – poor Dave. Glad it went well although I am not sure why anyone would think it would be otherwise. Enjoy your chill out time. Xx

  3. I am not surprised you are whacked, Barbara. You gave us such a great couple of days watching the best in the business. Thank you for such a wonderful time. Hope you get a good sleep tomorrow. Make sure you pack wellies and sun cream for your trip and have a fabulous time. xxx Maggie

  4. Glad it all went well! Looking at people's comments everyone had a fantastic time!
    So next stop Glastonbury! It's a dust bowl at the moment… Bit different from last year! I'd still take your wellies though.
    And you never know you may even see my girlie! Needle in a haystack but you never know!
    Love and hugs xxx

  5. I think you all pulled out all the stops to produce the last two days. Just fabulous. Yes you did look tired but you still kept giving it everything. You have a great team, feels like one big family. Enjoy some rest and I know you have a break coming up so enjoy that as well. We head home tomorrow but will be back for retreats plus that huge cake. xx

  6. Not surprised you're cream crackered, but it was a fab day, I had so much fun. Fabulous demos as always from your lovely, friendly team, I can't wait to have a play. And thank you for my raffle prize!

  7. It sure has been hot piped out about six was 35 phew that was warm. Sounds like was a Smash it as expected. Lots love enjoy Glastonbury looks like could be a hot one lots sunscreen and those wheelies as that's the norm go Glastonbury could do with rain to cool it down xxx

  8. Hahaha! I love your "French" Barbara, made me laugh out loud! I think I know what you are feeling. I used to help Waltraud at the Creativa in Dortmund, one week of non-stop workshops. It is exhausting but fun and satisfying at the same time. Rest up now and enjoy the afterglow of your success☺👍

  9. Sounds like another resounding success…fab! Enjoy a good sleep and charge your batteries for Glastonbury, fingers crossed wellies won't be needed but…it is Glastonbury after all! Love the outline stamps but need to ring the office as my masks are no more…lesson learned not to let husband help cleaning them…he didn't realise they were s'posed to be 'tacky'… you can guess the rest! Xx

  10. So glad everything went well , was really sad I couldn't make it this year, the new hall looks great and everyone I'm sure had a fantastic time. Time for a nice relaxing day off xxx

  11. Hi Barbara
    Well I'm not suprised those stamps and masks sold out, they look beautiful. I'm sure adrenaline has kept you going all week so tomorrow you must sleep. It sounds like today was another successful day, well done to you and all the team. Love the pictures at the end and the fresh haha what a laugh. Feet up and fish and chips tonight I hope.
    Love Diane xxx

  12. Hi Barbara, photo brilliant! !!! Glad it all went well and stocks a wee bit low! !!
    Even I love my Groovi I have to gone back to stamping today for a few quick cards.
    Have a good rest until the next time .
    Lynn xx

  13. Thank you Barbara & everyone involved with making the last 2 days such a brilliant experience for us crafters. Can't wait to get home to start playing with my new stash that fell in my basket ( both days!!) it was lovely to put faces to names from blog & FB & also chat to new ones. Hope everyone gets home safely with no hold ups that some experienced getting down to Crowborough. Sleep well tonight Barbara & have a great time at Glastonbury!!

  14. Sounds as if all went well, sorry I couldn't be there. Hopefully next year. Enjoy your well earned rest Barbara and enjoy Glastonbury. Well done to all the team xx

  15. Hi Barb,
    I'm not surprised that you're goosed! Still it sounds as though everything has gone brilliantly again. Those stencils and stamps are on my wish list for Leyburn. Hope you get a good night's sleep even though it's going to be really hot. Bet you're looking forward to Glastonbury now. Love and hugs Alison xxx

  16. Glad you all had a good day – I wished I'd come back for more today as I somenjoyed yesterday! I spent this evening stashing my new Groovi plates away and, for interest, had a stock count. I was amazed that I've amassed some 70 plates to date!!!!! No wonder it takes an age to find that particular leaf…… how does everyone manage their collection I wonder

  17. Hi Barb, it looks like Day 2 was as successful as day 1. Hope you get a chance to put your feet up and relax a bit today. Have a great Sunday everyone. Bx

  18. Hi Barbara, what a FAB day it was at your Open Day yesterday! Had a fantastic time! Good to catch up,loved all the demos,learnt new techniques and got so inspired! Also great to have a quick chat with you. BIG Thanks to you and all your team. You all were absolutely fabulous!Mustn't forget the staff at the café downstairs. They were great too – and so was the food! Really liked the new venue, btw. Will definitely be at the Open Day again next year 🙂 Have a relaxing Sunday (and your team too, of course!) and enjoy Glastonbury. Looks like it's going to be hot this year. Have fun! See you in September Xxx

  19. Glad a good time was had by all. Last night I went to a local dance school show to see my granddaughter do her first solo ballet performance. So proud of her. xx

  20. Looks amazing in the photos. I will get there one day. You must be whacked so rest up if you can. Poldark is calling so if you can keep awake that will be a lovely way to switch off for an hour.
    Hugs from Chris x

  21. I'm glad the open days went so well Barbara, and it's no wonder that these kept selling out as they are such a great idea with the beautiful open space in which to create a sweet little scene. Hope you have managed a relaxing time for the rest of the weekend. x

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