Ding Ding – Round 1 !!! Who ate all the cakes Mum ???

Ding Ding – Round 1 !!! Who ate all the cakes Mum ???

Hi there.
Thanks for popping in today.
And thank you twice if you made it along to the Open Day today.
Happy Friday in Crowborough!
Here we see the hall just before 9am.
Adding the finishing touches, tarting and fussing…

An hour later, it was buzzing.

The Team was set to entertain, 
and the guests were in high spirits.

Visitors from all over the country!
Even Alex from Hochanda got up at 4.30 am to get to the party.

See Heather hiding behind Jilly? 
All the way from Richmond in Yorkshire!
Yep, And she’s volunteered to help tomorrow, 
because we did get a bit overwhelmed.

Mind you, not half as overwhelmed as the guys in the café downstairs! They underestimated us crafters massively!
I did warn them that you would be coming for lunch – all of you!
Ah well. Lessons learned.
Tomorrow, they will know what to expect, and next year too.
There’ll be plenty of bread and cake tomorrow, that’s for sure!
And even if I have to run over the road to Waitrose and buy it myself !!!
Thank you for being so gracious about it.
But what a fantastic venue!
It really is brilliant.
I was on large stamps and masks, which was fun.
I took a quick pic of this little leaf before it went to a happy home…

I LOVE that so many creative people come together, 
and are so motivated and excited to learn.

My darling Mum and great friend Ken were also there, of course.

And then, towards the end of the day, as things were winding down again, I met this wonderful Mum and daughter,
Mariana and Stefania.

It was quite humbling actually. 
After 10 years of living in England, 
the family are returning to Romania, because of hubby’s job.
Mariana wanted to meet me, and they drove all the way from Essex today, just so that she could shake my hand and give me a hug before they leave. 
Stefania, the daughter, was such a little peach!
Her Mum told me that she loves watching me on telly, and actually chose to miss a school trip today so that she could come to Crowborough. That’s something special, isn’t it?
So now it’s time to get on over to the Spa Hotel and hook up with the team for dinner. No, Sam Crowe, you can’t have a whole lobster! In fact, you can’t even have a half !!
Wind up merchant!
Say slowly after me… f i s h n c h i  p s .
And then –
we will do it all again tomorrow.
Did I enjoy myself?
Oh yes.
I get my pleasure out of watching people enjoying themselves.
Do you get that?
I know you do.
And on a very, very happy note, Grace got the 100% clear call from the surgeon yesterday. Completely benign.
And Steve’s back at work. Back’s still a bit tender, but at least he’s on the mend.
And breathe.
Love & hugs,

54 thoughts on “Ding Ding – Round 1 !!! Who ate all the cakes Mum ???

  1. Great news all round. So glad it's all going well at the open days. I finished my 170th report comment today, so that is a massive job out of the way for another year. Off to Telford tomorrow, so all the best for round 2!

  2. We had a lovely time time today, loved watching the demos… loved the background you did on copy paper then wrapped around canvas board… left a little something for you at the till… looking forward to next year already… thank you all for a wonderful day. ..

  3. It was fantastic , my first time at your open day and it definitely won't be my last . Met so many lovely people and learnt such a lot . It was lovely meeting you all and thank you all for giving us all such a wonderful day.
    Also would like to say how happy I am that Grace had good news and Steve is on the mend xx

  4. what a great looking light and airy and spacious venue! I thought the Rugby club was great but this looks even better!
    Great news on Grace – I bet you are one relieved Mum x

  5. Thanks for a fab day today to you Barb and the great team Clarity. I learned such a lot from Jo and Dee. Oh, and I think I have got snipping thanks to Rosie!! Woot woot!!!!! I think I shall have make it a 2-day visit next year as I didn't get to see much of Sam, Tina, Paul and Linda at work – or your demos for that matter! Now I need to start saving for the Retreat!! I'm off to make some baked beans on toast for supper!!!!

  6. So pleased to hear today went well for you all. Also that Grace got 100% all clear. What a relief for you. It was mum being there that did it. Also glad Steve is back at work. Now let's all have love and prayers for Tina and her family.

  7. Fantastic news for Grace – so so happy for her (& you). Glad everyone had a fab day – enjoy tomorrow. Spotted you Lynne Bishop. Xx

    1. Thanks Dot. (Thought you might!!!😊) cuddles for you xxxx

      Great news about Grace, and glad Steve is improving. Thanks for letting us know. Sorry, still sooooo angry and horrified, no coping, so can't comment like normal. Xxxx

  8. The hall looks amazing Barbara! Even lighter and brighter than the rugby club!
    I wish I could be there with you… I will have to wait until the retreat!
    Love and hugs! Xxxx

  9. Good news all round then! Except form the cake hehehe. We are coming down next year, by hook or by crook, so If you need another body on the snip clinic and a strong arm for setting up and dismantling. Shout Glynis n Pete and we at your command x

  10. It was a wonderful day Barbara, new venue is great. It was just a little glitch with the food got round that by Fred nipping off to Morrison's. Knew I brought him along for a reason. Bless him. Will be back tomorrow to watch and learn more. Thank-you for organising a wonderful event. X

  11. Excellent news all round so pleased for you all. Also so pleased that you come all the way up to leyburn too it's very much appreciated xx

  12. It looks wonderful. Next year I will try to find someone on our Facebook page to drive down with. Silly really I'm happy to drive but scared of getting lost! Xx

  13. So envious of all of you that attended the open day, perhaps I will get there one day. Getting to the south east is not easy from Cornwall and I couldn't drive all that way, I would get lost, and we don't have motorways down here so they make me nervous. So it would have to be by rail. Lovely to see the photos though.
    Glad the news from Grace is all good, such a relief for you xx

  14. What a lovely, jolly blog – all those happy crafters. I have to admit that I am envious. Got to work tomorrow but wishing you all well. Also so, so pleased for Grace. Fingers crossed my MRI is clear – couldn't tell me this week as radiography was sleeping!! No news is good news.
    Happy weekend to everyone
    Love Anne (Reading)

  15. Great that the i's are dotted and t's crossed for Grace..fab news! Looks like you've all had a wonderful day today, sooooooo looking foward to Leyburn already and so sad that couldn't get to the Retreat this year. New venue looks smashing and can hear the 'echoes' from Leyburn last year re food… the restaurant at Tennants didn't know what hit it either! Lol! Have another great day tomorrow xxx

  16. Thank you for a brillient day, Barb. Wouldn't miss it for the world. Everybody is so nice and friendly. Thank you for introducing me to Carole (my twin!!!) I am the lady who did the card you used on your blog at Christmas – the one that was a mixture of stamping and Groovi. So glad Grace is ok. Sorry, I can't come tomorrow but will definitely be booking in for next year. Love and thanks. Rachel X

  17. Hello Barbara

    Thank you all for a lovely day. See you again tomorrow.

    Such fantastic news for Grace. A weight lifted. And Steve too, just hope he hasn't come back too early.


  18. What wonderful news about Grace and glad that Steve is feeling better. Tell him not to overdo it now – I am sure that we can all be patient until he is back (excuse the pun!) up to speed.
    The Open day sounded fantastic and I envy everyone the fun and camaraderie that they experienced with you and the team. Enjoy the same again tomorrow and a happy weekend to you all.

  19. It sounds like it was a great success and I am envious of anyone living close enough to visit you! It's a bit far from Germany but maybe I can plan next year better. Is there going to be another open day next year? I want to come!!!
    So happy you had such a good day,

    Alles liebe aus Deutschland!

  20. Just to thank you Barb, and all the team, for a wonderful day out. Lovely, relaxed atmosphere, though I know we the visitors were the swans gliding round the room, while all you hardworking people were the feet frantically paddling out of sight, to give us a splendid day! I'm the person in the pink check shirt, by the way!
    Thanks so much again, Judy x

  21. Looking forward to it! I've ticked off what I've already got in my catalogues, there coming with me so I can double check do I don't double up on anything. Lists done of the inks I've already got. Cash at the ready although the card will be in my purse too! Wxx

  22. What great news from Grace, just what you needed to hear. Hope Steve is taking it easy. We don't mind waiting a few days for our goodies if that gives him a chance to recover fully. I had a great day today and looking forward to round 2 tomorrow. Anyone got a spare tin of baked beans. xxx Maggie

  23. Hi Barb,
    Well the new venue looks fabulous and there are certainly a lot of very happy people in these photos. Pleased it has gone so well ( apart from the food issue) and I'm sure that tomorrow will be as much a success as today if not better. Yes as Su said, Tennants didn't know what hit them last year either! Brilliant news about Grace and Steve. Love and hugs Alison xxx

  24. Forgot to say that my purchases were presented in a very useful black canvas tote, and also there was a surprise inside – a freebie mini Groovi plate! Thanks you, Barb, what a lovely surprise!

  25. Hi Barbara
    What a lovely location, it looks like everyone is having a wonderful time. I will get there one day, fingers crossed! That's fantastic news a bout Grace, make sutra you take it easy for a few more days though. Good news about Steve too, it must be a huge weight off your shoulders. Have fun tomorrow.
    Love Diane xxx

  26. Well looks like everyone had fun Great news about Grace too
    I better go to bed of to Cornwall in the morning
    Have more fun tomorrow or should that be today. Lol xx

  27. Morning Barbara, Awake already, enjoying my early morning cuppa in bed. Wonderful news about Grace and that Steve's feeling better too! Glad you had such a great day yesterday! My dear friend Carol and I will be there today. Really looking forward to it,too. Xx

  28. Such good news about Grace, what a relief! And Steve's back too! The venue looks fab, just wish I could have come, but will be there for the retreat! Can't wait! Great you're all having a lovely happy time, long may it last.

  29. Hello Barb, thanks for sharing these great pictures from the open day, as well as the good news about Grace and Steve. It looks like everyone had a fabulous day. For those going today, take care and drink lots of water, it is going to be scorching hot. Bx

  30. Hey Barb. So pleased yesterday was a success. I hope to come to the one up North in September.

    Now that Grace and Steve are on the mend (such a relief for everyone I should think), hopefully things can get back to normal for you. Hugs xx

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