Meet you at the Chip Shop!!

Meet you at the Chip Shop!!

Hi there!
Thanks for popping in!
All set for Glastonbury today!
Baby wipes. Tick.
Water. Tick.
Tickets. Tick.
I’ve even got a really lovely old hippy thing on, which I bought donkey’s ago, when I must have been either on a high or high back in the day, but have never dared wear before; and have even got a flower garland in my hair, which I bought here last year, but never had the nerve to put on.
What is wrong with me? Why so self conscious, eh?
Who gives a monkeys what I look like ??
And I remember last year seeing some real eye openers, so what the heck, hey! Let’s get into the Glasto groove for once!
Yesterday afternoon, once Paul and Earle had unpacked, 
we headed into town via the Tor on the hill.
As we climbed up and up, I suddenly heard the wonderful sounds of a saxophone wafting across on the breeze. 
My favourite instrument!
And sure enough, when we got to the top, there he was.
#amazing talent

So we listened to this guy for a while, who lives down in a nearby village (and who incidentally, was very, very talented), had a great conversation with him, and then strolled on down the other side to town.

And as we strolled,  I thought some…
he got dressed in his spiffing, whacky suit (which he bought in San Francisco) and Doc Martens, climbed to the top of the Tor with his sax, and played it, for himself and for anybody who cared to listen.
He wasn’t busking, or playing for money. No cap in sight.
And if he was, he picked a really bad spot!
Nope. He was playing for the love of it and because he can.

Oh! to have that confidence, to wear what you want, to go where you want and do what you want – and in an unassuming, modest, beautiful way.

But we were on a mission to meet our dear friends,
Wendy and Steve Thorburn, for award winning fish n chips!

Here we see the motley crew in the middle of the road…

It was super to hook up with these good people. 
So good of them to ride over to see us!
Cool, or what?
But now it’s time to catch the bus to the festival.
We like being day visitors, not immersed in it completely.
It’s nice to retreat, regroup and go again!
We won’t get back here before 1am, so I shall blog in the mornings and share my Glastonbury findings with you !!!
Love & Hugs,

31 thoughts on “Meet you at the Chip Shop!!

  1. Not sure why we worry so much how we look, does it matter really so long as we are comfortable. Fred was chatting to Steve at the Open Days, out on the mens grassy bank or that is what it seemed as most of them retreated there. How lovely to find that music in a remote area. Enjoy today, I have just checked in with my son and he has been exploring the site the last two days. We will probably watch later on TV that is as near as I can get Fred to Glastonbury. X

  2. Have a lovely day. Wear whatever you like and don't worry what others think you're on holiday! Retirement has given me the luxury of dressing to please myself and not fit an image for the job. Hope the weather smiles on you all xx

    1. Hello all. So glad it's cooler today we've been on grandparent duties this week and Brian's been decorating for them. Both tasks exhausting in 30+ degrees! Been reading the blog late morning each day not really in time to comment xx

    2. Hi Chris, I agree retirement means a lot more relaxed on the clothes front and I never had a fixed uniform while at work. I think I only wear 10% of my clothes now, I really need to sort out after 2 years but just leave them where they are and occasionally dip in for a change ! Must admit I'm liking the drop in temperatures too. X

    3. Hi Chris,
      Good to have you back! I'm definitely happier when it's cooler although I would like some sun today. I agree that it's great to wear what you want instead of having to be smart enough for the classroom. Love and hugs Alison xxx

  3. I must admit I no longer worry what I wear. I think we need a pic of you today Barbara ! Enjoy your day. I think you have the best of both worlds being able to retreat back to your caravan. Xx

  4. Loving the idea you've got flowers in your hair, tells me you're really relaxed and in Glasto' spirits…kick back, relax and enjoy! Look forward to the morning 'report' xxx

  5. Have a great time my son's there with 2 of his friends its their first time, they are camped near Arcadia i asked him to keep a lookout for you.

  6. Hi Barbara, well done you, on wearing what you want, and not what you think others expect you to wear. I'm exactly like you, it is very restrictive isn't it. Actually I must be far worse about these things! It makes life less happy/comfortable/relaxed than it should be. Are we getting a photo of your new outfit? Dave?, you could get your revenge for Barb posting yesterday without your knowledge!!!!

    Glad you had a good evening with your friends. And hope today surpasses your experience last year. Look forward to your photos and desctiption tomorrow.
    Love Brenda xx
    Be someone's reason to smile

  7. It was funny wasn't it. What with the smashing tea cups and Stephen chucking lemon on the waiters shoe and trying to pronounce Daddyraddydondacs! It's a wonder we went chucked out! Have a fab time! Wxx

  8. Hi Barb,
    Who cares what you look like as long as you're comfortable ( although couldn't do with many walking about like that bloke in Glastonbury the other day!!) Like others have said, it's great not having to dress everyday in smart clothes, just tracksuit bottoms, jeans, cropped trousers and t shirts. Got rid of most of my school clothes once I retired. I bet the charity shops were clapping their hands when I arrived with all the redundant clothes! Anyway, hope you have a great day, love and hugs Alison xx

    1. Hi bloggy friends,
      Very overcast here today, but no rain thankfully. Mind you it is windy – always happens when I put my hanging baskets up! Finished off my music Groovi card this afternoon and about to trace out either one from Tina's henna plates or floral corners. Been swimming this morning – it was packed!! Kept having to weave about to avoid crashing into people. Didn't help that there were a group of women (6 of them) just standing near the steps talking or just standing across the pool so no one else could do anything!. Hope you're all well , love and hugs Alison xxx

  9. you should wear what you like, who cares……….you wear some lovely clothes on Hochanda, I've often thought of asking where you shop. I felt the same …now I don't give a stuff and at 64 years wear what I want to (sometimes to the horror of my kids!!), not sure how they think I should dress…….go for it Barbara and enjoy your time at Glasto, hopefully drier this year xx

  10. Let your hair down, leave the make-up off and I dare you to wear your Glastonbury outfit, head-dress and all next time you're on Hochanda! That would be really cool x

  11. Bet you didn't eat your fish and chips in a bus stop in Glastonbury. My family have never forgiven me! Seemed like a good idea at the time to eat al fresco. Mind you, it was the fairies walking past on their way to a Goddess Festival which really freaked my elder daughter out and she has refused to go near Glastonbury ever since! Many years ago. Happy Days! ( Trying to spot you on telly watching Kris Kristoferson.) Have fun xxx

  12. Hi Barbara
    As long as you are comfortable, wear what you like! You always see some worse sights about anyway. Have fun and enjoy yourselves, were the fish and chips good? Now. Wonder, will the Harley's fit in the caravan next year? Have a great time,
    Love Diane xxx

  13. Hello Barb, so lovely to see you meeting up with friends and having a great time, love the pics, and the sax player looks brilliant, great memories. Enjoy. Bx

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