Grasp the Nettle

Grasp the Nettle

Hi there,
Thanks for popping in.
Am having a wonderful day today.
I knew it would be a good one, when I was still in bed at 10am, 
drinking tea and eating cashew nuts.
Lying in and not feeling guilty is indicative of being able to switch off ! Well, as much as I – doomed workaholic – can!
But there was a point this afternoon, when the noise in my head completely stopped. All the thoughts, forward planning and TV-traffic just vanished. It was magical.
Don’t know if you get me. It is very rare for me to be able to simply sit and stare, without a care. 
And at precisely that moment when there is an opening, a vacant gap, it seems that other fresh ideas, really cool ones, come flooding in. And off we go again!
We went for a walk through the woods earlier.
Dave went ahead of me and cleared the path, because it was pretty overgrown where we wandered off the beaten track. 
He simply took hold of the stingers and bent them back.
“Blimey!” I exclaimed, “don’t they sting you?”
“Not at all”, he replied.
“Grasp the nettle firmly, and carefully bend it back. 
It is more likely to sting you if you brush against it.” 
So this got me thinking about the analogy,
“Grasp the nettle”.
If you have a problem which is clearly unpleasant, and likely to get ugly, it is much better to tackle it full on with courage and confidence, than hesitantly and fearfully.
The thought of actually taking a stinger in your hand and bending it backwards is really not something most would relish.
But do you know what? Dave did this at every kissing gate and stile along the way, and didn’t get stung once. 
To coin an old phrase, the thought is often worse than the deed. 
PS. Always keep a dockleaf in your back pocket if you decide to try this!
Got to go.
Paul and Earle have just arrived!
Love & Hugs 

30 thoughts on “Grasp the Nettle

  1. Blimey, I'd never be as brave as Dave, what a talented hero you have there Barbara! Glad you enjoyed a lay in too. Sounds like you're having a good break. Xx

  2. Grasp them cut them down and make into soup! We did that years ago when I was at guide camp!! Now that's got me thinking!!!
    I'm so glad you're enjoying the relaxing down time!
    Love and hugs! Xxxx

  3. My dear old dad always used to say 'a well grasped nettle never stings' and over the years, I get that!
    Wow! Have you seen what Paul & Earle are 'glampin' in? It looks amazing. Think you and Dave better go and visit them. It looks like a little 'Hobbit' house! Wishing you all a very happy time xxx

  4. Love walking through the woods but have to say not brave enough to grasp a nettle! I remember falling off a wall into a huge patch of nettles when I was young, the pain was really intense! I now avoid them if I can. Hope the rain has missed you or else you might need those wellies after all. Xx

  5. Afternoon bloggy friends, but more bearable today. Had a few thundery rumbles and one 30 second downpour. Glad payday is soon as I need the new stamps that Maria showed on Hochanda yesterday. Xx

  6. Just what the doctor ordered eh Barb. Dave's a brave thing – wouldn't get me doing that!! Not in a month of Sundays. Enjoy yourselves. Xx

  7. Glad to hear your getting some real
    Down time and a lay in. My Dad use to say the same about nettles he to was from a farming back ground made of tough stuff but gent. Enjoy your day xxx

  8. Hi Barbara, I was up before you today, that's unheard of! Well done you! Ok, I confess, I did go back to bed for a bit after feeding Daisy and cleaning my teeth, CFS said "no way"!!! Great that you are having a good day and even managed to switch off totally for a wee bit. I get you on that one. Me, I'm still futily chasing that dream. Got to keep trying, with whatever it is, as you never know…

    Looking forward to seeing your cool ideas, even if it does mean a diet of porridge!!!!

    Wow, in awe of Dave! That's like the licking your fingers and snuffing out the candle flame with them. Me, I've tried none of that… Aye, coward, but seems I'm very brave in other ways, or so I'm told.

    Has Paul got a caravan too? At least he'll get help setting it up! Hope his fridge works!!!
    Hope you all have an amazing time. I look forward to reading about your adventures and seeing your photos
    Love Brenda xx
    Be someone's reason to smile

  9. These sayings are usually based on fact but I don't think I am as brace as Dave. My dad pointed out that dock leaves usually grow near nettles as the natural antidote though having one in your back pocket is a good idea too xx

  10. Brave of Dave to grasp the nettle, and the saying is true enough that there are times when dealing with something head on is by far the best way. So pleased you are feeling more relaxed Barbara and hope the next few days will continue in the same vein. x

  11. I'm feeling a little lost today, tiredness catching up with me. I shall grab the nettle tomorrow.
    Good to see you're getting into the Glastonbury vibe, kick back and enjoy x

  12. Really must try Dave's nettle trick. Every time I go to the allotment, I get stung. Has he a remedy for being bitten by flying, invisible critturs? My legs are covered in bites even having worn combat gear!!
    Enjoy yourselves.
    Love Anne (Reading)x

  13. Hi Barb,
    How very chivalrous of Dave. What a hero! My Dave wouldn't have even thought about doing that bless him!!
    Great that you have been able to switch off even for a little while. Enjoy the rest of your time at Glastonbury, love and hugs Alison xxx

  14. Hi Barbara
    Isn't your Dave a star, was he still in his long trousers? I seem to remember as a child I was told they don't sting when they are young but I seem to be one of those people who only needs to look at them and one jumps up and stings me! I think that's a very sensible idea to keep a dock leaf in your back pocket though. It's good to hear you are relaxing and starting to chill. Hope you had a lovely evening with Paul and Earle.
    Love Diane xxx

  15. One of our local pubs serves a scrummy cheese pie made from various local cheeses, including nettle cheese! Have heard of Dave's trick but not tried it for myself. Good to know Paul and Earl have arrived safely…hope they know what theyve let themselves in for! Enjoy xx

  16. Hi Barb, so great to hear that you and Dave are relaxing and spending quality time together. Interesting about the nettle, but I still don't think I will try it. Take care. Bx

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