Grace gets Groovi!

Grace gets Groovi!

Hi there.
Thanks for popping in.
Lovely weather here in Kent today.
After a red eye flight from JFK to Gatwick, 
I went straight to the office to crack on with some deadline stuff.
I know. Mad really.
But I shall sleep well tonight!
This time yesterday evening, I was hanging out with Gracie on the hotel rooftop in Astoria….

Grace looking much much better by the day.

And look what she got up to while I was in the air!
Her very first attempt at Groovi!

Mother Gray.
Yep. I’ll take that.

Didn’t she do well?!
I reckon we have an expert in the making here!

Miss Grace so much already, but have to say it:
Carry moonbeams home in a jar? You bet!
But now I must dash, because lovely Linda Williams and her hubby Rob have come down to help in the lead up to the Open Days this weekend, and they’re in the kitchen making a brew.
I hope you’ve got your day passes! I think it is going to be special.
Spoke to Tina today – she said she wouldn’t miss it for the world either. 
Need a ticket/ Call Jeannine on 01732 868215.
Love & hugs,

40 thoughts on “Grace gets Groovi!

  1. That is fabulous, well done Grace. Talented family. My tickets are ready and bags will be packed tomorrow, looking forward to the Open Days. I am coming along to both days this year, need time to absorb it all. Hope you get a good night's sleep. xx

  2. Hi Barbara
    What a lovely photo of you two, it's good to see Grace on the mend. Great groovi work Grace, you have done well, I love the sentiment. Make sure you put the jar up on a shelf to keep it safe Barbara and so the moonbeams can shine. Have a lovely evening with Linda and her hubby, they won't mind if you slope off to bed early tonight. Take care.
    Love Diane xxx

  3. Cor, straight off the plane and into the office! Did someone nudge you when you started snoring? Have a good rest tonight. Well done Grace, great piece of Groovi work. XX

  4. Hi Barb,
    Such a lovely photo of the two of you. Grace, a great piece of Groovi work – can't believe it's your first attempt! Well done! Hope you get a good night's rest Barb, don't want you crashing before the weekend. Looking forward to Maria's shows too – having to record them so I can watch when I get home. Love and hugs Alison xx

  5. Well done Grace, far better than my first effort; wonder where she gets it from lol? Hope the open days go well. I will be at work/Telford so can't make it, but I'm still looking forward to the retreat (a great way to celebrate the first weekend of the school holidays).

  6. Welcome home Barb, and what fab work Grace. You're obviously a natural; a real chip off the old block! So happy to know all is ok and you are on the mend. Lots of love to you and Mother Gray. Xxx

  7. That's brilliant Grace, hope it helped calm your mind too xx

    Hi Barbara, I did wonder if that's where you'd he headed! Must be hard to think about going away, knowing the backlog you will come home to! Hope you cleared your desk as best as possible. And I know Linda will bring some fun into your life while she's here. Envious of everyone who has the ability to go to your open days. They sound amazing. A lot of folk in this world don't know how lucky they are just to be able to go out the door, and go places, often wasting the chance of a good fulfilling life by choosing not to live, not to put the effort in! But, me just got to be grateful to be alive, and doing the best I can in my own wee bubble. Hope your prep goes smoothly. Love Brenda xx

  8. So pleased Grace is doing well it must be such a relieve what a lovely view and place to sit have a coffee. So quick fly home and back to work you must be shattered you must take time to sleep rest after that long flight home don't want you ill. Grace looks like you have court the Groovi bug great first picture lots love wish could make it this weekend may be next time xxx

  9. So happy that Grace is recovering well. You can certainly tell she is her mother's daughter. Good luck with the open days – I just know they will go with a bang. sleep well. Xxx

  10. Well done Grace. Glad you got home safely. Good luck with the open days. Sorry I won't see you but maybe next time. You are bringing out so many lovely plates that I want, that I simply can't afford it all

  11. Lovely Groovi art from Grace, a chip off the ole block lol. Would love to be able to drop into Kent but I shall look forward to Leyburn in September ( must buy our ticket). Take care x

  12. Welcome home Barbara! Glad you brought the sunshine home with you! And that Grace is getting better by the day! Her first attempt at groovi is fabulous and proves that you can quickly get great results with this brilliant system!
    Hope all goes well with the open day prep! With Linda there to help I'm sure it will…if you can stop giggling that is!
    Love and hugs to you all. Xxxx

  13. Is there Gower brownies to go with that cuppa? lol Pleased you are back safe and sound and Grace looking so well. Didn't she do well!!?? Yes – definitely a natural. Wish I could be there this weekend. xx

  14. Like mother like daughter. So pleased she is on the mend. Would have loved to come to your open day but can't manage this year. I hope it's ad good as the last one I attended That was fantastic

  15. Welcome home, soon back in the groove but probably the best way to get back to uk time & hopefully a good night's sleep!! Have tickets ready for the weekend & we are getting closer as we have hopped down the country over the last 9 days with Crowborough as our goal for Thursday!! Well done to Grace on her 1st groovi piece, she will be asking for more plates to be sent over as it is very addictive !!

  16. Thank you Barbara for taking time out of your heavy/hectic schedule to write your blog, love reading about you & your life, you inspire me, xx

  17. Hi Grace, great groovi work. Lovely photo of you both after your scare. So very pleased for you.
    Welcome back Barbara! Sending you a mother to mother hug. Wishing you a very successful open day. Love and hugs, Jeanette xx

  18. Well done Grace, it must be in the blood ! Welcome back Barbara, what a week you've had, very thankful for how it turned out. I'm sorry I can't make the open days this year but will think of everyone having a great time! Hope you sleep well tonight. Xx

  19. Brilliant Grace, just what we'd expect! Make sure you have good sleep tonight Barbara. Wish could make an open day, fingers crossed for next year x

  20. Wow, that's fantastic and a first attempt too. I'm impressed.
    Welcome back Barbara. You've certainly 'hit the ground running' as they say.
    Tonbridge Sue

  21. It is good that you are home safe and sound with the knowlage that Grace is on the mend. Well done to Grace on her first Groovi piece. I am sure it will be the first of many if she is like the rest of us.

  22. What a great photo of you and Grace and the artwork is wonderful and beautifully designed. She has obviously got an eye for it, it must be in the genes I think. I bet Dave was glad to have you home, and I hope you get a good night's sleep Barbara. x

  23. Well just goes to prove that the Gray girls are definitely 'Groovi Chicks'! Good to see Grace looking so well and obviously happy to be with her mum. I'm sure it won't be too long until you're together again. That said it's great to have you back in Blighty Barb, hope you've had a blast with Dave, Linda and Rob tonight. Sleep well and full steam ahead to the weekend…very envious of those attending Crowborough but really looking forward to Leyburn xxx

  24. Glad you are home safe and sound Barbara and I bet you will sleep well tonight
    Didn't the girl do well The apple certainly didn't fall far from the crafty Mother Gray tree lol

  25. Like Lynne Bishop, just got my bags to pack tomorrow and I will be on my way early on Thursday. Just one request, can you you put a spell on the M40/M25 to keep them clear, please? It is good to see Grace looking so well, and doing so well with her Groovi,taking after her Mum. See you soon. xxx Maggie

  26. Hi Barb, glad you had a good flight and got home safely. Grace has certainly got her creativity from her Mum, that is a beautiful 1st piece. Take care all and for those going to the open days, enjoy it. Bx

  27. Hi Barb, glad you got home safe. Like mother like daughter, it seems Grace has inherited your artistic talents, her 1st Groovi piece is amazing. Hope she continues to play with her Groovi plates. Love and hugs,
    Alison D x

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