Don’t look Ethel!!!

Don’t look Ethel!!!

Hi there.
Thanks for popping in.
Hot, innit???
We walked into Glastonbury today, and boy! Was it sunny!
We were all walking on the shady side of the street 
and scantily clad.

Here we see one of the locals on his way to the office.

not quite sure where he keeps his spare change…


Glastonbury is pretty, special and different.

It’s the Summer Solstice, the longest day of the year tomorrow.
So people from all over the world have converged on this little town – and not just for the festival, which starts in a couple of days time. Most of them are heading for Stone Henge, quite nearby, but plenty of them are meeting in Glastonbury at the Tor too.

We  skirted the bottom of the hill, 
because Dave wanted to drink the sacred water from the White Well healing springs, an ancient bathing pool and underground temple. Thought it might do his arthritis a bit of good.
It’s very dark in the temple, and it takes a while to adjust your eyes.
Now I don’t know whose eyes adjusted faster, mine or Dave’s, but I soon figured out that there were plenty of butt naked people having a dip and a sip! I didn’t know whether to sit down with them or beat a retreat! And did Dave have a drink?
YMBFJ! he exclaimed. “What, with all those armpits and body parts? Why would I start drinking somebody’s bath water?!”

So we trundled back up the hill to the campsite,
far away from the madding crowd.

It was a splendid day indeed.
If it weren’t so swelteringly hot, 
we might have even climbed to the top.
We did 16,000 steps as it was!
And I kept my kit on !!!!
And Dave. Typical farmer. Wouldn’t even wear shorts!

Love & hugs,

34 thoughts on “Don’t look Ethel!!!

  1. Mmm not sure I'd fancy drinking that water either, healing or not ! Certainly been a hot one, the car told us it was 34 Degrees at one point, thank goodness for air con. Bit of a breeze this evening, hope your caravan isn't too hot ! XX

  2. Hi Barb,
    Well I think I've seen it all now! Have to say I'm with Dave about the "sacred water"!!! Sounds like you've had a good day even if it has been mega hot for you – actually I've had to put the heating on up here tonight! It's been quite chilly at times. Hope you don't get the thunderstorms that are forecast tomorrow ( I think mainly in the North – typical). Love and hugs Alison xx
    Ps love those new Perga glitters – they fell into my basket!

    1. Evening bloggy friends,
      Hope you're all coping with the heat. I must admit I struggled yesterday, but it's been cooler today. Sending love and hugs to you all, Alison xxxx

    2. Hi Alison, I can't believe you've got your heating on! Oh it's so hot down south, very little breeze. We waited until quite late to go for a walk, it wasn't too bad then but had to open all the windows again when we got home. Sending hugs xxx

  3. Hats off to Dave for not drinking the filthy water. He is on the journey of life with us and the aches and pains. Also pleased to hear you kept your glad rags on. If that first guy had been in Reading, he would have been with me in court at 34 degrees, sweltering and we had to keep our gowns on! Off to bed with windows and fan blasting. Once you are over your "personal Summer" there are only two temperatures – hot and freezing!!
    Enjoy yourselves, envious of you making your basket work again and hearing the music – will follow on the TV
    Think of the working masses while you are having a well earned rest.
    Lots of love to you both and all the bloggers. Keep calm, keep cool!
    Anne (Reading)

  4. It's blimmin hot! And officially a heatwave!
    I bet you'll see plenty of sights before your stay ends!
    Hope your not overheating in your caravan.
    Love and hugs! Xxxx

  5. Hi Barbara, looks like you had an educational day today!!! I think it must be brilliant to feel so content and confident in yourself to be able to let it all out. I'd settle for the content and confident part only! Not so hot up here, see, should have come up here for your break, could have watched Glastonbury on the telly!!! Rain tomorrow for us though, so maybe not… Are you going to Stone Henge for the solstice? That would be an amazing spiritual experience. Hope you have another good day tomorrow. Love Brenda xx
    Poor Ethel, she never gets to join in any of our fun!!!!!

  6. Think I would have said the same lol. You could try the water in Harrogate Dave, when you are up there. There's also a Turkish baths there. Looks blooming hot!

  7. OMG! Couldn't see the local cool dude til I zoomed in and nearly fell of my chair when I saw his backside. Don't blame you for not drinking from the well… eewwy yuk. Hope you've managed to get the caravan cool. Thunk there's thunder and lightning forecast for tomorrow so get those £100 Wellies out! Enjoy yourselves. Love & hugs xxx

  8. I haven't been to Glastonbury since Rebecca got married. They had a mediaeval wedding with the groom in full armour, and Rebecca's dress and the bridesmaids' dresses were made in Glastonbury. I loved all the little shops up the main street and treated myself to some beautiful amber jewellery. I have to say we did not see any of those sights you witnessed. Makes life interesting. Glad Dave resisted taking the waters. I had a serious giggle today during Rosie's show with Dave Bradford, when she mentioned the "snip clinic". He positively cringed, bless him. Hope you took loads of sunscreen this year. Have a great time. xxx Maggie

  9. I'm soooo pleased to live in Dundee right now – a gentle 19 degrees today and max of 11 tonight. Lots of sunshine and billowy clouds. And people in normal states of dress – that is apart from the couple spotted in my local convenience store in pink summery pyjamas ths lunchtime. Glad you and D are having a good break, enjoy the Festival! Xx

  10. Hi Barbara
    Well you do see some sights don't you! I'm glad Dave resisted the water, that sounds horrible but the place looks beautiful. Will you be joining the masses at sunrise tomorrow at Stonehenge (if you can get near it!) or will you just do gentle stretches and have a fry up outside your caravan. Have fun.
    Love Diane xxx

  11. Driven through it many a time in the 80s at weekends en route to visit Mike in Plymouth when I was teaching in Warminster but living in Bath. Still have some friends in Glasto. All I recall is a constant traffic jam, jeep air-con on full tilt and taking longer than expected to drive through. x

  12. You're so funny. Glad you're having such a good time. Glastonbury looks beautiful. Sacred water? Well, I'm totally with Dave for not drinking from the well. Enjoy your hols xx

  13. Ha! Ha! Do you think that he is the British version of the 'Naked Cowboy' in NY? If he is, don't know where he kept his guitar?! Ha! Looks like you're both having a grand time and what lovely weather – no wellies this year!
    Hope you got your little 'glamping' hitches fixed x

  14. How funny! He obviously has a special outfit to wear later and doesn't want strap marks…or maybe this year is just the year when he thought sod it, too hot for clothes. Hope the festival excitement is growing, not sure who is on this year but I'm sure you'll both enjoy it. Xx

  15. Morning bloggy friends, hope you find somewhere to stay cool today. I will be in a sweltering classroom with 30 hot children. I hope this hot spell is over soon. Xx

  16. I woke up feeling somewhat grumpy owing to lack of sleep. Oh Barbara, this made me laugh and has put a big smile on my face. Thank you.

  17. Oh that made me laugh – and you spent ages agonising about last year's shorts!!! Maybe Dave could find himself a homeopath to help with his arthritis rather than the spring water? My niece who also has arthritis swears by yoga to help her. Enjoy the festival, and hope you find a nice shady spot to watch from x

  18. Beautiful part of the world and Glastonbury is special at Summer Solstice. Did you get up early to climb the Tor? Hope you find some shade today. I don't blame Dave for not drinking the water but he could have had a dip in the water, fully clothed of course!!!! xx

  19. Ooer missus… that's enough to put you off your grub, did make me smile tho'! Woke up to thunderstorms and heavy rain this morning after two glorious days, typical summertime. Fingers crossed it stays warm and dry for you…enjoy! Oh yes, I'm with Dave re the well…best avoided methinks! Xx

  20. Hi Barbara, you certainly look relaxed sorry for Dave with his arthritis but I know you look for alternative things to help.
    just loved your blog today gave me a laugh.
    Catching up with Rosie just wondered what a mapping pen was for. Rosie was great very informative and lots of things for my wish list.
    Have great time .
    Lynn xx 💖

  21. Well, we live quite close to Glastonbury and went there recently actually and you do see some unusual sights but have never seen anything quite like this. I know the hot weather makes you want to shed some clothes but I think this is rather extreme for anywhere other than the back garden…lol. I think it will be a lot cooler here in Somerset tomorrow which will certainly make it more bearable in the crush of the festival. I'd keep the wellies to hand as there may be some rain too Barbara but hopefully only a little. I know you will have a great time whatever. x

  22. We avoid Glastonbury at this time of year, roads too busy. Phew, it's been hot. Nit complaining but we expect rain when it's Glasto 🤣🤣🤣🤣

  23. You do have some strange encounters Barbara? Are you sure you're not relating your dreams and nightmares to us? Have lots more laughs while you are away, and stay away from the wacky backy!

  24. Well while you are too hot Down South!!! Me and Paul bought a Swing seat for the garden and filled up the pool for Hannah! By the time we finished setting up with giant beach balls etc there was 1 hour of sun left! Next morning "Rain" ! The morning after that "Rain"!!! Still, Paul got really burnt putting the swing seat together so he doesn't miss the Sun right now!!!

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